How To Boost Likes On Youtube Videos

Since the advent of YouTube rating likes, views and others, many YouTube users crave to be at the top. There are numerous attached towards getting a high number of likes for your YouTube videos. This makes sense, right. Having a considerable number of likes on YouTube gets your video at the front, and people can easily refer to it anytime. The more people keep liking the video, the more it keeps appearing on their walls, and therefore the likes continue when new viewers like it. Also, note that few videos ever go viral, getting millions of views without being liked. One can do so many things to boost or increase the number of likes your videos will get. Some of the ways are to invest a considerable amount of time in making the best video you can make, then invest some more time getting your video, and yourself, in front of people.

What Are The Ways Of Boosting Likes?

  • Creating An Amazing Video

Make sure to create a good video. Make use of captivating content that will draw the attention of people. Also, use a good and quality camera when making the video. Make sure there is adequate lighting. After making the videos, make sure you go through the video by watching it before uploading it on YouTube. Once your video has poor visuals, you will automatically get a few viewers even if you have a good subject because nobody has that time to go through a poorly made video. You can also make use of the YouTube editing options available to help reduce camera shake and trim and adjust the video.

  • Descriptions And Thumbnails

Using the description field in your video helps you to describe your video accurately. This helps viewers to see to reason why they should play the video. When they find the description to be false and misleading, you are likely to get lots of clicks and keep in mind that few people might also click the Like button. Aside from description, try checking out the thumbnails available for the video and make sure to select the one that will be so enticing and at the same represent what your video is all about. Have in mind that what the viewers see first when your video pops up is the thumbnail.

  • Promote Your Video

Also, seek help from your friends by promoting your video on their social media handles, which will allow more people to view the video. This invariably means the more people view the video; the more likes you will get. Also, ensure to be very active on YouTube. Your videos can also be promoted for likes on BRSM.IO.

  • Getting Feedbacks

There are several ways always to have your viewers click on the Like button if they enjoyed your video. Allow viewers to know that you want their feedback. For instance, most YouTube videos have this image that represents the like button after watching the video, which will prompt viewers to give it a Thumbs Up if they liked it or if they want to see something similar in the future.

  • Do Research On Other Videos

Carry out extensive research on other competing videos closely related to yours and are also popular when you click on the search button. Watch for the quality, content and other special effects. After watching the videos, make sure to note your mistakes, so you easily work on them to better improve or boost your likes. Lastly, endeavour to do a follow up on popular YouTube videos that have the most likes.


As a new YouTube user who is trying to explore the world of YouTube to create an enabling environment, getting all the likes you can is important to thrive. The article has helped to list those things which you should have in mind before uploading that video. Some of which are doing a high-quality video, promoting the video and also making use of amazing options provided by YouTube.

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