How to Choose a Belt for Your Body Type

How much thought have you ever given to the simple accessory we call a belt. First, it is gender-neutral, making it a wardrobe staple for both men and women. It also has a functional aspect to it, which is to hold up the trouser or skirt. 

Then, there is the aesthetic value. A nice-looking, high-quality belt can transform a simple outfit into a showstopper. 

And that’s not all. A belt is a must-have for women’s fashion accessories. Cinching in your waistline will give the illusion of curves, thus accentuating your figure. 

A look at the history of belts shows that they have been around since the Bronze Age. At that time, it was a male accessory. But later on, ladies started to wear them as well. And now, you can find a whole range of options, including flexible belts, recycled belts, and adjustable belts. These come in various materials like leather, snakeskin, crocodile skin, and manufactured fabric. 

Now, you may have a good collection of belts. But did you factor in your body type when making your purchase? Find out how to choose a belt for your body type

How to Choose a Belt for Your Body Type

Short Waist Belts

Dressing a short waist can be quite difficult. The wrong choice of clothes can result in a box shape. Whatever you wear should pull the eyes downwards. 

Yet, comfortable belts can make all the difference. The trick is to find the perfect balance with a thin belt. Match this to the color of the top for a more flattering effect. Avoid wide straps because they will shorten the waist further. 

The other trick is placement. Do not place the belt right at the center like you would with an hourglass shape. Slide the belt a little lower to create an elongating effect. The best option is to buy an elastic premium grade belt. Check out the selection of flexible belts from Jelt. You will like how the elastic grips the material of the pants for a snug, comfortable fit. 

Hourglass Shape Belts

Many women would love to have the hourglass shape. Yet only 8% of women have it. Your proportions are in perfect alignment, making it easy to dress you. You have the choice of medium to wide belts. Place them right where the waistline is the smallest for that perfect silhouette.

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Elastic or stretch belts with large buckles are a fantastic choice for you. If you’re wearing pants, ensure the belt is over the belly button. 

Petite Figure Belts 

If you are petite, the trick is to use your belt to appear taller. Like in the case of the short waist, wide belts are a no-no. The same rule applies. A skinny belt that matches the color of the outfit is the best choice. The difference is that you should place the belt right at the waistline. That way, you get a slimming silhouette.  

Long Waist Belts 

People with long waists can get away with both skinny and wide belts. Thicker belts are excellent for shortening the upper body to achieve a more proportional look. The trick is to choose a color that contrasts your top. So, a black top would look great with a red or white belt. Use whatever you wear as the bottom to help you decide the belt color. 

You can also get away with oversized buckles. Place the belt higher up to avoid adding extra length to your silhouette.  

Apple Shape Belts 

Those with apple shapes tend to pile on the weight in their midsection. The perfect belt helps create the illusion of slenderness. For that effect, go for a broad belt and wear it right under the bust. High-waist options are the best if you want to tuck in a pair of pants. Use that belt to cinch in the waistline to create an illusion of one.

Go for a below-the-belly belt placement with a balloon or loose top if you want to hide your love handles.  

Pear Shape Belts

Pear-shaped bodies have wider hips and narrow tops. The trick is to create that perfect balance between your torsos and hips. A slim belt on the waistline will look great by creating a slimming effect.  

Straight or H Shape Belts 

The more boyish straight shape works well with over-the-hip belt placement. What you are hoping to achieve is the illusion of a waistline. The best is narrow to medium width belts. 

Cinch the waist by placing the belt right at the center of your belly button and bust. The other option is to angle the strap so it drapes lower at the front.  

Curvy or Plus Size Shape 

Don’t hide your natural curves with tight or stretchy wide belts. You can achieve a more flattering look for your curvy shape with a narrower or medium-width belt. Don’t cinch the waist too tight. Rather, let the belt rest comfortably instead. You can try V-shapes or asymmetrical belts for a tummy-slimming effect.  

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Top Heavy Shape

Top-heavy shapes define the more busty ladies. The trick is to use the belt to create balance. Placing a medium-width belt below the natural waistline can help you achieve the perfect silhouette. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with decorative buckles as well. It is a fantastic tip if you want to divert attention from your breast area.  

Final Thoughts

Knowing the best type of belt for your body is an important step. And the first thing you need to do is learn your shape. Tons of online tutorials will walk you through the steps. 

When dressing, you want to accentuate your best points as much as you can. A belt can help achieve this. It can also help hide some things you don’t like too much. You can, for example, hide bulgy areas with proper placement. 

Find out what works for you by using our tips as a guideline. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of belts. Stretch belts, for example, are very comfortable. They come in a wide range of designs, with some interesting buckles. Your belt can become a statement piece that ties up your ensemble nicely.

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