How Gem selections are changing the face of the Indian gemstones market

When it comes to jewellery, gemstones and diamonds play a crucial role. They enhance the beauty of any piece of ornament. People who believe in Astrology are well aware of the significance of gemstones. However, it is extremely important that the gemstones are bought from an authentic seller. Khanna Gems is a renowned name in the gemstone arena. The company has been serving people with amazing gemstones and diamonds for more than three decades. Since 1987, they have become a benchmark for quality and transparency. Forbes India also covered an exclusive story on Khanna Gems.

At Khanna Gems, the diamonds and gems pass through the following procedure before they adorn the display of the showroom:

  1. Before buying, the Gems and diamonds are checked for their natural origin by an experienced team of gemmologists that is headed by Mr. Pankaj Khanna.
  2. Next, the aura of the gemstone is checked to determine its power in offering desired results. If a gemstone has a negative aura, it can do more harm than good to the wearer. 
  3. Further, the gemstones and diamonds are sent to IGI- GTL, an outfit of Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India.
  4. Once the certification process is complete, the gemstones are Abhimantrit by performing Vedic Yagya by qualified pundits. 

Thus, you can rest assured about the authenticity and effectiveness of the gemstones from Khanna Gems.

‘Gem selections’- a unit by Khanna Gems Pvt. Ltd. is taking ahead of the legacy of Khanna Gems. It is changing the face of the gemstone market by setting new standards of quality and customer service in the Indian gemstone market. The company has created an online ecosystem for gemstones by offering some unique services that are one of its own.

Let’s have a look at what sets Gem Selections apart from others:

Did you know that Gem Selections happens to be the only company that sells gemstones on EMI? The company sells gemstones worth Rs. 5000 to whooping Rs. 1500000 on EMI. The EMI can last from 6 months to as long as 180 months. Isn’t that amazing? Such an excellent EMI scheme is a customer-friendly initiative as it will allow everyone to buy gemstones without worrying about affordability. 

The brand is looking forward to taking the service ahead by adopting Augmented Reality Technology & 3D hologram imaging in its flagship stores. The brand has successfully carved a niche for itself in the market, and hence it has constantly been winning accolades and awards as The Best Gemstones Retailer in India. The prestigious awards are a way of acknowledging the excellent and outstanding work that the brand has been doing in its industry. It is setting new standards of performance, delivery, and service, which has helped the brand fetch a huge set of the loyal client base.

If you wish to explore the company and the parent brand, you can visit their websites- and, respectively. It can be said that presently there are no gemstone companies in our country that are offering the same level of services as Gem selections are offering. It is the company’s dedication and service standards that have made them one of the most popular gemstone retailers in India. The brand offers tough competition to other retailers in the market and gives them a run for their money.

Yet another plus point of ‘Gem selections’ is that they import gemstones directly from mines, followed by cutting and polishing them at their own factories. Then they sell the stones via exports, dealerships, e-retail, and own stores. This helps in increasing the trust of people in the brand as the stones are directly sourced without any mediators. Also, one of the greatest trust factors is that Gem Selections is backed by Khanna Gems, which happens to be India’s largest and renowned group of Gemstones. 

Khanna Group was found and established by Mr Pankaj Khanna and his better half Mrs Anu Khanna over three decades ago in the year 1987. Their son is now onboard with them. Mrs Khanna is the Director of the company, and their son Aaradhya Dev Khanna is the Chief Marketing Officer in the company. The vision and passion of these three, along with the hard work of their team, have contributed immensely to the success of the brand. 

The Khanna Gems group has a diversified and broad range of other businesses as well, which ranges from gems and jewellery to perfumes and handicrafts. The brand works harder to expand its business prospects not only offline but online as well. Presently, they aspire to achieve 10 million monthly views for their online business and considering their popularity; they are soon expected to achieve the target. As far as offline business is concerned, they plan to expand their wings geographically by opening 50 new retail stores across the globe. They aspire to accomplish the feat by March 2021. 

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Khanna Groups along with its unit Gem Selections has been successful in achieving people’s trust. They have a humongous client base, which is a testimony of their excellent products and remarkable services. Khanna Gems has given a tough time to cheap quality gemstone sellers and washed them out of the market. 

In any business, only authenticity and genuineness can help in proceeding ahead, and this applies all the more to the gemstone business. Khanna Gems and Gem Selections are an illustration of how quality products and genuine services can help in making a mark in the highly competitive industry. They aspire to reach new milestones of success and touch new horizons of quality standards. When you offer good products, you are bound a fetch a loyal set of patrons. 
If you wish to explore their business or want to buy gemstones, get in touch with Khanna Gems or Gem Selections via their website. You can also personally visit their retail store and explore the stunning and exquisite gemstone and diamond collection in their showroom. 

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