How Much Are The Contingency Fees of An Attorney in a Car Accident?

A car accident can be life-changing because you might not be able to perform the same duties and activities as before. That’s why the injured person is entitled to get compensation by filing a claim. It has been observed that people tend to skip the step of hiring an Atlanta car accident attorney because they believe that it would be heavy on their pockets. However, a contingency fee structure can help them in a big way. They don’t have to pay the attorney unless they have won the case.

What is a contingency fee structure?

Unlike the hourly fee, the attorney or the law firm gets the payment after the plaintiff receives his compensation through either settlement or trials. It can be a confusing topic to people what share the attorney will get. It is suggested to ask an attorney to explain when and how much he should be paid to avoid any conflicts later on.

The percentage of the contingency fees may vary from 25 to 40 depending on the amount and agreed-upon terms. You can expect to pay him around 30% of the compensation. For instance, if you have been awarded $1, 00000, you will have to pay him $30, is always a good idea to contact a few attorneys and know how much they will charge under this payment structure.

Settlement or trials?

One important factor in charging the contingency fee is whether the case is settled outside the court. In this case, the injured person may get a lower amount from the party and the lawyer will also charge a lower amount. If the case goes to court, more time and effort will be spent. In this case, the percentage will be more. You should discuss these factors well in advance to make the right decision.

Negotiation is an important part when it comes to hiring an attorney. Most likely, he will reduce the fees because you might already be going through a tough phase of your life.

One benefit that you may receive from hiring an attorney on the contingency fee is that he will work harder on your case, as he will get the payment after you get it. In your first meeting with an attorney, you should clarify all your doubts related to attorney’s fees and services. By comparing a few of them, you will be able to hire the best and the most tenanted one.