How Long Do Blueberries Last?

Are you contemplating how long blueberries can last? After you’ve harvested the small round, round fruits from blueberry plants or purchased the frozen blueberries from your local grocery store or market, this is a frequent question.

Blueberries are one of the delicious fruits available in freshness for just two months every year. Blueberries have a sweet, sour taste which can be utilized in many recipes. If fresh blueberries are in the season, many people will purchase lots of them and attempt to keep them as fresh as long as possible.

Blueberries are stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks if they are stored correctly. Before refrigerating, test for mold and make sure the blueberries are not damp.

In this brief guide, we’ll explain how long blueberries can last, the best way to keep them in storage as well as how to know when they’re not good and the best way to keep them fresher longer, in the event that this information is what you’re looking to find keep going.

How Long Do Blueberries Last?
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How Long Do Blueberries Last in Freezer

This is also true if you’re using a refrigerator or freezer. It would help if you made this change before eating them; however, it could result in negative effects, such as on the skin, when you do it too soon.

Discover Deep Blue Color

It may appear as an attempt to prove obvious. However, it’s essential to remember that the berries don’t develop after being picked.

So when you wait for the berries to turn the color green to change to blue, you’ll have to wait for some time.

How Long Do Blueberries Last in Freezer
How Long Do Blueberries Last in Freezer

Do not store them in closed Containers or Bags

Make sure you avoid placing the picked berries in a sealed bag or a container.

It is important to prevent getting moisture in the container or bag. One method to avoid it is by keeping the container open.

Beware of Additives

When picking jams and juices, you will still find some polyphenols derived from plants in the products. Be aware, however, that they are processed, and they’re less nutritious than real blueberries.

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Another major issue is that these fruits are often filled with refined sugar. This can reduce any nutritional benefits of tiny fruits. Make sure you read the labels of the products you’re considering buying to ensure that you understand exactly what you’re buying.

Don’t automatically cool your food

If you plan to consume the blueberries in the next 1-2 days, it’s okay to keep the berries at temperatures of room temperature. You shouldn’t have any issues.

If you’d like blueberries for 6-12 months in the future, you should think about freezing the berries. This is crucial in regions that have cold winters with temperatures that are cold.

Purchase Wild Blueberries

The primary reason is that they’re high in plant-based vitamins known as phytonutrients. If you’re not able to purchase wild varieties, you’ll still get healthy foods from other blueberries.

How Long Do Blueberries Last?
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Consider Dried/Frozen Berries

They’re not as tasty as blueberries that are fresh, but these varieties allow you to enjoy the delicious fruit all year long. However, you still have significant advantages. Fruits that are frozen are less expensive, as are dried ones, or frozen ones are full of polyphenols.

How Long Do Blueberries Last after Washing

It’s a thorny subject and is dependent on a variety of variables. One of the most important factors to take into account is that blueberries do not have a “use before” as well as a “best for” date. When you purchase blueberries packaged, please take note of the date when they were picked. This is an indicator of the time you should consume them.

Here’s how long round fruit lasts in relation to the temperature at which they’re stored:

Room Temperature

Most of the time, it is best to keep blueberries in a refrigerator at room temperature as they’re extremely perishable. In reality, they’ll last for a couple of days if placed on the counter in your kitchen.

Interesting Facts: The blueberries do not get ripe until they’ve been picked. This highlights the need not to only pick the fruits once they’re mature. Also, you shouldn’t pick them up too early and think they’ll mature by storing them at room temperatures.

How long do you need to keep the blueberries a room temperature? It’s only suggested if you plan to eat them on the following day.

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How long do Blueberries Last After Getting Out of the Fridge

If they are stored properly, blueberries can stay fresh for one week. The keyword in this instance”properly” means “properly.” A good alternative is to store the fresh blueberries in a sealed clamshell container.

The other option is to place the fruits in a shallow container and then wrap them in plastic wrap to protect their fruit.

How long do Blueberries Last After Getting Out of the Fridge
How long do Blueberries Last After Getting Out of the Fridge

First, cut off the leaves and stems to extend the shelf-life of this fruit. Also, it would help if you got rid of any fruit that is soft, damaged, or it’s rotten.

Below are some steps to how to effectively refrigerate the berries:

Step 1: Utilize an empty container that is clean

A good option is a basket container with slits/holes that are tiny or small or a ceramic bowl. Do not use containers made of metal containers because contact with them could cause the fruit to become stained or discolored.

Step 2: Add a towel to the container

This will aid in absorbing moisture and stop the growth of mold. After that, add the unwashed fruit to your container. Do not clean the fruit until prepared to eat or cook the berries to make sure they’re not contaminated with dust or leftovers.

Step 3: Beware of storage in colder or crisper locations

There are many issues with these locations. The crisper isn’t providing adequate circulation and is also too humid. Meanwhile, the delicious fruits could become damaged in the most frigid areas.

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Be sure to not place them in the highest portion of the fridge since this is the coldest and particularly so if there’s a freezer there. The best option is to put them in the bottom or middle portion of the refrigerator.


The major benefit of freezing blueberries is that they last between 6 and 12 months. This means you can take advantage of breakfast pancakes with blueberries, bread, or even smoothies in the middle of winter.

How long do Blueberries Last if you use a freezer
How long do Blueberries Last if you use a freezer

You can purchase frozen berries or even make them freeze yourself. Here’s how you can make the latter happen:

Step: 1 Make the berries

Get rid of the stems, leaves, and damaged or moldy fruit. First, it is recommended to freeze them in a single-layer tray to avoid sticking/clumping. It is important to place newspaper on the metal tray to safeguard the fruit.

Step: 2 Place the tray in the freezer

It takes only a few hours for the tiny fruit to completely freeze.

Step 3: Transfer fruit into a container for storage

Remove the tray from the freezer and transfer the blueberries into the Ziploc-like bag or sealed bag that you can reseal. Then, you can place the blueberries in the freezer.


In addition to storing blueberries at room temperature or in refrigerators/freezers, you can also dry the fruits to preserve them.

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It can be made by baking in the dehydrator. The dried blueberries can be utilized in many ways. They can be used as healthy snacks, bars or granola, and salad dressings.

When you’re finished drying the blueberries, put them in the form of a plastic bag or jar in a place that is warm and dry. They could last up to an entire full year. This is about as long as freezing blueberries!

How long do Blueberries Last if you use drying method
How long do Blueberries Last if you use drying method

These are steps to drying blueberries in the oven:

Step:1 Boil the blueberries

This is the initial step prior to drying the meat by baking them. Place a vegetable steamer into a medium-sized pot, then add water until it fills the steamer basket to about halfway. If the water is at an ideal temperature, Add blueberries and let them simmer until they are at a boil for between 30 and 60 mins.

Step:2 Cool the strawberries

Take the basket out of the steamer and wash the fruit. This will allow them to cool down and also stop their cooking.

This step before baking might appear odd. It’s necessary to increase airflow and break the outer skin of the berries.

Step :3 Allow the berries to dry

Before baking them, lay their baking pans on paper towels and then allow them to dry for 10 to 20 minutes.

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Step 4: Move the berries to baking sheets

After that, you can transfer the blueberries onto baking sheets. Be sure to create one layer. Only 2 – 3 pounds of blueberries per baking tray.

Step 5: Attach the trays to the oven

Set the oven racks in a way to make sure that each tray is 1″ space between them. Preheat your oven until 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave the door of your oven partially open. It should be about 2 inches in the case of gas ovens and 4 inches in the case of electric ovens.

Step 6: Boil blueberries for about 4-6 hours

Make sure you turn the baking sheets around using a spoon mix the berries once every 30 minutes.

Step 7: Take the berries out of the oven

Once dried, transfer the fruit onto cooling racks. Let them cool down to temperatures of room temperature. You can then use air-tight containers to store the blueberries.

How to Make Blueberries Last Longer

When you store blueberries at various temperatures, here are some helpful tips to help them last longer:

White Vinegar

Step 1: Pour the berries into a vinegar/water bath

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The berries should be gently moved into the bath to ensure that all grime and dirt are taken off. This allows the white vinegar to destroy the spores and bacteria.

Step 2: Discard the berries using a colander

Step 3: Rinse the fruits in water that is clean

This eliminates any vinegar flavor, and your blueberries won’t taste bitter.

step 4: Use a salad machine to extract the dried blueberries

Step 5: Store dried or washed fruit in a tightly sealed container

It is important that you cover the container using paper towels. When the containers are airtight, then keep the lid open to allow moisture to be able to build up.

Step 6: Clean the original containers for store container

Rinse them thoroughly before using them. You can also put a liner of paper towels.

Produce Cleaner

Commercial cleaners such as EatCleaner are able to clean fresh fruits and prolong their lives inside the refrigerator. It is a product suitable for a variety of kinds of fruit, such as apples and berries. It increases the value of your fruit, and you don’t need to buy different items to cater to various varieties of fruit.

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How to store fresh blueberries

Fresh berries need to be kept in the refrigerator to get the highest return on investment. The main risk associated with blueberries that are stored in the refrigerator is humidity. Blueberry experts from the North Carolina Blueberry Council suggest that the most efficient way for storing them would be making sure they are as dry as you can until you’re ready to consume them.

After you bring them back home, look for any stems, and then remove any broken or soft blueberries. Be extremely gentle – blueberries are delicate, and rough handling could break them, add moisture to the mix, and increase mold likelihood.

Also, make sure to keep your items as dry as you can. Make sure to wash them only when you’re planning to use them, as they’re prone to rotting and even mold if left wet, and moisture will increase the rate of decline.

Once you’re ready to consume them, take them out for a quick wash in cold water to wash off any pesticides or dirt which may be in the pores.

Five fresh blueberry storage strategies for blueberries

  1. Daily prune Check your container to find moldy or damaged berries and throw away the ones you see. The bad berries can cause the rotting of the berries surrounding them.
  2. Refrain from washing the berries. Do not wash the berries until you’re ready to consume them.
  3. Put them in the fridge. If you intend to consume the berries within 2 or 3 days, take them out of your fridge. They’ll be less moist and will not spoil when consumed in a short time
  4. Keep in the fridge If you need more than a couple of days to consume them, they should be stored in the refrigerator.
  5. Paper towel liner Line the sides and the bottom inside your container using newspaper towels to absorb moisture and prevent mold formation. Please make sure they are in a breathable container that allows for air circulation!

Do you have the ability to store blueberries in the drawer for crispers?

This is a great question I’ve seen various opinions about. Some claim that the drawer for the crisper is a more dry place and is the ideal location to keep your fruits in, while some say it’s tightly sealed and doesn’t permit the required air circulation.

I believe it is dependent on the fridge you have as well as the temperature settings inside and the container in which the berries are being stored.

I have had the most effective outcomes by placing my fruits in their plastic container with holes in them, then lining them with a towel and placing it on a middle shelf of the refrigerator.

I would suggest trying a few different things and testing different locations to determine what is the most effective for you. Try it in your fridge!

How Can You Make Blueberries last longer?

The time span for blueberries to last begin when you purchase the blueberries and from where you purchased the blueberries from. The best way to ensure that you keep them fresher for longer is to purchase high-quality blueberries.

If you’re purchasing them from the grocery store, pick the most attractive berries. Make sure they aren’t swollen or damaged. They may also have any signs of mold. If they do it, they’ll probably end up going bad in several days, regardless of whether you put them in the refrigerator.

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If you can, stay away from the grocery store when purchasing blueberries. Blueberries purchased from them are generally produced in mass quantities, meaning that tons of blueberries are harvested and packed daily. This means that the high-quality blueberries could not be the best.

The time between the time it was picked and packed, then shipped to grocery stores, and finally put on the shelves can range from several days or even a whole week.

Instead of the typical grocery store, visit the farmers market If you’re in your town. Usually, these markets will have freshly picked blueberries that day before they are offered for sale. Blueberries and most other products are offered by private individuals rather than by a corporation.

That means that these blueberries have been carefully picked and packed and are of the finest quality. The blueberries you buy at farmer’s markets may be more expensive than those sold in stores, but you’ll receive high-quality blueberries that last for a long time.

In addition to the supermarkets and farmer’s markets, an excellent source of high-quality blueberries is to harvest them yourself. During the blueberry season, many farms let people come on their farms to take fresh blueberries! The ability to pick blueberries on your own is a guarantee of receiving the highest blueberries of the highest quality. Thus, the blueberries that you purchase from us will last for the longest time.

Can You Freeze Blueberries?

Freezing is an excellent option when you plan to store the berries for a longer amount of time. The blueberry season lasts only two months each year. This is why most people make an effort to purchase as much as they can and then keep them in the freezer to use later.

The storage of these items in your freezer requires some effort. If you decide to place your frozen items in there immediately after purchasing them, they won’t remain fresh for two months when they are stored in the freezer.

How To Freeze Blueberries

The procedure of preparing blueberries for freezing is simple:

  1. Place the blueberries in the basket and wash them with cold water. Please be gentle, as they could easily get damaged
  2. Take the water out and rub any remaining water over the blueberries. Then, pat them until they’re dry to the touch.
  3. Place them on a freezer-safe tray. Or a tray for cookies. Distribute them equally so that they don’t get clumped together.
  4. They were stored in the freezer and then flashed to freeze them. The frozen items should freeze within approximately 20 minutes or less, based on the temperature of your freezer.
  5. After the blueberries have been frozen, transfer the blueberries in an airtight bag or container for storage. Once the bag is full, squeeze all the air out of it and place it back in the freezer.
  6. To let the blueberries thaw, take them out and place them in the fridge for a night. They will be ready to thaw within about 4-6 hours, dependent on the temperature of your fridge. Make sure you utilize them within two days of having it thawed.
  7. If you’re not able to use blueberries immediately, they can be thawed on the counter at room temperature. They can use within one hour.


Now you’ve got all the information you need to know about the time span blueberries can last. Also, you know how to keep them in a proper manner and prolong their life with the help of tips and tricks.

They can be great in dishes such as scones, bread, and even as a plain snack. They aren’t a permanent fixture; however, if you follow the correct steps, you can enjoy blueberry pie either in the month of July or even December!

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If you wish to preserve your blueberries for more than two to three days, you need to filter out the ones that aren’t good and place a napkin inside the container with a clamshell, and then place it in the middle of your refrigerator.

Follow the easy instructions provided in this article. I hope this helps.