Sleep keeps you refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the day. However, millions of Brits struggle to maintain a healthy sleep schedule and get enough rest each night. You might lay awake at night, willing yourself to fall asleep, or find yourself waking up in the middle of the night in a state of panic. Sleep should be the most natural thing in the world, yet many of us find it challenging.

Why is sleep so important?

Sleep has a huge impact on your mental and physical health. It allows your body to heal and repair your heart and blood vessels. It wards off diseases and keeps your brain functioning properly. Sleep deprivation can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and even heart failure. Rest helps your brain to process information and manage stress. If you struggle to sleep, you are likely to be more irritable, anxious and depressed.

What can you do to boost your night’s sleep?

Sometimes it feels like everyone and their mother is looking to get a better night’s sleep. Our fast-paced and chaotic lives make rest even more important.

To get a better night’s sleep, you need to establish a regular sleep routine. Set the alarm for the same time every night and morning. In the evening, your alarm will signal for you to begin the wind-down routine. Put on your ladies dressing gown, drink herbal tea and let yourself relax. In the morning, you should get up as soon as your alarm goes off. Make sure the two alarms allow for at least seven to nine hours of sleep.

Try to avoid drinking caffeine at least four hours before you go to bed. Stay away from the coffee machine in the afternoon and remember that regular tea has caffeine too. Herbal or fruity tea is your best bet.

A regular workout routine can help you to sleep better as well. Boost your endorphins and improve the quality of your sleep in no time at all.

Myths and misconceptions about sleep

Many people think sleep duration is the most important part. However, the quality of your sleep can have a big impact on how you feel in the morning.  Numerous awakenings can disrupt your sleep and make you feel exhausted in the morning. Get yourself a FitBit to track your sleep schedule and improve the quality of your sleep.

Furthermore, some people say that your body gets to having less sleep. This is a myth, and your body only gets more tired when you have less rest.

Improve your sleep schedule so you can feel better during the day.