How eLearning can strengthen your business

1.       Introduction

2.       What is eLearning?

3.       Why bother with eLearning?

a.       Self-paced

b.      Feedback

c.       Speed and accessibility

4.       How do you create a successful eLearning platform?

5.       Building your eLearning application

a.       Design

b.      Composing

6.       Problems of eLearning

a.       Technical limitations

b.      Adaptability

7.       Conclusion


As we live and progress as a society, new and new technologies, and as a result, jobs, start to appear. Teaching your employees new things may be difficult, so how can you save time and provide your workers with essential working skills? That’s where the implications of eLearning step in.

What is eLearning? 

Electronic learning, or eLearning for short, is a system that provides education on a particular subject (which is why it may be referred to as Educational Technologies at times) with the help of technological implications. This method is notably popular amongst employers that look for an easy way to teach their staff, as it offers multiple ways of teaching and training with supple difficulty and accessibility. In addition to the practical educational experience, eLearning works with theoretical knowledge of communication, education, artificial intelligence, and computer science, which is why the implications of this method in real life are numerous, and the subjects you learn are not the limit. Needless to say, it’s difficult to find the platform that suits all your functional needs, in this case custom software development could be a good choice. I would recommend the guys I was working with recently for e-learning custom software development.

eLearning has been getting significantly more investment and attention in the last few years, which is why it is worth considering and paying close attention to. That said, let us introduce you to eLearning a little more closely, learning about its up- and downsides, as well as its tricks and implications.

Why bother with eLearning? 

Why would you pay attention to eLearning as a source of knowledge? There are several features of this method of learning that make it shine.


eLearning offers you a unique self-paced learning experience, which is particularly handy if you prefer learning on your own. Apart from that, you don’t risk not understanding anything because you missed something, as you can easily go through the course again anytime.


However, self-paced and personal learning doesn’t mean you can’t get any feedback from your teacher or lecturer, quite the opposite: many eLearning platforms use the feedback feature so you could ask any question.

Speed and accessibility 

Apart from the mentioned, eLearning is much faster, much less expensive for both consumer and provider, and can be accessed pretty much everywhere via computer or a phone.

If what you’ve heard is something you might be interested in providing for your employees or students, then you might want to proceed with the article to learn about the basics of creating eLearning platforms. 

How do you create a successful eLearning platform?

How exactly do you create a neat eLearning platform for your employees or students? It all depends on the kind of platform you’re trying to build, whether it is an after-class educational space or a website with online courses for money. However, there are some essential features most of the successful eLearning platforms share in common, that is, a dashboard with relevant information to track one’s progression, a search system with reliable information filtering, an authorization, and notification system, etc. Coursera, Udemy, edX, and Udacity are great examples of successful eLearning applications that use the previously mentioned features wisely. 

Building your eLearning application

We have already briefly introduced you to the main postulates of creating an eLearning application, but you might want to learn more. That said, let us dissect eLearning to learn more about its design and all its features.


Design is everything when it comes to any application, which is why it is worth paying close attention to. Design shapes our perception of the product long before we start using the product itself. 

Understanding the composition, element hierarchy, image and color choice is vital for a great design. Apart from being colorful and structured, your design has to possess good readability of text. Taking into account the elements of an efficient design, you can be certain that you are making your courses much more engaging and pleasant to go through.

Design is a completely different topic, but if you look forward to learning more about its implications in eLearning then you may want to give this article a read. 


The first thing you might want to do when building your application is to establish the purpose of your courses, the audience you are expecting to get, etc.

After that, you may want to gather your materials and compose your courses in any form and start scripting. Having that done, you can revise your material and try to compose everything you already have into a finished course for everyone to learn from. 

Graphics, videos, images, and other interactive elements might come in handy when trying to construct your course. You can look up multiple free sources online, e.g Pixlr for free graphics and images, Google Charts for free charts, Audacity for sound editing, etc. The only thing you have to do is to look carefully enough to find free goods for your courses. Click here to learn more about some examples of such applications. 

Problems of eLearning

Despite the multiple benefits eLearning provides, there are still a bunch of problems students face when using it. We find it important to be aware of them. 

Technical limitation 

eLearning implies you having a stable and fast internet connection, sometimes a beefy computer even. Not every student is provided with these requirements, which may prove to be a huge issue.


Not all students can comprehend the information on their own outside the classroom, and the last year of distance learning is a clear proof of the statement. Various problems occur: self-motivation may not work, new learning circumstances may be too tough, students may lack time… Apart from that, not all the students can comprehend computer hardware easily, which is a major issue for some as well. 


eLearning is still pretty young of an industry, but its implications are already visible, especially in recent years. Many colleges worldwide use this technology to teach students, as well as companies to teach their employees. eLearning might not be for everyone, but one thing we personally like about it is that it teaches people how to work and manage time individually, on their own, which is a skill every successful person should possess. 

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