How Has COVID-19 Led to the Resurgence of RV Vacations?

The ongoing global pandemic caused by COVID-19 has impacted our lives in various ways, some of them completely unpredictable. One side effect of the pandemic that many didn’t expect was the resurgence in popularity for RVs and campers. They’ve become so popular again that it can be challenging to find one in some areas, and many dealerships have a waiting list for purchasing a new RV. However, an RV allows you to do so while still maintaining distance from other people, in addition to offering a host of other pandemic-related benefits. However, when you do find one you like, financing a caravan or RV is pretty easy with the number of lenders out there. Not only that but campers and RVs can also allow you to rethink your lifestyle and cut costs by spending more time on the road. Keep reading to learn more about how COVID-19 has led to the resurgence of RV vacations.

How has COVID-19 led to an RV resurgence?


Many factors led to the current increase in interest in RVs and RV vacations, but the impact of COVID-19 can’t be ignored. Many people are looking for ways to travel with their families that allow for social distancing and that involve spending as much time as possible outdoors. There are few better ways to take an outdoorsy trip than to hit the road in a camper or a motorhome. 

Buying an RV right now may be tricky. Since the start of the pandemic, demand within the RV industry has started to soar, and there are waitlists for many of the most popular models at many dealerships. Buying a used RV can help solve this problem, though you may find prices are still higher than you’d prefer. Auctions are another option for anyone looking for a deal on an RV. If you do own an RV, consider investing in an RV warranty. Having peace of mind on the road during your travels is well worth the cost. 

What are some popular RV destinations?


Anyone looking to plan their first RV trip may find themselves a little overwhelmed with the number of destinations they have to choose from. However, you may want to try some classic North American road trips if you’re new to road tripping, like New York to Niagara Falls or driving Highway 61. One benefit of the increase in demand is the construction of new and higher-quality RV parks, making travel across the U.S. even more accessible.

Mississippi vacation  is a great idea, especially since you can use it as an opportunity to drive through the beautiful and scenic southern part of the United States. The Gulf states have a lot of natural beauty and a wide variety of excellent food, and plenty of tourist destinations to check out. If you time your trip properly, you’ll also be able to enjoy some beautiful weather, though you should take care to avoid hurricane season. 

COVID-19 has changed many things about our lives and will likely affect our habits from now on in various ways. One of the primary things that many people are rethinking is the way that they travel. Traveling in an RV is a popular pandemic choice for several reasons, including the fact that it’s conducive to social distancing and allows you to avoid the crowds and stress associated with air travel. If you have an RV, there’s never been a better time to invest in a warranty and head on a trip you’ve been dying to take. There are many beautiful and underrated areas in the United States for you to visit. It may be challenging to get your hands on an RV these days, but if you can, there are few things more satisfying or enjoyable than RV vacations.

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