How Efficient Are New Windows And Doors Oshawa Compared To Old Ones?

Most window manufacturers are convincing owners of old homes to replace their windows and doors Oshawa. They say that the new replacement windows will improve the house’s energy efficiency and give a facelift to the house. Well, while this is to some extend true, how true is it?

However, this is misleading the homeowners because the original windows are the best. These windows and doors Oshawa were made with very rigid materials that are hard to find and that last longer than the current wood in the market. The best they can do is to repair their existing windows.

1. Why It Is A Bad Idea To Replace Your Old Windows and Doors

Most of these replacement windows and doors Oshawa are made of wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and composite material that gets damaged easily. Although manufacturers claim that the old window does not provide enough energy efficiency, these windows were made with solid wood, which is an insulator.

Adding storm windows to the historic windows added energy efficiency and security. Window replacement Oshawa units are called replacement because they will need to be replaced after ten or twenty years, unlike the traditional windows, which could last for over 50 years.

Also, since you can hardly get these ancient materials, you will replace your windows with a different design and material, and this will tamper with the architectural look of your home.

Even as manufacturers claim that the traditional windows are not energy efficient, most of these homes were made with unique roofs and walls to allow loss of heat.

They will advise you to replace the old wood windows with double or triple-paned ones, but the difference in energy efficiency will not be big, and you will end up spending more. It might take many years to recoup the money you spent on energy-efficient windows so that you can pay less for energy.

2. Not All Damages Can Be Repaired

Although people are encouraged to repair their historic windows and doors Oshawa, some damage might be too significant to be repaired. If the wood is rotting, you are only left with one choice which will certainly solve this problem; window replacement Oshawa.

A cracked window frame can be repaired by adding a wood patty between the cracks to seal it. Assessing the damage to the window will enable you to determine if you need to repair or replace it.

3. Replacement Is Not The Only Option

If you are thinking of replacing old windows to get energy-efficient ones, you should know that heat in historic homes is not lost through the windows alone but also the roof and walls. You can add insulation to your windows for more energy efficiency.

Manufacturers will not tell you that replacement windows should be replaced after 15 to 20 years, yet your original wood windows can last for another 30 years after repair.

Today’s replacement windows are made with a mixture of vinyl and PVC, which are toxic.

You cannot get the same wood quality that your old windows have. Today’s wood warps and absorbs water easily, and it won’t last long.

5. How To Maintain Your Old Windows and doors

You can read articles from the internet on how to maintain your old windows and doors Oshawa. This will help your windows last longer.

  1. Ensure you paint your exterior surfaces. This will protect the wood from getting into contact with water, which also prevents rotting. If you notice some fading, ensure you repaint the windows.
  2. You should consider replacing wood putty once in a while because it dries out after some time. Also, consider replacing the whole sash periodically.
  3. Ensure you keep all the movable parts lubricated so that they don’t break. This way, you will not have reasons to get new windows.
  4. Ensure your window sashes are clean. Leaving dirt to accumulate in them will make them hard to open and close, leading to more damages.
  5. Add weather stripping to the windows to make them more energy-efficient. You don’t have to replace your old windows with new fiberglass ones for energy efficiency.
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