How Dry Ice is Helping the COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Out

It is great to hear the news of the vaccines rolling out all across the world, but a particular point of interest is how Dry Ice is playing a exceptionally important role in the distribution of the hundreds of millions of vaccines.

You can get Dry ice Sydney to keep items at extremely cold temperatures. This is useful for a number of applications, one of those is keeping the COVID-19 vaccines and extremely cold temperatures. How cold? -70 degrees Celsius cold!

What is dry ice? Dry ice is cooled and condensed carbon dioxide in a solid form.

The Pharmaceutical companies who have developed the doses have also designed state of the art eskies where, with the help of dry ice, they can keep the vaccines at extremely low temperatures for 2 weeks. This is extremely important as they vaccines need to stay at extremely cold temperatures in order to be effective.

In a country like Australia, which can get very hot and is far away from other parts of the world where they are distributing the vaccines from, this dry ice esky solution is playing a key role in keeping us all safe.

Once the vaccines have been transported to the appropriate locations, they are transferred to ultra-low temperature freezers where the vaccine can be safely stored for an extended period of time. Once the vaccines are required for use, they can be taken out of these freezers and be stored in a regular fridge for up to 5 days.

This whole process is a very complex task which requires teams of experts from multiple fields working together. Although the process outlined above sounds simple, it is constantly being reviewed and refined to ensure the secure transportation and storage of these vaccines so they can be safely rolled out across Australia and the world.

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