How Often Should Adults Visit a Dentist?

The standard recommendation for dental visits is every six months for teeth cleanings and oral examinations. A majority of dental insurance companies will often cover checkups per year. This frequency provides dental professionals the opportunity to catch any problems while it is still manageable and less costly to treat. 

In Balwyn, Australia, nearly 60% of people will visit a dental practitioner in a year. Half of the adults aged 18 and over have had regular dental checkups with the same dental practitioner. The rate of preventable hospitalizations arising from oral health issues is low in major cities such as Balwyn.

Your dentist in Balwyn will often recommend how often you should come in for checkups and cleanings. But if you practice good oral care, you will only need to see a dentist two times a year. However, there are a few exceptions. Your dentist may require you to come in more frequently if you fall in the following categories.

Pregnant women

The fluctuating hormones resulting from pregnancy can put you at greater risk for developing gum diseases and cavities.

Cancer patients

Some medications for cancer can dry out the mouth and put patients at a greater risk for dental health issues.

Diabetes patients

Diabetes can result in gum as well as other oral health diseases.


Smoking tobacco can result in gum diseases and also make it more challenging for your body to heal after a dental procedure and oral operation.

Heart disease patients

Oral health is critical, especially when it comes to mitigating heart diseases. Bacteria in the mouth can eventually make their way to the heart. People who have poor oral health will be more at risk of cardiovascular problems than people with healthy mouths. Frequent dental cleanings and examinations may mitigate your chances of developing heart disease.

What to expect during a dental checkup?

Typically, dental checkups will take less than an hour to complete. This appointment provides your dentist in Balwyn as well as your dental hygienists a chance to check your oral health and make recommendations for any necessary treatment or at-home hygiene practice. 

If you are considering a dental checkup in Balwyn, you might want to consider Medicare insurance. It must be noted that the Australian government does not cover the cost of a majority of dental services compared to other health services. Most dental expenses are paid for out of the pocket by patients. However, Medicare does pay for some dental services for eligible adults.

  • X-Rays

If you require x-rays, the dental hygienist will take your shot at the beginning of the appointment to provide the dentist a chance to look them over prior to examining your mouth.

  • Teeth cleaning

There are numerous benefits to dental cleaning. The hygienist will clean your teeth utilizing tools such as scalars and other dental implements that gently get rid of plaque and tartar from the tooth’s surface just beneath the gum line. Afterward, they will polish your teeth utilizing paste and floss. 

Dental practitioners may also alert you of areas that need attention. They can also instruct you on the best way to brush and floss. 

  • Oral cancer examination

Prior to examining your teeth, your dentist may require you to undergo oral cancer screening. This procedure will consist of an examination of your palate, tongue, as well as the inside of your cheeks. It will also involve screening any other critical area of your oral cavity for signs of cancer. They will also palpate your jaw and throat to check for any abnormality.

Australia has an optimum number of dental practitioners to service its population. There are approximately 56 dentists per 100,000 people. Ninety percent of them are considered general dentists, and the remainder are specialists. In major cities such as Balwyn, there are many dentists, with 63 dentists per 100,000. Aside from dental practitioners, there are also dental hygienists and therapists who are there to assist with the oral health care of Balwyn residents.

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