How do BMW Motorcycles Compare to Yamaha

How do BMW Motorcycles Compare to Yamaha? Let’s Discover the Ins and Outs!

Are you a motorcycle buyer? If you are, you have likely heard about BMW and Yamaha motorcycles. But you may not have a comparative concept about the price, models, color, engine, and other distinct features of these motorcycles. Don’t worry?

Here, we will present to you all about the BMW motor compared to Yamaha. Though both are a good choice, they are separate in design, price, fuel consumption, engine performance, and others.

The BMW and the Yamaha are both exceptional & good international brands. As these motorcycles are preferences in the market, it’s better to know how to compare them.

 Let’s closely look at ‘How do BMW Motorcycles Compare to Yamaha.’

The BMW vs. the Yamaha Motorcycles: Let’s Get Back

The BMW motorcycle first introduced the BMW R-32 model in 1923, and it went on till 1938. Gradually, the manufacturer invented the new model and took a unique–shaped retro style to the market. The BMW motorcycle finally released the superbike version in 2009. 

The BMW R-32 has a 494cc twin engine with a 68mm four-stroke. It weighs 122kg and has a 14L fuel capacity.

The BMW vs. the Yamaha motorcycle

The first Yamaha motorcycle produced the YA-1 model from 1955 to 1958. Serially, the producer reformed the previous model with the new version and brought a modern-shaped retro style to the market in 2011.

The Yamaha YA-1 model has a 123cc two-stroke engine that burns 9.4Nm torque and 5.5 hp power. It has a single cylinder and four-speed manual transmission system with a 9.5-liter fuel capacity.

How do BMW Motorcycles Compare to Yamaha?

The BMW & Yamaha motorcycles are famous international brands, and the BMW motorcycle-like is identical to Yamaha. So, we can compare them with each other. Let’s find the comparison issue of the BMW motorcycle to Yamaha.     

The BMW vs. the Yamaha Motorcycles: Which has a Better Engine Proficiency?

The BMW S1000RR has a 999.0cc petrol-driven four-cylinders heavy-duty engine. It has an electronic inject fuel supply system with 113 Nm torque and 204bhp power.

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And the Yamaha YZF R1 model has a 998cc petrol engine with four cylinders. It has a non-electric fuel supply system with 112.4Nm torque and 197.3bhp power.

The BMW motorcycle is known chiefly for its R 1250 GS model. It has a 1254.0cc engine with two cylinders, whereas the hyper-ranked Yamaha MT-10 model has 998cc with four cylinders. 

The power system of the BMW R1000GS model is 134bhp with 143 Nm torque, and the Yamaha MT-10 model has a 165.9hp power system with 112 Nm torque.

The BMW vs. Yamaha Motorcycles: Fuel consumption Capacity

The fuel tank capacity of the BMW S1000RR model is 17.5L, and the BMW S1250GS model is 20L with four reserved fuel capacities. But, you can’t find the same capacity in the Yamaha motorcycle.

The maximum model of the Yamaha motorcycle has a 17L fuel tank capacity with two reserved fuel capacities. 

The BMW vs. the Yamaha Motorcycles: Dimensions & Weight

The BMW motorcycle comes with 2207mm length, 953 mm width, and 1430mm height dimensions. You feel comfortable riding a BMW with enough space. It has a heavyweight of 249kg with a 1525mm wheelbase and 185mm ground clearance.

And the Yamaha motorcycle has 2055mm in length, 690mm in width, and 1150mm in height dimensions. It has a 1405mm wheelbase with 130mm ground clearance. The overall weight is 200kg. If you compare with measurements, the motor BMW is comparatively better than Yamaha.

The BMW vs. the Yamaha Motorcycles: Which offers better mileage?

As for the fuel efficiency, the BMW R 1250GS base engine return is 21km/l, whereas the Yamaha MT-9 base return is 19km/l.

So, compared with Yamaha, you can go a long drive with a BMW motorcycle which offers you better mileage than Yamaha. 

The BMW vs. the Yamaha motorcycles: Compared with standard features 

The BMW and the Yamaha motorcycles have elegant features and efficient performance. If you compare them, the BMW motorcycle has a digital speedometer and tachometer, whereas the speedometer of the Yamaha is digital, but the tachometer is analog.

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The BMW motorcycle has a gear indicator, fuel warning indicator, low oil indicator & low battery indicator system like Yamaha motorcycle.

The BMW vs. the Yamaha Motorcycles: Color/Style/Design

Both BMW & Yamaha motorcycles are more famous for their classic retro styles. These are the most recognizable motorcycles on the streets with a subtle design. The young generation prefers these motorcycles for their eye-catching look.

The Yamaha motorcycle has multi-variant colors like red, legend blue, raven, yellow, orange, matte black, violet, storm gray, and others. It varies from model to model. You can find almost the same color option in the BMW motorcycle.

The BMW vs. the Yamaha Motorcycles: Price!

The price of the BMW and the Yamaha motorcycles depends on their model and version. 

You can purchase the BMW S1000RR model for $15,995, whereas the BMW K1600GTL model price is $25,595.

Again, if you want to buy the Yamaha MT-09 SP model &the Yamaha Bolt R model, you have to pay $11,099 &$8,599, respectively. 

The BMW vs. the Yamaha Motorcycles

However, the highest cost of the BMW motorcycle is $78,000 for model BMW HP4 RACE & the lowest price is $5,295 for model BMW G310 R. And the highest price of the Yamaha motorcycle is $26,299 for Yamaha YZF R1 model, and the lowest cost is $3,699 for Yamaha Zuma 125 model.

So, comparatively, the Yamaha motorcycle is cheaper than the BMW motorcycle.

The BMW vs. the Yamaha Motorcycles: Is BMW Motorcycle better than Yamaha?

The Yamaha consistently is at the peak of reliability ratings. It has a multi-variant polished color option, and the parts are cheaper than BMW. The Yamaha costs less than a BMW.

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On the other hand, the BMW has excellent ergonomics. Their touring bikes are more comfortable for riding. They produce some bikes that don’t have parallels with other companies’ motorcycles. But, in the present time, the reliability rate of the BMW is lower than Yamaha.

Our Verdict!

The BMW motorcycle is worth it because of its high engine performance, high technology features, sleek design, comfortable riding, and sporty handling. But, the BMW motorcycle has an increased engine sound, and the looking quality is not as good as Yamaha.

The Yamaha motorcycle has higher reliability ratings than BMW. If you consider the cheap rate, available engine parts, moderate engine sound level, and the eye-catching looking feature, you can prefer the Yamaha motorcycle over the BMW motorcycle.

However, The BMW and the Yamaha motorcycles are smart & good choices with all standard features. They also have the aspect of high status. 

So, welcome for happy riding with the BMW and the Yamaha motorcycles!

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