Benefits of Honey for Health and Its Bad Effects

Benefits of Honey for Health and Its Bad Effects

Do you know about the benefits of honey for health? Do you know benefits of honey on skin? And do you know that honey can help in weight loss? We all know about honey more or less. As it is always there in our house. But today we are here to know that honey is not only a sweet drink that comes out of hives but it has many benefits and bad effects as well. Let us see the benefits of honey for health and bad effects of honey in this article.

There are many types of beneficial nutrients found in honey like vitamin A, B, C, iron, calcium and iodine. In many diseases, it is used as an effective medicine. Honey does not only have health benefits but also have many benefits. Many serious diseases such as asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity can be removed by honey. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Because of this, it prevents bacteria from growing in the body. 

They are also used in cleaning wounds. This sweet flavored drug is also used in cosmetics. Honey is used extensively to bring natural glow on face and to remove rigidity from the face. So here we see many benefits of honey for health  and in the following section we will discuss all the benefits of honey and bad effects of honey

Honey has always been a delicious food used in the kitchen, and it is also used as an important medicinal drug for centuries. Our ancestors around the world were well-acquainted with the many benefits of honey. It was first used as a medicine in Sumerian clay tablets, nearly 4000 years back. In Indian sub-continent honey is an important part of Siddha and Ayurveda medicine which are the traditional methods of medicine. In ancient Egypt it was used in skin and eyes diseases and was used as a natural bandage on the wounds and burning scars. So Benefits of honey for Health is known to many of us from the primitive age and now it is time we know it better and use all the benefits for us.

Honey Explained in Details : Benefits and Bad Effects

Nowadays, there is a lot of scientific research going on in the medical community, which is examining all the experiments of honey considered by our ancestors and reinforcing them. Let’s look at some of these:

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is Good for Our Blood

Honey affects the body in different ways, depending on how you consume it. If honey is mixed with lukewarm water, its blood has a beneficial effect on the number of red blood cells (RBCs). Red blood cells mainly carry oxygen in the blood to various organs of the body. A mixture of honey and lukewarm water increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, thereby improving the condition of anemia or a lack of blood. Iron deficiency i.e. the condition of anemia occurs when the iron element is consumed in small amounts or the body does not absorb it adequately. This affects the ability of carrying blood oxygen. Reduces the ability to carry oxygen, cause fatigue, and sometimes depression and other problems. Honey can reduce these problems by increasing the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity. So by this health benefit of honey we become more energetic.

Honey Explained in Details : Benefits and Bad Effects

Oxygen is very important in the blood. How healthy your body is, or how quickly you can cure yourself after the disease depends on the amount of oxygen present in your blood. So honey ensures our immune power by increasing RBC in blood and it is a great benefit of honey for health. Especially women need to take special care in this matter, because they have to go through the monthly cycle every month. Since blood is released out of a certain amount each month from their body, the likelihood of anemia is more than that of men. If the brain does not get proper blood, then the body and the brain should work as they do, they will not be able to do the same.

Honey: Beneficial in Blood Pressure

Regular intake of honey not only helps you to balance the circulatory system and blood chemistry, but also keeps you energetic and nimble. Health benefits of honey can be easily observed in our blood circulation. If you have a low blood pressure complaint and if you try to wake up sitting suddenly, then you are dizzy. Lower blood pressure means reaching a small amount of oxygen in the brain. In the same way if you do your head down and you feel dizzy it means that you have high blood pressure problem. Either due to hypertension or lack of oxygen, you get dizziness.

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The use of honey removes these imbalances in our body. The pressure of blood in the body depends on the needs of the body. People think high blood pressure is a disease, but the truth is not it. Actually, the body decides blood pressure according to its needs. If for some reason the body normally requires more oxygen or nutrients or the quality of blood is not the same, then the pumping system that pumps blood in the body starts pumping too much blood. For this, the heart rapidly pumps blood to the faster and faster flow of the limbs, which increases blood pressure.

There is also reason behind low blood pressure, as the body may need low pressure or because of congenital reasons the heart is not strong enough to pump more blood according to the body’s needs. It may also be that there is a problem with the circulatory system of the body i.e. the circulatory system or the chemical composition of the blood. Often, due to many reasons this happens. Similarly, many results of high blood pressure are revealed, but in the beginning, high blood pressure itself is a result – it is a result, not a cause.

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Honey Explained in Details : Benefits and Bad Effects

It is extremely important for people who regularly exercise yoga and those who make the body in a special process, balance their circulatory system and blood chemistry. Regular consumption of honey not only helps you to achieve this balance, but also keeps you strong, energetic and nimble. As honey helps us keep our blood pressure in control, we can say that this is the best benefit of honey for health.

Honey Can be Used to Increase the WBC Count in Blood after Chemotherapy

From research and experiments doctors have found that 40% of the cancer patients face a huge decrease of WBC after Chemotherapy treatment. To prevent this they should take two teaspoons of honey everyday. This will increase the production rate of WBC and they will recover the side effects of chemotherapy soon. Chemotherapy makes the patients weak and fragile and in that situation organic treatment is far better that chemical. And as an organic item benefits of honey for health are just out of this world. 

Honey is Antibacterial and Antiseptic

The use of honey enhances the number of beneficial antioxidant elements, improves the body’s immune system and fights against harmful microorganisms. Many studies have also considered the use of honey in the treatment of wounds. We see many Benefits of honey on skin because of this antiseptic and antibacterial property.

In one study a therapeutic honey was used which went through a special purification process. The bacteria destroyed by all those who participated in this study destroyed all the bacteria. In another study, the use of unprocessed honey has healed the wounds and foot ulcers of 59 patients. Traditional treatment of 80% of these patients had no effect. The wounds of all others except one patient have improved. As well as within one week of applying honey, the infected wounds were sterilized. In conventional medicine, one benefit of honey is the treatment of respiratory infections.

Clinical research has also shown that medical grade honey can destroy bacteria caused by food, such as ischitis koli and salmonella. Honey has also proven to be effective in fighting bacteria, which do not have antibiotics effect. Honey fights with infection at many levels, making it difficult to develop resistant capacity for bacteria. On the contrary, antibiotics attack bacteria at the time when they are growing, giving them an opportunity to develop resistance.

Health Benefit of Honey, Turmeric, Neem and Black Pepper to fight against Winter Cold

If you are suffering from cold-related diseases or you have to struggle with a closed nose every morning, you should now the health benefits of  honey, neem, black pepper and turmeric can be very beneficial. Here are some simple treatments:

  • Crush 10 to 12 grams of black pepper and keep them in two small spoons of honey soaked overnight. Eat plenty of peppercorns, chewing in the morning very well. You can also mix a little turmeric in honey. The mix of turmeric and honey will empower the immune system to fight against cold. 
  • Make a paste of neem leaves and make a pencil-shaped tablet from that paste. Dip the pellet in honey and swallow empty stomach every morning. Do not eat anything for the next 60 minutes so that neem spreads in your body. Apart from this, other types of allergens such as skin or any food allergy can also benefit. Neem has many medicinal properties and this habit is very beneficial. If you find the normal leaves of Neem very bitter, neem leaves may also be used.

Benefits of Honey on Skin 

Facial Scrub with Honey

Women can easily make face masks using honey. Combining olive oil, brown sugar and lemon juice, rub the face lightly on the face also, Dead Skins can be easily removed. From ancient times wise people always say about the benefits of manuka honey on skin. If we use honey regularly on our skin we will a very smooth and clear skin.

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Usage of Honey for Hair Removal from Skin

Honey is a very beneficial for removing unwanted hair from the skin. Mixing honey with lemon juice hair can be removed by applying it on the skin. It also keeps the skin soft. Skin hair looks very dull and in most cases it is very unhygienic. Many companies make their hair removal products using honey. This is also a great health benefit of honey.


Benefit of Honey in Removal of Stains

In case of removing facial scars  just cover them with bandage by putting raw honey spots before sleeping. Wake up in the morning and uncover the face and wash the face. Soon stains will be removed. Stains are so painful and awkward sometimes. Only those who are effected know its pain. But honey works as a panacea against stains. This is a great benefit of honey on skin.

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Benefit of Honey for Skin to Remove Sunburn

Honey is also a great way to remove the blackness of the skin due to sunlight. Apply a little amount of honey to the skin and then see the effect. 

Usage of Honey for Cracked Lips

Mixing honey, olive oil and brown sugar on torn lips gives a lot of benefit. This mixture works to moisturize the lips.

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Benefits of Honey in Weight Loss 

Despite all the efforts, if the increased weight is not being reduced, then use honey. It will give you the best results without any side effects. You may taken many Weight Loss Tips which did not work for you. Now you can try honey to lose weight.

Fatty fat, which is fat in the body, can be swallowed with the intake of honey. So in these five ways you can add honey to your diet:

·        If you really want to reduce your stomach with brown bread, try to make a slight change in your diner’s habit. If you want you can take brown bread and honey in your dinner. You can eat a thin layer of honey on one side of the brown bread. This will give more energy in less calories. It is good to have a light dinner anyway at night. So this way you can change your weight loss meal plan and use the benefit of honey for health in weight loss.

·        Use honey in the food – You can use honey instead of oil in the food. Although you cannot put some floor in it but it can definitely cook food in it. In this way cooked food will be delicious as well as helping in weight loss.

·        Pouring milk and adding a few drops of honey in light hot milk, the increased fat starts decreasing very quickly. There is low calorie in boiled milk, due to which it does not increase the weight and in this, adding some drops of honey makes it more beneficial. There are many benefits of honey and milk in our body.

·        Put honey in hot water and mix some drops of honey in light warm water and mix well. If you put some drops of lemon juice in it, then it will effect better. It will be the most beneficial to eat empty stomach in the morning. Boosting up the body, burning fats, detoxing the liver, nourishing good bacteria are some of the benefits of honey and lemon.

·        Eat honey with oats, leave the oats and honey, except what you have eaten in the morning breakfast. Eating oats and honey will give you a healthy start in the morning. Along with this, it will double the benefits of lowering the stomach.

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Honey is Less Harmful than Sugar

A lot has been said about the harmful effects of white sugar on the body. Honey is a great alternative to that which is as sweet but its intake is unhealthy. Although the chemical elements of honey also contain simple sugar, but it is quite different from white sugar. It contains about 30 percent glucose and 40 percent fructose, i.e. there are two monoxicides or simple sugars and 20 percent of other complex sugars. Honey also contains a starchy fiber dextrin. This mixture keeps the level of blood sugar in the body.

Honey Explained in Details : Benefits and Bad Effects

Benefits of Honey for Yoga 

For those who do yoga exercises, honey consumption brings balance in the chemicals of blood, so they should be especially consumed. Regular consumption of honey makes the body more vibrant. Before starting the practice in the morning, after mixing a little honey in lukewarm water, the body becomes active. 

Honey is an Energetic Food

One important use of honey in traditional medicine is used as a quick acclimatization. As already mentioned, honey contains different types of sugar, especially glucose and fructose. Although white sugar, in which fructose and glucose are together in the form of sucrose, in contrast, these two sugars differ in honey. So benefit of honey for health is that it gives instant power.

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The United Nations National Honey Board recommends the consumption of honey because it has a lot of vitamins and mineral in small quantities. These include calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc.

Benefit of Honey Helps in Digestion

Honey is beneficial in constipation, flatulence and gas because it is a light laxative. Probiotic or helpful bacteria in honey are also abundant which help in digestion, improve the immune system and reduce allergies. The use of honey in place of table sugar reduces toxic effects of mycotoxins born of fungus in the intestines.

Honey Helps Children Sleep Deeply

The initial results of many studies show that the sleep of children can be deeper than honey. Based on parents’ opinion, the study concluded that coughs were reduced in children at night and honey helped them sleep more deeply during the night.

Benefits of Honey and Garlic

Peel a garlic in a bottle of honey and keep it for 7 days for a little bit. After that, consume the mix of garlic and honey every morning in empty stomach. There are many health benefits of honey and garlic mix.It ends cold and cough, also helps in weight loss. This is true of blood circulation and cholesterol is less, which is good for heart. 

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Apart from this, it strengthens the teeth, increases the immunity of disease, freeze the body from toxic elements, and detoxes. By eating honey garlic mixture, sexual stamina of the man and woman increases. It enhances the power of men and eliminates weakness.

Keep in mind that if you have irritation in the chest with its intake, do not eat empty stomach. Take 1 hour after meals. Increase your intake volume gradually according to your nature. Both honey and garlic are very energetic for health so if there is no health issue we all can include it in our daily routine and enjoy the benefits of honey and garlic for health.

Benefits of Honey and Amla 

Mixing honey, ginger or ginger juice with one spoon of amla juice and consume it 2-3 times a day, it cures cold, cough and colds. To remove the lack of blood, take Amla juice and honey together in the morning and evening.

To correct the irregular menstruation of women, mix 1 teaspoon amla juice or powder, honey. It also removes the physical weakness of women.

By mixing a pinch of olive oil in honey, amla mixture, all the stomach diseases, digestive problems, get rid of constipation. we have to keep in mind that despite many benefits of honey for health it has some bad effects also. One of them is Eye-light stimulates with excessive consumption of honey. So we can consume honey by mixing it with amla.

Take a spoonful of amla powder or juice mixed with honey to remove men’s physical weakness. Drink 1 glass of milk after half an hour after doing this in the morning and evening. This will remove all internal weakness in 3 months.

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Benefits of Honey and Milk

Mixing honey mixed with light warm milk gives good sleep. This removes stress, relieves the nervous system. Drinking milk and honey prevents constipation,  strengthens our bone and brain capacity increases. 

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Benefits of Honey and Nut 

Put the walnut pieces in a bottle of honey and keep cool place away from 10 days a light by closing the lid tight.

Take 2 spoons of this mixture of walnuts and honey before breakfast. By consuming it all the diseases, symptoms of thyroid gland will be solved.

Benefits of Honey and Turmeric: 

Take half teaspoon honey and turmeric for respiratory problems up to 3 times a week. Mix cold honey after mixing the honey and turmeric and do not drink water for some time.

To remove facial scars, stains, put turmeric, honey and rose water paste on the face. Wash with lukewarm water after 20 minutes.

Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon: 

Honey and cinnamon tea to lose weight drink, immunity increases, reduces the risk of cancer, ulcers of the stomach is fine.

By mixing honey and cinnamon with warm hot water, the heart remains healthy and cholesterol is not present in the arteries.

Mix cinnamon powder and honey with the acne while sleeping at night and wash it in the morning. Acne will be fine and stains will not be there too.

Mix honey and cinnamon powder with lukewarm water in the infusion of urine and drink and remove bacteria and get relief. Joint pain and stiffness are mixed with honey and cinnamon powder and drinking it away.

Mix cinnamon and honey on joints and massage them slowly in arthritis. Rinse honey, lukewarm water, cinnamon powder, and get rid of the stench of breath.

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Use of Honey in Ayurveda and Siddha

Perhaps someone has not searched the benefits of honey in such a depth as the Indians did. Honey was considered a gift of nature to humankind and it was considered an essential part of every kitchen. He was considered an important part of the diet for any person over 12 months of age. Honey was considered to be a digestible food that humans can easily digest. In Ayurveda and Siddha system, honey is used as a carrier of drugs. On mixing with honey, the drug is easily and quickly absorbed into the body and spreads through the blood stream to the whole body. It is said that honey retains the ability of any medicinal and lengthen its effect.

Siddha texts suggest that honey is taken as part of the treatment of heat problems, excessive cough, vomiting, gas problems and impurities in the blood. The seven different types of honey have been identified in the Siddha texts, in which the collected honey is considered as the most medicinal value, with dense hill forests, which are called Malayan or hill honey. This honey contains properties of many medicinal plants, from which bees eat juice or pollen.

Miscellaneous Benefits of Honey for Health

Mixing honey and ginger juice in cough and cold makes plenty of relief.

In toothache, pain can be relieved by putting honey in a cotton puddle and putting it in a painful place. And see the benefit of honey in toothache.

For the treatment of constipation, mix honey with tomato or orange juice and drink it regularly.

Drinking milk mixed with honey is highly beneficial in increasing weight.

Apply honey and olive oil in the hair for good conditioning of hair, then cover with towels. After 20 minutes take shower with shampoo.

Honey Explained in Details : Benefits and Bad Effects

Applying honey on gums, gum stays strong. Apart from this honey is applied on the bark of the mouth, it quickly gets cured.

Applying pure honey in the eyes causes irritation, but there is no viscosity. This remedy enhances the eye flame.

Drink one teaspoon garlic juice and honey for blood pressure control twice a day in the morning. It keeps blood pressure under control.

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In asthma, placing honey below the nose makes breathing normal. This effect occurs due to the alcohol and oilal oil elements found in honey. Its effect lasts for up to two hours.

Honey relaxes the chest, relaxes in vomiting, because it slows down the process of becoming hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

In typhoid and pneumonia honey consumption increases the efficiency of the liver and intestines.

Because honey is a hypercombolic agent, so by applying it on the wound, it removes the liquid of the wound, eliminating the bacteria from that place, and quickly compensates.Instead of putting honey directly on the wound, apply it on a bandage or cotton, and then put it on the wound. Honey reduces irritation and pain of the wound.

Mix two teaspoons of honey in a cup of warm water for freshness, then add 2-3 drops of levender oil and mix it in bath water and bath.

Drinking honey gives comfort to the body in the hangover due to excessive alcohol the next day.

Use of Honey and Traditional Treatment

Honey Water

There are many benefits of honey water

  • Mixing 1 to 3 teaspoons of honey in a glass of water containing normal temperature twice a day brings tissue to nutrition and helps to remove the nervous system’s weakness.
  • Taking two or three teaspoons of honey in a glass of lukewarm water gives instant power and helps in reducing weight.

Use of Honey on the Body

  • With honey mixed on scratches, the wound gets better quickly and the scars are light.
  • Twice a day for 20-20 minutes, mix honey and fresh lemon juice on the face in equal proportion. This eliminates the dark spots of the face.

Some Delicious Drinks of Honey

You can use honey in many ways in your daily life. One of them is – as a beverage. Let’s tell you the recipe for some honey drinks

Drink 1

Crush ginger and squeeze its juice. Place the juice in a glass vessel for 15 minutes. Leave the frozen substance below and keep the clean juice in the refrigerator for 5-6 days.

Mix two small spoons of this ginger juice, two small spoons of honey and take an empty stomach every day. It purifies the blood. It can be taken up to 48 days once in 6 months.

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Drink 2

Wash fresh ginger and peel. Cut ginger into small pieces, keep it in honey in a wide mouth glass bottle. Cover the bottle mouth with a thin, white cotton cloth and keep it in the sun for 12 days. Eat 2-4 pieces in the morning and evening, this can be rid of the problem of indigestion or indigestion.

Drink 3

Drink three small teaspoons of ginger juice, four small spoons of honey and two small spoons of lemon juice in three fourth cup of water. It does not cure colds early on.

Drink 4

Here is a recipe for a cold drink with honey and watermelon, which can be a great boon during the summer.


Watermelon: one fourth

Ginger: One inch piece

Mint: ¼ cup fresh leaves

Salt: according to the taste

Black pepper powder: according to taste

Honey: 3 tablespoons

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Peel the watermelon and take out its seeds and cut it rough. Mix the pieces in a blender. Peel ginger and mix it in the pot. Mix mint leaves, salt, pepper powder and honey.

Grind all together till the fine paste is made. Filter it with a sieve.

Serve this juice in a glass and serve it.

Some Interesting Facts about Honey

Lower the degree of water in any honey, it is considered as good honey. Pure honey is a food that does not get worse despite keeping it for a long time.

Place a drop of honey on the thumb. If it starts to flow or spread, it means honey is fake. The real honey droplets are so thick that it does not spread.

One spoon of the real honey is put in the water and it gets absorbed in the bottom, while the fake honey dissolves. By putting on white clothes or blouting paper, the real honey does not absorb and does not leave the stain.

Pure honey always gets accumulated in winter. If honey begins to burn by adding honey in a cotton, it means that the honey is not real or the water is added to the honey.

One identity of real and fake honey is that the real honey does not stick in the wings of the fly, whereas fake sticks.

Honey Explained in Details : Benefits and Bad Effects

Some Interesting Information about Honey and Bees:

There are approximately 25,000 species of bees, many of which are threatening to end unfortunately.

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About 80 percent of the food items in the supermarket are the result of pollination of bees.

The first evidence of collecting honey by humans is found in 6000 BC. It is depicted in a cave diagram of Spider Cave in Valenciana, Spain.

To make 500 grams of honey, bees have to wander 1 million times in search of pollen, which is equal to 1.5 times of the whole earth.

Precautions While Using Honey

Honey food is harmful with jaggery, ghee, sugar, sugar candy, oil, butter, spicy food and meat fish.

Note that by heating the honey its beneficial properties decrease. So do not use it after heating the honey and experimenting.

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Bad Effects of Honey

Now after all these benefits of honey let’s start describing some of its bad effects.

In Ayurveda honey is considered nectar. Consumption of honey in the right way is considered good for your health. But by doing it wrong, it can lead to damage instead of benefits. 

Honey contains only a small amount of vitamins and minerals. Although this amount is so low that you have to take a lot of honey to take advantage of it. And the excessive consumption of honey is not good for health. This leads to stomach disorders which are more painful. Excessive consumption can show many bad effects of honey on our health.  It can disturb our eye sight and it can generate vomiting tendency in us.

Honey vs Sugar

Do you know that like sugar, honey provides 4 calories per gram. This way, one spoon contains 64 calories. Although honey is sweet to sugar, but it still needs to be used more than double to get the taste. Honey is not as cheap as sugar. And with its higher requirement it becomes apparently more expensive. This is a bad effect of honey.


Most people do not have any problem with consuming honey. But still some people may be allergic to pollen grains found inside it. Having honey, they have to face difficulty in swelling or swallowing, and breathing. Sometimes this bad effect of honey becomes very severe and can even cause death.

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Diarrhea Problem

Honey contains more fructose than glucose. Therefore some people have to face difficulty in absorbing all types of fructose. And eating more honey can lead to stomach disorders or diarrhea.

Harmful to Infants

Babies less than one year old should not give any kind of honey because it can cause infant botulism. Baby botulism means that children have toxicity from honey. Babies are susceptible to diseases, for at least 6 months of age. Often symptoms of toxicity appear after 8 to 36 hours of eating honey-rich foods.

Increase Weight

Honey and lemon are considered very good for weight loss. But are you also aware that honey can increase weight even with weight loss? Due to the high calorie intake of food in the diet, consuming too much quantity of honey causes weight gain. So to use honey for weight loss we should use it in a proper manner. Otherwise it will effect us in the reverse direction.

Other Diseases

Like other sugar, more intake of honey increases the likelihood of cavity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.

Decreased Nutrients

Honey should not be consumed in hot water or milk nor should it be cooked on fire because doing so destroys nutrients such as enzymes and vitamins in it. In addition, the taste and fragrance of honey also changes.

Health benefits of honey are many. We can use honey in many ways and get benefited by using it. So we all should know about it and use it in a proper manner.

That’s all for today. If you like this article on benefits of honey for health and bad effects of honey please comment on it and share it. It means a lot to all of our efforts. Thank you.