If you are reading this article, the chances are you are looking for the best windows to be installed for egress. And if you ask professionals which units would serve the best as escape routes, hopper windows will be answered as the most popular option in Canada.

So, in short, yes, hopper windows are good for egress. But there are many intricacies and interesting details to know about before making the final decision.

We have spoken with window installation experts from    https://www.ecolinewindows.ca/window-styles/hopper-windows/  and asked them about all the details homeowners should consider before opting for hoppers as their go-to egress windows. Interested? Keep reading!

Hoppers windows explained

So, let’s first start with a quick definition of what hopper windows are and how they actually look. A hopper window is usually rectangular and operates inwards.

Depending on the installation, these units can either be hinged on the top or bottom. Hoppers are typically installed in the basements and work as escape routes in case of emergencies.

In Canada, these units are very often used for egress purposes, but the thing is – they should be of precise size and strictly follow building codes to ensure they meet the standards and are allowed for egress.

That is why you have to be very attentive when purchasing and installing these units since they should not only match the house exterior but strictly comply with the building standards. Otherwise, you might face some issues with the local laws.

Hopper Windows: Pros & Cons

Just like any other window style, hoppers have their own pros and cons to consider before installation. 


  • Perfect for ventilation, especially when windows open from the top. 
  • Offer high energy efficiency due to them having just one moving part. Once you close the latch, the windows are virtually air-tight.
  • Hoppers are also very easy to operate and maintain. A window can only swing inwards, so homeowners can clean both sides without going outside.
  • These units are often small, meaning they don’t take up much space. You can enjoy natural light and optimal ventilation without sacrificing wall space. It makes them an excellent choice for rooms like basements.


  • The way of opening is inward only, meaning you can not open the units when it is raining (unlike awning units that open outward, for example).
  • If you want to use them for egress purposes, you have to comply with the building code strictly, so hiring a pro is a must.

Egress windows: hopper vs casement 

When considering replacement windows for egress, hoppers and casements are the two most popular options. So which one is your go-to choice? Well, it depends. You should consider not only your house design, budget but the location within your house as well.

  • If you want to install your new egress window for a basement, then hopper windows might be a better option since they are cheaper, and you should not overthink how it will complement the overall design of your house. Basements are spaces you do not visit too often; hence you can save some money on other rooms.
  • If you want to replace windows in the bedroom, for example, a casement window will work best here.

Generally, all egress windows should strictly comply with your building code, so make sure to consult with a professional installer.

It will also help if you make use of an egress calculator that helps to understand the correct measurements for your particular project and whether your units match the building standards.

Other things to pay attention to when choosing hopper windows for egress

While ensuring the rights sizes and correct installation is vital, do not forget to consider the following aspects when buying and installing your new egress windows:

  • Buy only Energy Star-rated windows to ensure the highest level of energy efficiency. It will help to cut down on energy bills and boost the overall thermal performance of your house.
  • Choose the right window style. If you think that the hopper window might not suit your project, do not hesitate to consider other options like casement or sliding windows.
  • Deal with a reliable window company that follows the CSA guidelines and your local building codes.

The Final Word

Hopper windows are definitely a good pick for egress, especially if you look for basement windows. Do not forget, though, to consider other options as well and deal with a reputable window supplier to ensure your window project complies with a building code and your units are energy efficient, easy to operate, and bring maximum comfort.