The trend of cloning website content is increasing tremendously. Plagiarism has a very bad The trend of cloning website content is increasing tremendously. Plagiarism has a very bad effect on SEO. SEO is a process in which you can rank your website on the platform of a search engine. By using copied or paraphrased content on your website the health of your SEO process would be compromised. A software like Acrolinx can help brands create amazing, quality content.

The main drawback behind using paraphrased or copied is the fact that Google has a legal policy to penalize your website in case your content is not original.

Along with that, the chances of content authenticity also decline. You never know about the website that you are using for cloning your content already paraphrasing someone else’s content. Due to the transfer of the same information among different people the content quality is compromised.

Google is not efficient enough to differentiate between similar content available on a different website. When the writers upload the paraphrased content having plagiarism then Google gets confused and negatively affects the SEO ranking of your content.

In these cases, Google looks for more options and prefers to rank them. Along with that, SEO is mainly done to generate more traffic towards your website.

If your website contains repeated or paraphrased content then your visitor will start losing their interest and go for some other website that facilitates them with fresh content. 

How plagiarism affects your SEO?

Setting up a blog isn’t the only thing in this business. You have to rank it by tuning its SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is the set of guidelines for placing the content on the internet.

Obviously, being a blogger you want to get more readers on your webpage. You may dream of it as your professional career or just a side hustle. 

Either way, you need to make your content worthy of ranking. It can only be done through SEO. Writing plagiarized content may affect your SEO very badly. 

Google algorithms

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Over time, they have evolved to provide the best results. To maintain its search quality, Google has employed machine learning algorithms.

With the inclusion of AI into Google’s algorithms, it becomes very tough for you to rank the SERPs without giving quality content.

For instance, the Panda algorithm update was rolled out especially to scale up your content for its quality.

This algorithm finds any copied content and de-ranks it immediately in place of unique and high-quality content.

Similarly, Rankbrain update takes account of your search versatility. Before that, it was easy to rank with a bunch of keywords.

But now you are bound to create unique content with LSI keywords in your content to rank on the top SERPs. Thus, plagiarism has overwhelming effects on your Google ranking. 

Affects your website traffic:

You might be thinking about what blog traffic has to do with SEO? But in reality, they are both interconnected. 

When you optimize your blog for search engines it gets ranked. In this way, when people search for your industry, they find your website in search results.

However, plagiarizing your content will affect your traffic because your readers will soon know that your content isn’t valuable. This will affect your reputation and in turn, your website will get deranked.

Reader’s leaving your website suddenly will increase your website’s bounce rate. Bounce rate is also a bad SEO signal telling Google that your content isn’t worthy of reading. 


Numerous ways are present to eliminate the chances of plagiarism in your content. Five of them are discussed below:


To avoid plagiarism in your content, you need to do proper research. By doing proper research you would be able to write your original content.

If you facilitate your writers with the original content then the visitors on your website will increase for sure and soon your website will rank in search engines. The best way to avoid plagiarism in your writing is by generating your own words and sentences.


By proper citation and references, you can avoid plagiarism. Only discuss the valid information on your website and avoid research from Google. Prefer Google scholar for quality research.

Increase your knowledge and understanding of the topic. Review more than two to three websites. Add valid references and link them with your content. By adding references and citations you are giving credits to the person whose content you are using and this act will prevent plagiarism in your writing.

It would inflict a positive attitude towards your reader and will also help you to gain the confidence of your reader. 


By using plagiarism checkers you can subdue plagiarism in your work. Accidental plagiarism can also deteriorate the quality of your writing. So to avoid accidental plagiarism it is advised to check your content before uploading.

In this regard, you can use a plagiarism checker tool to identify plagiarism in your work. Whether you wrote your content by yourself, check your content before uploading.

Sometimes plagiarism occurs even though you wrote it by yourself and deteriorates the ranking of your website. In this case, an online plagiarism checker helps us to Check plagiarism in our content and after detection, we can remove that plagiarism manually or by online paraphrasing tools.

Through its amazing features, it will detect plagiarism in your work and guide you about how to avoid it. This tool works amazingly. It can detect even minor plagiarism in your work. It helps you to generate original and qualitative content.


If you are facing the issues of plagiarism due to some quotations then quoting the quotes within inverted commas will help you in eliminating the plagiarism.

When you put someone’s words under inverted commas then it is not considered as copied content it is taken as a reference and would not contribute to increasing the plagiarism. 


Don’t copy content from different websites and then upload it to your website. This activity is illegal and will contribute to blocking your website. In case if you want similar content to your website then you can paraphrase it.

While doing paraphrasing, you can convert active voice sentences into passive voice to create your unique sentences. Prefer to read content from the different websites when you want to do paraphrasing and then note down the points.

Formulating your sentences through those noted points will eliminate the chances of plagiarism in your content. 


Plagiarism is considered a bad act and is illegal. For a website, it is extremely important to rank its website and to stay loyal to its readers.

For maintaining the reputation of your website a website owner needs to facilitate the reader with quality content free from plagiarism. Reading the same content on different websites will affect the ranking of any website.

By using check plagiarism tools it becomes easy to check your content and make it plagiarism-free. 

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