How To Choose The Best Course For UPSC

A strong undergraduate degree is beneficial for IAS preparation. Many of the IAS Toppers we spoke with in our interviews made the argument that there is a clear correlation between the graduation degree and the optional subject picked for the IAS Main Exam. 

The approach of the candidates, not the stream per se, is what enhances the likelihood of being chosen for the IAS Exam. There is no superior optional subject; rather, what distinguishes applicants is their writing skills and the quality of their replies.

There are numerous graduate programs available for UPSC preparation. People strategically select the best degree-granting program that aids in IAS preparation.

Excellent graduation level aids in IAS preparation. Many of the IAS Toppers we spoke to felt that there is a direct relationship between this alliance level and the discretionary field selected in the IAS main examination. IAS Preparation from the Graduate Level assists you in gaining an early advantage.

Best course for UPSC for Preparing for the UPSC Exam

You may decide to pursue a degree in these subjects since they will greatly aid your preparation for the UPSC CSE Union Public Service Commission Examination.

Humanities, Engineering, Science, Medical Science, B.Com / MBA / BBA / CA / CS / CFA. 

Below, we’ll attempt to respond to this query by outlining the benefits and drawbacks of each subject in terms of passing the IAS examination:


The humanities have long been thought of as the cornerstone of civil service exams. When compared to other disciplines, humanities subjects have had a greater success rate, according to data provided by the UPSC in their yearly reports. 

Despite this pattern, students with humanities backgrounds have recently seen a decline in their overall participation and success rates. Nevertheless, a sizable proportion of applicants who have studied in the humanities continue to pass the IAS examination.


Given the current situation, it is evident that engineering has been the preferred subject and method for passing the IAS exam. It is very clear that candidates with engineering backgrounds have dominated the IAS examination if we look at the recent few years’ top scorers. 

Even while the success rate of candidates who choose engineering as an optional subject in the IAS examination is still on the lower side, it is obvious that top performers have done well in technical disciplines. 

However, if you want to not only pass the civil services exam but also finish among the top candidates to be eligible for IAS positions, engineering is unquestionably the field to choose.


A modest but reasonable number of science graduates apply for and are accepted into the civil service on a regular basis. However, they have not truly contributed in sufficient numbers to change the ultimate total. 

However, it is undoubtedly rising gradually and steadily, given the increasing influence of scientific thought and the expanding demand for technocrats in the bureaucratic structure.

Medical Science

Another similar field that has frequently been discounted in terms of the IAS Exam is medical science. This is mainly because fewer applicants are looking to enter the bureaucracy after receiving a professional degree. 

But much as with physical science fields, there are more seekers and successful applicants with backgrounds in the medical sciences.

BA, B.Com, MBA, BBA, CA, CS, or CFA

Again, all of these degrees are seen as being of a professional character, and as a result, they only receive a small number of applicants overall. But over the past few years, we have undoubtedly observed an increase in the number of applicants with an MBA and a B.Com. 

CSAT, which emphasizes logic, mathematics, data analysis, and decision-making, has caused applicants from the B.Com. And MBA programs to start seriously considering the civil services examination. We should anticipate seeing a big increase in their numbers in the following days, both in terms of participation and success rate.

Select optional subjects for taking the IAS exam

The process followed by these IAS candidates increases the likelihood that this decision will be made at the IAS Assessment, not the flow per se. When it comes to the IAS Exam or the best course for UPSC Preparation, there is no one optional subject that is significantly better than the others. 

The writing ability, as well as the responses collated from the candidates, is what causes the gap, though. Your IAS preparation journey will be made simpler if you enroll in the best IAS coaching, such as Plutus IAS.

How to pick optional topics for the civil services test

The graduation courses you should choose for IAS Exam Preparation have already been covered. It would be quite beneficial for you if you selected those disciplines as optional subjects for the civil services exam.

Optional subjects for civil services exam from graduation

Students who took the above-mentioned optional subjects for their graduation, such as political science, history, or geography, have the option of selecting such subjects as options for the IAS exam while still in college. Trust me; this will be very helpful to you as you prepare for the IAS Examination.

FAQs about the best degree programs that prepare students for the IAS; following graduation, how should I prepare for the IAS?

After earning a degree, you can either start your own IAS preparation or seek assistance from IAS coaching centers.

Which BA course is ideal for IAS?

In the BA, you can choose humanities-related courses (Bachelor of Arts). You could choose any of the aforementioned disciplines for your BA Stream graduation, including history, geography, political science, public administration, philosophy, etc. In actuality, these disciplines are the best for preparing for the UPSC Exam or UPSC courses while in graduate school. For individuals who are considering majoring in economics at BA. 

The finest course for civil service?

The Plutus IAS course is the best for preparing for the civil services examination. If you plan to graduate, you should choose Plutus IAS courses as soon as you finish. All the courses you can take to do the Best IAS Examination Preparation are listed on

Which university is the best for IAS?

The best college for IAS exam preparation is Plutus IAS. To prepare for the IAS Examination, check out the best IAS coaching in India. The Hindu Zone, Yojana IAS Coaching, and other institutions are the best for UPSC courses preparation.

Who is India’s newest IAS officer?

Ansar Ahmad Shaikh is the youngest IAS officer and a genius who passed the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) CSE exam at the age of 21. His All India Rank (AIR) for the UPSC was 361. Additionally, Tina Dabi, Roman Saini, Amrutesh Aurangabadkar, and Pradeep Singh are among the youngest IAS officers.

Does UPSC care about the 12th percentile?

Regarding the IAS Examination, it doesn’t really matter. Verify the minimum requirements for the Civil Service examination. The minimum requirement for eligibility is a passing grade-point average.