How to Clean a Grill? (A Short BBQ Cleaning Guide)

One needs to follow a comprehensive guide if he wishes to clean his BBQ grill in a quick span of time. So, what are you waiting for, check out these details.

If it has been ages since you cleaned your BBQ grill, then now is the time to give a total body scrub down job to your grill station.

Tools Needed to Clean BBQ Grill

You need a grill brush, scour sponge and scraper tool. In addition, you need to have dish soap, mild degreaser and also dish gloves. If you regularly clean your grill, then its cleaning job will only take 10 to 20 minutes of yours. Moreover, there is more to come from the side of BBQ grill cleaning Broward & Palm Beach Counties, so stay tuned. If it has been ages since your last BBQ grill cleaning, then now is the time to call for an elite professional grill cleaning service; as they will have the special tricks and cleaning supplies need to handle it properly

Steps to Clean a Charcoal Grill

First of all, we are going to tell you how to clean a charcoal grill. Start on cleaning the cooking grates.

Take a wire grill brush and scrape away the food that is stuck on your grates. If you think that wire grill brush may damage your grill, then you can use wadded up aluminum foil for this scrubbing job.

It is with the help of wet and clean rag that you have to wipe your whole grill station. For deep cleaning a charcoal grill, wear gloves and use hot and soapy water. The first step is to vacuum your grill so that all dry ash may come out from it.

Then you need to hose down your entire grill and lid. Perform this hosing step both from inside and outside.

Put on the gloves and scrub your grill. In this step, you have to use hot water and a plastic sour pad and good quality dish soap.

If any of you is using a degreaser, then make sure to spray it properly on your grill and let it sit for around and about 20 minutes.

Once you scrub your grill by using a scour pad, then you can rinse your grill station by using just hot water. Finally, allow it to dry and cook your delicious meal on it.

Steps to Clean a Gas Grill

When it comes to cleaning a gas grill, then the cleaning process is somewhat similar.

If your grease pan and collection tray are dirty, then you have to scrub them properly so that they may not get overflow and disturb your cooking process.

You can use a degreaser to easily scrub your collection tray and too grease pan.

As it is a gas grill, that is why you have to make use of steel brush to clean your gas grill grates. It is not recommended to straight away clean hot grates, by doing so, you may damage your grill porcelain coating part.

Furthermore, keep on inspecting your burner hoods so that you may avoid grease buildup times. If your burner hoods are clean enough, then you can always prevent flare ups.

Besides, if there is any further buildup residing on your hoods, then you can clean them away by using hot and soapy water. Once you clean them, then turn on the burners and see if any of the burner ports clogs or not.

To further clear them out, then you use a little wire poker. In case, you do not have a poker, then you can use a metal wire or any kind of metal cake tester for this cleaning job.


No doubt, there are lots of other easy to follow cleaning guides that help you professionally and efficiently clean your BBQ grill.

We have just mentioned a single, solo and exclusive cleaning guide routine with you. If you follow some other norm while cleaning and maintain your grill, then share that with us. Keep connected and in touch with us.

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