How To Choose a Student Accommodation

Founded in 1958, Monash University is the second oldest university in Australia. As per recent data, Monash University, which is in the top 1% of universities worldwide, has around 22,000 international students. The most critical and challenging task is finding suitable student accommodation if you are an incoming freshman. 

When searching for student accommodation close to Monash uni, it’s essential to know the options available. This guide will give a few tips on starting your search and choosing suitable student accommodation.

Types of Accommodation

  • On-Campus Accommodation

Monash University offers on-campus accommodation options at Peninsula and Clayton. However, you need to apply for accommodation before arriving at Monash University.

Monash University guarantees world-class education. Hence, many Australians and international students apply to the university in engineering, technology, and education programmes. The result is on-campus accommodation cannot accommodate all students, and you need to consider other options.

  • Homestay

Many Aussie families welcome international students in homestay arrangements. The homestay option might be good to integrate with the Australian way of life. Several portals allow you to search homestays as per the location.

  • Purpose-Built Student Accommodation

There are several purpose-built student accommodations near Monash university. These student accommodations are available in Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Monash University has four campuses across the greater Melbourne region. If you are studying on one of these campuses, you will find much purpose-built student accommodations near Monash university campuses.

How Much Can You Spend?

Budget is a crucial factor in selecting a student accommodation. University on-campus accommodation is generally cheaper due to subsidization. However, purpose-built accommodation is also affordable, and they come with better amenities that make students’ life easier.

If you decide to live in purpose-built student accommodation, you can opt for a shared apartment where 5 to 8 students can live together, and each student gets a private bedroom and private bathroom. However, the prices for different options will vary greatly. Hence, you need to research pricing and see what you will receive for your money.


Security is an important aspect for students as well as their parents. Purpose-built student accommodation comes with robust security. The whole residential premises have CCTV, and the apartments have secure electronic card access to their rooms. Also, these accommodations have 24×7 onsite support, and you can always get help whenever needed.

Internet Connection

College students need stable and fast Internet connections. Monash University provides a guest Wi-Fi network on all Australian campuses. Students should use eduroam to connect to the Internet. Though mobile data is cheap in Australia, you might have to pay f $2.47 per 1GB of data.

Purpose-built accommodations offer free unlimited hi-speed Wi-Fi. As a result, students don’t have to worry about data limits and can use the Internet for research work and communicate with their families. Thus when choosing student accommodation, check whether it offers free Wi-Fi.

Access to Essential Services

Food and laundry are some of the essential services for everyone’s life. Breakfast is an important meal for the day. It provides energy to kick start your day. Unfortunately, students have tight schedules, and they might not have time to visit restaurants early in the morning to have breakfast.

Purpose-built student accommodation offers complimentary weekday breakfast to its occupants. It means you can have breakfast without leaving your residence. Similarly, students also have onsite laundry facilities, and they can access washing machines and dryers whenever they need them.

Student living conditions can play an essential role in students’ academic performance. Choosing the right accommodation can make a living away from home less stressful, and you will soon become used to staying away from home.

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