How a Tax Agent Can Help You to Save More Money on Your Trust Tax Return

Trusts are used widely in financial processes but are not understood clearly by the people. This mode of financial machinery has also distinct rules and stringent consequences when misused. The rules and regulations concerning this particular mode of financing are different and require the consultation of proficient tax accountants.

The terms associated with trust funds

Trust, in finance, means a financial structure that allows a person or a company or institution to hold an asset for the benefit of the other person(s). The individual(s) controlling the asset is known as the trustee and the person(s) reaping the paybacks from them is known as beneficiaries.

Different types of assets can be owned in a trust structure; some common examples include but are not limited to shares, properties, businesses, and business premises. The person who defines the rules that specify the management of these properties is known as the creator of the settler. The document where these guidelines are specified is known as the trust deed. A tax accountant Perth can explain these in more detail.

The general standing of trust-owned assets

The owner of property loses his or her ownership once he or she has put the said property on trust. The legal ownership is now transferred to the trustee. However, as a trustee, an individual can dictate or manage the way the trust funds are managed at present and in the future. The trustee can also specify the person(s) and the period of receiving the income arising from the taxes, as well as the underlying capital of the taxes and when.

In Australia, these are most evident in the family-owned trusts or discretionary trusts. These trusts are most commonly used by business owners in Australia. They are formed to mostly hold the family’s assets or businesses to protect them and to simplify the planning for existing family members.

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Focal benefit and the problem of a trust

In essence, the trusts are financial instruments that can be used to protect an asset by placing it under the control of a trustee and legally distributing the earnings to the beneficiaries. There are several principle benefits to this particular model of asset management, some of which are mentioned below;

  • From a tax perspective, the most evident advantage is the ability to transfer any income generated by the trust from their several businesses and investments to any individuals in the lower tax stage (most commonly spouses or children).
  • The trustees can distribute income and capital as per their discretion and the beneficiaries are usually not liable to enjoy a fixed entitlement. These enable the trustees to distribute income in a tax-effective way, year after year.
  • From an asset protection lookout, the assets owned by a family trust cannot be attacked by creditors or lawsuits. This property makes them the most preferred way of protecting the assets from lawsuits and creditors and also enables the transfer of assets from one generation to another without causing any extra tax.

On the other hand, if the incomes are not distributed by the trustees, then they become liable to pay taxes on the undistributed income, and the rate of tax is usually higher than the ones the beneficiaries have to pay. In some cases, the trustees do have to pay taxes on behalf of beneficiaries aged under 18 years or with certain disabilities. To know more concisely about these facts, it is better to consult with a knowledgeable small business tax accountant.

How can a tax agent help?

Not filing taxes is a crime. One may think about doing it by oneself or use the different online tax tools to calculate and pay the taxes. However, if you are informed about the guidelines, bylaws, and recent events related to this field, you can go ahead. But, if you are new to this or don’t feel the certainty to handle it by yourself, it is better to take the help of a tax agent. This is why having a tax agent will be beneficial for you:

Take lesser time

As said earlier, using a DIY approach may be quicker in theory. In reality, the process takes more than that; as the payee would have to collect the necessary info, arrange them as per need, finalize your deductions, and ultimately check for any errors, the time passed would be quite more than an hour. Whereas you can just fix an appointment with your preferred small business tax accountant, visit their office, answer some questions of the agent, and submit your documents and the process is completed. The agent will review your document for the best result.


Lodging the tax by yourself also specifies the responsibility of any mistake, small or innocent, upon you. This means that even for trivial errors, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) can find you out, and charge you with penalties, fines, and interest. The biggest advantage of using a tax agent is the assurance of the correct submission of documents and the taxes. The client can rest easy about the tax payment.

Prolonged closing date

The person paying their taxes through a tax agent gets more time to pay than the ones having to pay it personally.

Tailored advice

Your long-time tax agent will know about your financial situation and will provide custom advice to ensure your maximum return. With any change in financial circumstances, the agent can also provide suggestions to maximize your tax return and ensure your payment.

Reduce complexity

Every tax payment is unique as the financial situation of every trust fund is also different from one another. In case of complicated tax returns, it is worthwhile to consult an experienced tax agent than facing the ATO and paying fines and unnecessary penalties. The session with the tax agent will be important to understand the intricacies of your business and increase your returns to the maximum.

Choosing an experienced concern

There are many trust funds in Australia which are subject to taxes and in extension, their respective returns. It may be possible to get more returns than usually available by using the different loopholes and bylaws of the country. To know the specific guidelines and their conditions of application, it is better to consult an experienced tax accountant Perth like Palladium Financial group for getting the most benefits.

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