How to Choose the Best Rotary Instruments

In dentistry, instruments play a vital role in providing dental treatments. Depending on their arrangement and function, dental instruments are divided into three basic categories. 

  • Hand instruments: Hand instruments can be used for shaving, filling, contouring, carving, and cleaning, and also for examination purposes. 
  • Rotary instruments: Dental rotary instruments can be used for cutting, shaping, contouring, and removing disease parts of the tooth.  
  • Auxiliary instruments: Auxiliary instruments usually include fiber optic instruments for illumination purposes.    

Difference between Rotary Instruments and Hand Files

Rotary instruments and hand files differ from each other in many ways. 

Rotary Instruments: Rotary Instruments are perfect for root canal treatment. A rotary instrument is a dental cutting instrument that allows dental health care professionals to trim tooth structure, remove dental caries, shave and contour the teeth and dental materials. This instrument gives the required shape to the teeth so that the prosthesis can fit easily on top of the trimmed natural tooth. Rotary instruments are usually made up of stainless steel or carbon steel. Rotary instruments are power-driven. 

Hand Files: Hand files are mainly used in endodontics for cleaning and shaping root canals before transitioning to rotary instruments. Hand files are available in various sizes and shapes. However, their shape consists mainly of the handle and the working end. These hand files provide tactile sensitivity to the dental clinicians; hence a more thorough work is done using hand and power instruments.

Compared with hand files, rotary instruments are more efficient in root canal therapy.

How to choose the best rotary instrument? 

 Rotary instrument selection is an arduous process. Some points need to be considered while choosing the rotary instruments. 

1.Torsional loads: It is the ability of the instrument to tolerate lateral pressures without speed, declining the cutting speed and efficiency. The higher the torsional loads, the higher the chances of instrument damage and deformation. 

The torsional failure occurs when the rotary instrument’s cutting blades interlock with the dentine walls, whereas the shank continues to rotate. 

2.Fatigue resistance: It is the tension and compression motion performed in curved canals. 

The quality of the rotary instrument depends highly on the fatigue resistance of the instrument. The higher the fatigue resistance, the better the quality of the rotary instrument.

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3.Cross-section design: The cross-section of a rotary instrument widely decides the efficiency of the instrument. The more the cross-section area, the higher the torsional resistance and lower the cyclic fatigue resistance. 

  • Triangular cross-section: It has high cutting efficiency.
  • Helix angle and gliding tip: It produces no screwing effect. It eliminates the canal debris in an improved way. 
  • Multiple and variable taper: It has a deep shape that ensures cleaning and obturation. File stress is minimized by such rotary instruments.

4.Cutting efficiency: The cutting efficiency of rotary instruments can cut and remove the canal debris in a specified manner. The cutting efficiency of files depends on the angle of its cutting blade. 

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Dental perfect rotary instruments possess the following features.

– They are easy to hold and comfortable to work with.

– A longer life span

– A wide variety of rotary instruments is available. 

– Made up of high-quality NiTi alloy material

– Balanced design

– Varied rotational speed

– Excellent torque strength

– Increased cyclic fatigue

– Improved cutting efficiency

– Tough blade

– Heat treated and non-heat treated

– Varied lengths

– ISO, FDA, CE, and FSC certified

– User friendly

– Easy operation

– Great efficiency

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Dental Perfect deals in various excellent quality and reliable rotary dental instruments that eventually improve and upgrade the dental endodontic and related procedures to a whole different level. Dental Perfect has 15+ years of professional experience as a dental instrument supplier. Rotary dental instruments are precisely manufactured following researched and international quality standards. Furthermore, all their dental instruments improve the treatment outcome and productivity of the dental practice. Dental Perfect aims to develop dental products that enhance dental practice according to modern and improved standards. All the dental products are designed and manufactured after thorough research and data analysis by their qualified dental experts and scientists. These dental products serve the high requirements and demands of dental practitioners and patients and contribute towards higher value for clients. 

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