4 Ways How People Can Enhance Their Focus While Watching TV

When you try to watch your favourite movie on a widescreen, do you find that your thoughts frequently wander? If so, you might not be alone.

A 2022 survey revealed that 85% of respondents reported using subtitles for movies or television programs on Netflix, and 40% said that subtitles help improve their concentration levels.

It’s easy to get distracted by other aspects of life, so how can people stay focused when watching TV? Here are some ways how this can be achieved: 

Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode or Away

You need to put away your distractions, such as your phone if you want to enjoy the movie as it is intended truly.

While watching a movie, we frequently scroll through social media or check our text messages on our phones, which only diverts our focus and removes us from the film’s plot.

When you frequently check your phone, you lose interest in the movie because your mind is so preoccupied with other things that it quickly loses connection with the plot.

In order to have a longer attention span, train your mind to maintain focus and concentrate on one particular thing at a time.

Therefore, keeping your phone out of the way while watching a movie is a terrific way to relax, and can also aid in greater concentration and comprehension.

Though, you can use your phone if you need to look something up in a dictionary.

Dim The Room Lights

Try to keep the room dark to improve concentration; this will help your mind and eyes focus just on the television.

You’ve probably also noticed that as a movie starts, the lights are turned off in the theatres to help the audience follow along and enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Use Good Quality Headphones or Speakers

You can never enjoy watching television if you can’t hear the dialogue clearly. Finally, you will stop being interested.

Therefore, you need to have a pleasant set of headphones or high-quality speakers for better understanding and to make your time watching TV a quality time for you and your brain. 

Because the brain finds it difficult to focus on a low volume during movies, if you don’t get the phrases exactly right, you’ll probably fall asleep, which is not the best way to enjoy a movie.

A moderate amount of sound raises one’s level of attentiveness, activation, and attention.

Improve Your Mental Focus

It turns out that people aren’t very good at multitasking, even though it may seem like a wonderful method to rapidly accomplish many tasks.

Juggling many things at once can significantly reduce productivity and make it much more difficult to focus on crucial details.

Consider your focus to be a spotlight. You can see things well if you focus that flashlight on a single region.

In contrast, you might only make out the shadowy outlines in a huge, gloomy room if you tried to disperse the same amount of light.

Making the most of your available resources is important in increasing your mental focus. Instead of multitasking, concentrate entirely on one activity at a time.

For example, focus solely on the screen instead of using one hand to surf through your phone while pretending to be watching TV.


Your mental health and me-time will benefit if you can concentrate while watching TV. It is possible to refresh your thoughts by watching TV. 

It can educate your brain to improve focus and lengthen your attention span while watching your favourite TV show in front of the television and in other areas of life where you struggle with concentration.

You may sharpen your critical thinking skills by training your brain to concentrate and focus.


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