Wireless Door Lock

It may seem like a trivial problem, but finding the right key to open the door is extremely frustrating. Similar to the locks on more recent automobile models, digital price tag door lock enable you to unlock doors by means of an app, a button, or even by simply being close to the door.

What to Look for in Smart Locks

Having an understanding of the various types of electronic wireless door lock will assist you in selecting the most suitable method. In the event of battery or technical failure, the majority of electronic locks will still offer a physical key option.

If you forget the pin code or lost your key, a few of the locks will also offer a combination of technologies, giving you a few keyless options to unlock the door.

Multiple modes of locking are possible with Bluetooth locks. It can unlock itself automatically as you approach the door when it detects that you are within a predetermined distance.

The lock will be unlocked by tapping your phone or key fob on it. Bluetooth uses little power, allowing batteries to last longer.


Fingerprint entry can be very convenient, especially for small businesses that want to make sure that only authorized employees can enter areas that contain valuable products or sensitive information. They can be programmed easily and frequently support up to 100 fingerprints.


To unlock a keypad, enter a pin number. They are perfect for landlords because they are simple to set up, can set up different pin codes for different people, and can change the pin code at any time.

You can simply change the pin code for the next renter when the current tenant’s lease expires. Nowadays, most keypads are touch screens, but a few will still have physical buttons that need to be pressed.

Wi-Fi Connected 

Some locking systems can be paired with a hub to make it possible to connect to Wi-Fi and add more features.

You can easily track who is opening and closing the door when they are doing so, and even remotely lock and unlock the door from anywhere in the world that has a cellular and wireless connection with a lock that is connected to Wi-Fi.


This method is most prevalent in workplaces. It lets you unlock doors with a card or key fob. While some can be unlocked from a distance, others require the fob or card to be pressed against the RFID reader.

The majority of people place protecting and maintaining their family’s safety above all else as their primary concern in life. As a result, protecting your home and its contents should be your top priority. 

How do you accomplish that?

Smart locks are the best way to safeguard your home and its contents. Although you probably believe that you already have a security system, the right locks will provide you with an additional level of protection that traditional locks that require keys to open do not.

You might wonder why? As for Bump Keys, have you ever heard of it?

The majority of people haven’t, but they are real and can be had for about $10 to $50 online. What is a bump key, then? To unlock a door, a bump key can be inserted into any conventional lock with a pin tumbler mechanism.

This indicates that a bump key, also known as a rapping key or 999 key, can be easily inserted into a conventional tumbler lock to unlock a door. In point of fact, a bump key is capable of opening a door more quickly than the actual key.

Now that’s pretty terrifying stuff!

What are you going to do about it now that you know about bump keys, how simple they are to use, and how cheap they are to buy?

Well, you need to locate locks that require a bump key to open. Fortunately, bump keys cannot be used to open most smart locks. Therefore, let’s take a look at smart locks and what you need to know to purchase the most cost-effective smart locks.