How to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive in Minutes

Also with the free storage tool “AOMEI MBackupper,” you may backup photographs, music, movies, connections, and conversations from your ios device to your computer. The Windows transfer program is simple to utilize and compatible with all iOS devices. So, let’s discuss how to backup iPhone to external hard drive.

Choose the contents you wish to copy, such as audio, videos, and images, after you’ve linked your Apple gadget to the pc. The PC’s memory place can even be freely chosen.

MBackupper, AOMEI’s newest software application, is designed to replicate your iPhone contents, either partially or completely, based on your preferences, and is essentially a comprehensive iPhone backup program.

How to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive in Minutes

This updated version will protect your information and make it simple to transfer crucial information like images, music, and other media from your cell phone to your computer.

iPhone capacity is restricted since they no longer have an Expandable memory. As a result, rather of  destroying files, you can move them to alternative storage locations.

What does AOMEI MBackupper offer?

Data protection

You won’t think twice about missing your data due to malfunction or other ways if you allow copies of the iPhone. The transfer procedure is also quite straightforward.

The software lets you backup every form of material, including images taken with your device’s camera or photos emailed to you by others, text conversations, and even the iTunes collection.

Furthermore, the program makes use of a technology that accelerates the backup procedure on your PC. You may also preview the files before deciding the ones you want to back up.

Data transfer

AOMEI MBackupper is an iPhone transfer software that can simply transfer data from your iPhone to your PC and vice versa.

With a few clicks, you can move your contacts, messages, and phone settings from your old iPhone to your new one.

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Essential iPhone tools

To begin, the program can manage all of your photographs and videos, from the Camera Roll to the Photo Stream. It also pays equal attention to all of your contacts, including all of their data, vital notifications, calendars, and text message discussions.

Additionally, any purchased and downloaded music from the iTunes library is safe and sound here!

How to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive in Minutes

Space cleanup

AOMEI MBackupper can assist you if you constantly see the notice “Storage full.” Because selective retrieval and backup make handling iPhone and iPad storage simple.

Regular backup

AOMEI MBackupper’s most popular component. The program does not always perform a full backup. Only new data and modifications to existing data are intelligently detected and backed up. On your Windows PC, you may effectively save both time and storage space.

Security and stability

The organization has over ten years of expertise in data security and holds many technical patents. They also claim that they do not save or interfere with our data.

They also claim a 99 percent success rate after testing the program hundreds of times in various scenarios.

Easy restoration

What distinguishes AOMEI MBackupper from its competitors is that it allows you to examine backed-up files before recovering them, allowing you to restore just the ones you choose. The restoration takes only a few minutes since all you have to do is locate the backed-up files and click “restore,” and the data will be restored to their original locations.

How does it work?

As previously said, you may backup all of your data or just a few selected files, depending on your preferences. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Launch AOMEI MBackupper after connecting your iPhone or iPad to your Windows PC via USB connection.
  • Click either Backup images (which lists all of your photos) or Custom Backup (all photos, music, videos, contacts, and messages directories are checked by default).
How to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive in Minutes
How to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive in Minutes
  • Choose the folders or files that you want to save.
How to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive in Minutes
  • To pick the backup storage location, click Backup Path in the lower-left corner.
How to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive in Minutes
  • To initiate the backup, choose Start Backup.
How to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive in Minutes
  • All you have to do to restore your data from a backup is right-click on the backup you want and select Restore.


You can locate a version that meets your criteria on AOMEI MBackupper. The AOMEI MBackupper Pro, which works for up to 5 PCs and enables unlimited file transfer, is available for $29.95 for a year.

For $49.95, you can get a version of the Pro Lifetime with free lifetime upgrades.

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You can also purchase it for $499 for an infinite number of PCs with super fast speed and give tech assistance as an organization.

Additionally, you may use the free version of the program to transfer iPhone data on your Windows PC.


  • Make a backup of your iPhone.
  • Transfer the information from your iPhone.
  • HEIC (High-Efficiency Interchange Code) Converter
  • Permanently deletes iPhone data.
  • Similar images are removed.
  • Incremental backup is supported.
  • Rapid movement.
  • Complete data security.

Final thoughts

Everything is quite straightforward, from the initial setup to recover a backup, and even a novice can accomplish it. Most significantly, unlike an iTunes or iCloud backup, you have complete control over what you restore.

You may also utilize the software as a storage facility thanks to this clever function. And you get everything for free!

While everything is OK, it would be great if the software had documented and download support. All of our pledges relating to iPhone or iPad backups would be simplified and streamlined even further.