How Does Screw Type Air Compressor Cope with Humid Air?

In spring, the air humidity is relatively high. However, high air humidity is not a piece of good news for manufacturing. Some machines that need to work in a dry environment, such as screw type air compressors, are vulnerable. This article will focus on the impact of humid weather on screw type air compressors and the corresponding countermeasures.

Requirements of manufacturing industry on the dryness of screw air compressor

Whether it is necessary to remove the water in the compressed air completely depends on the manufacturing industry’s actual needs. Generally speaking, the screw air compressor should reach the dryness required by the industry. Most general compressed air applications, such as driving cylinders, purging, pneumatic tools, etc., should not contain liquid water at the air ends at the current ambient temperature.

However, for some occasions with high requirements, such as spraying, textile, electronics, food, etc., there are special requirements for drying degree in screw type air compressor. Medical, precision electronics, and other industries require pure oil-free, high-drying compressed air.

Influence of humid weather on screw type air compressor

The high humidity working environment will have adverse effects on the air compressor, so it is necessary to dry and purify the air by the dryer. Otherwise, it will have the following effects on the screw air compressor:

1. Affect the volumetric efficiency of air.

2. Humid air has less weight than dry air of the same volume. When the compressed air goes through the cooler air tank and pipeline, most of the water vapor is condensed, so the production capacity calculated by weight will decrease.

3. The moisture in the air is corrosive to the metal, which will cause the compressed air pipeline to rust and shorten its service life.

4. The water in the air mixed with the lubricating oil in the compression process will reduce the effect of the lubricating oil and increase the wear of the rotor.

5. Humid air is not conducive to the compression of the machine. Wet air makes some spare parts, and pneumatic machinery of air compressor suffers from water impact. If the cylinder and cooler store excessive water, it will cause damage to the spare parts of the screw type air compressor.

6. In some cold and humid areas, when there is moisture in the air supply system, if the temperature is lower than zero degrees Celsius, the moisture will freeze on the air duct’s inner wall, which also reduces the pipe diameter.

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How screw type air compressor cope with humid air?

So in wet weather, how should manufacturers correctly use and maintain the screw type air compressor? There are some countermeasures below.

1. Equipped with a high-quality screw type air compressor. B&D screw type air compressor is easy to operate and efficient in cold drying.

2. Check the dryer. The cold dryer’s function is to remove moisture from the air, and it should be ensured that the dryer is in the best operation state at all times.

3. Keep the drainage smooth. Check the drain valve frequently to ensure that the water can be discharged in time and the dryer is in regular operation.

4. Reduce maintenance cycle. When the water content in the lubricating oil is too high, it will lose its lubrication and protection characteristics. The lubricating oil should be changed in time to minimize the wear of the screw type air compressor.

5. The standby screw type air compressor must be started once a week. After the air compressor is shut down, the gas must be drained before the valve can be closed. Open the automatic drain valve of the air compressor, air storage tank, and dryer to make the air and condensate empty and then close it to ensure the cleanness of lubricating oil.

6. Check whether there is water leakage in the air compressor room. In damp weather, the walls are wet, and rain and water seepage are prone to occur.

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