How Much Does It Cost To Maintain The Mobile App?

You have already cracked the hard rocks and started your journey in the tech world. Publishing your application in Google Play or App Store, marketed it exceptionally good to entice the clients and wait for the rest. Your journey is not completed here; if you think you can move forward to the next project, you are on the wrong track. 

Publishing your app is not the end of the story, or having thousands of users is not the end of the story either. Just like a living thing, you have to nurture all the functioning. On the other hand, users generally expect regular updates instead of using the same features. Therefore if you fail to meet their expectations, they will end up uninstalling your application. 

Whatever platform you are using or whatever technology you have integrated, it needs to be monitored. With an ionic app development company india, you can ensure the investments are being taken care of. With DAU (Daily Active Users), you can estimate the number of users installing your application. Alternatively, MAU (Monthly Active Users) provides the monthly statistics; you comprehend successful app survivals from these numbers. 

Why does Maintenance Play a Crucial Role in Business? 

No app can earn successful numbers without an efficient maintenance strategy. For instance, tech giants like Facebook have introduced numerous features since its introduction in 2004. As per the report of Statista, Facebook presently has 2.7 billion active users and the biggest social network globally . It doesn’t happen overnight; 16 years of rigorous operations culminated into these big numbers. In fact, they are still in the race to introduce more advanced features. 

Here are a few benefits of app maintenance strategy: 

  1. Minimising Uninstalls 

Today’s modern applications focus on making your life better and comfortable. If an application fails to serve the purpose well, users generally go ahead with other options. Therefore, keeping your app updated will help to enhance the user experience and increase the functionality as well. 

  1. Better User Experience 

Hire ionic app developer to introduce more advanced features with the latest operating system. You also need to avoid the app functionality that hinders the smooth working of the application. It means developers still need to invest their time and effort every moment to make it better for the users. 

  1. Keep Up with the Competition

Remember, you are not alone in the rat race. To be more precise, if you have launched a gaming application, you need to keep in mind, there are almost 385,551 mobile applications available as of the third quarter of 2020. It means if any users are not satisfied with your performance, they can switch to other applications at any time. 

  1. Financial Benefits in the Long Run 

App maintenance indeed a matter of large investment, just like developing one. But, if you are not prepared to invest the capital, there is no point in developing an application. A frequently updated application can open up effective monetization channels. Alternatively, it helps to keep the monetization secure and prosperous if transactions are conducted directly from the application. 

  1. Responsive and Agile Brand Image 

A well-developed and bug-free application is a specimen of the quality and credibility of a company. If the users struggle to operate your application, they generally develop a skeptical image of your brand. The frequent update makes your application a perfectionist and keeps your brand image intact. 

How to Measure App Maintenance Charges? 

There are few factors to measure cost maintaining charges of your application: 

  1. Even after publishing an application, there would be many ongoing costs for the developers apart from the developing charges. These charges are generally allotted for maintenance.
  2. The additional cost is to create new content, track application performance, and inform the users regarding new updates.
  3. If the services rely on a server that stores vital information like payment history, user records, clients need to pay surplus charges for the information. 

There are a few requirements that have to be accomplished while the life-cycle is on: 

Server: $20 – $60 per month.

Push notification: $ 10 per month.

Payment Gateways– up to $149 per month.

P.S.: These are standard charges; however, it can differ as per the project requirement and general expenses of the ionic app development company. 

Which Aspects Should Developers Focus On While Maintaining An Application? 

  • Keep up with iOS or Android: 

Both these platforms are evolving continuously. Therefore, more interaction is required to keep your application flowing in every version of the forum. Always sync the updated version with the updated platforms, either iOS or Android. 

  • Update UI and UX: 

Depending on the user review and your personal experience, consider optimizing the design. You must ensure the new version is equally simple and easy to handle. 

  • Update Functions: 

Finally, as per your past experience, user review, and trending market, add advanced features. It also adds value to your business and keeps the users content. 

How to Cut Down the Cost of Mobile Application Development? 

Invest in the Right Development platform.You can either choose from: 

  1. Native app development 
  2. Hybrid app development 
  1. Native development helps to get an application that is stable for the users and has better access to the resources of smartphones. It means it will help the application to work faster and feel lighter on the smartphone.
  2. Users never use 45% of the features. Thus, it is wise to invest in the elements that users would use. It will help to cut down the cost regarding the maintenance charges. 
  3. Besides the app developers, you need to analyze and study the concern of the users to come up with a broader solution. 

To Conclude

The app development and maintenance cost are inevitable, and you cannot avoid them. However, you can take the decision widely to minimize the expense of development. Here is a list to guide you to take up the best elements of maintenance: 

  1. Select a platform to answer the demand of the users 
  2. Include the required functions only 
  3. Invest in maintenance and hire ionic app developers or company
  4. Analyze the feedback thoroughly and provide the services accordingly.

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