How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

I was in fourth grade when I got my first pair of glasses. With all the rationality of childhood logic, I immediately felt self-conscious. This lasted for a very long time. I would deliberately forget my glasses at home on most days. I didn’t want to be the class geek. I didn’t want to be picked on. It wasn’t until high school that I finally got a frame that complimented my facial structure. When people started complimenting my glasses, my self-esteem started climbing. A good pair of glasses can do wonders for you. You can enjoy your Spectrum Triple Play services (internet and TV of course) in the clarity of your glasses. You can read the fine print on documents. You can look intellectual, refined even, and get a lot of compliments. The trick is choosing the right frame for your face.
How to Choose the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

The Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

Choosing the right glasses has a lot to do with the shape of your face. There are 5 types of face shapes in women. You could have:
Oval face
Heart face
Round face
Square face
Triangle face
Here’s what each face shape looks like and what types of glasses suit them.

Oval Face

Oval faces usually have wider cheekbones. They also narrow gently at both the top and the bottom. This means an oval face is gently rounded at the chin and forehead, and wider at the cheeks. Thin, rounded frames work best with oval faces. You could get adventurous with the texture of the glasses too. Oval faces tend to be proportional so you could pair it with frames of any shape. But rounded frames like aviator-style glasses will really work well. Avoid the temptation of oversized frames. They will hide the natural symmetry of the face rather than emphasize it.

Heart Face

Heart faces are wider at the top. They gradually narrow down around the jaw. Heart faces tend to have prominent cheekbones, which you can complement with cat-eye glasses. They highlight the cheekbones and do a good job of balancing the rest of the face. Cat-eye glasses also draw attention to the eyes in a quirky way. The curves in the frame should go nicely with the natural contour of a heart face. Just make sure your frame doesn’t draw attention away from your cheekbones to your forehead.

Round Face

Round faces are endearing with soft angles. Usually, the jaw and forehead are equally wide and the face is wider at the cheekbones. When looking for glasses, go for angular, geometric frames. Retro frames are a very good option to consider. Darker, retro cat-eye glasses with wide (not tall) lenses are your best bet to pull off that chic look. Whatever you do, do not go for round or rimless frames. They will only make your face look even more round.

Square Face

The jaw, cheekbones, and forehead in a square face shape are equally wide. Square faces are also more angular than the ones we discussed above. To offset the strong geometry, you should be looking at some classic round-eye frames. Ones that have a thicker framing on the top than the bottom. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try reflective, chrome plated frames. They complement your facial geometry and demand attention. Avoid using boxy frames, too many angles will make your face look bulkier than it is.

Triangle Face

Triangle faces are very striking. They are narrowest at the forehead and gradually widen down to the jaw. You can play up the forehead by a wider frame that sweeps up. The frame should be wider than your cheekbones to look best. Oval and cat-eye frames are the best types that suit triangle face shapes. You need to make your cheekbones appear more prominent while complimenting your wider jaw. There are certain types of frames you need to avoid if you have a triangle face though. Boxy frames, or ones that are narrow, will do the opposite of what you want. They will overemphasize your wide jaw while making your forehead appear narrower.
Buying glasses is a very important decision. Nobody wants to be stuck with a pair that doesn’t complement their features. After all, nobody said glasses should be only functional. Be adventurous when you buy your glasses, but do a little research beforehand or contact Spectrum customer service. It’s best to have separate pairs for business and pleasure. Your glasses say a lot about your personality. Don’t make a muted statement, let your frames speak for you!

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