2021 Home Improvement: 8 Home Storage Ideas

The new year is upon us. It’s the best time to redecorate our homes and throw away some things we don’t need. While it’s easier to dispose of some items that we rarely use, some are hard to let go. It can be because of its sentimental value, or it’s too precious to just give away. Whatever the case, you will have a piece of something that you can never throw out.

Luckily for you, there’s a way to keep those items at home while keeping all your belongings organized. In this article, we will look at some of the most economical and functional home storage ideas. This will let you welcome the new year with an improved home interior.

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  1. Small compartments for small items

Whether it’s for your tea bags in the kitchen or your beauty routines in the bathroom, it’s best to use small storage boxes with compartments. In that way, these items will not be cluttered in your room. By using these storage boxes, you can easily segregate each item based on categories to make it easier for you to locate them. Your kitchen and bathroom will look cleaner and more organized.

  1. Shelf. Shelf. Shelf.

You can never go to the wrong shelves. Regardless of its style, size, and materials, shelves are the most functional and economical furniture to use as storage. If you want to save floor space at home, you can consider installing wall and ceiling shelves. Some stylish hanging shelves are perfect in the living room to display photos and other decorations.

Shelves are also the ideal storage choice for huge items such as machinery and equipment in the garage or your pots and other kitchenware. Through this, you can be sure that they are secured properly. In the bedroom, shelves are like the extension of your closets, which gives additional space for your belongings.

  1. Use Pegboards

If you think that pegboards are only fit to use in the garage, then you’re wrong. In the coming year, using pegboards in the kitchen to store your pots and pans is a great idea. In that way, it will be easier for you to get them when you need it. You can also use pegboards in the bathroom for your towels, tissue holder, and more. Because of its accessibility, pegboards are ideal and a creative storage idea.

  1. Wheeled cabinets and racks

Nothing beats an efficient organizer that can easily be transported from one place to another. From wine carts to bathroom racks, always choose a movable shelf with wheels. Some cabinets are built with wheels on it, which is perfect for your cooking ingredients.

  1. Storage basket, chests, and bins

You should never run out of storage baskets, chests, and bins. There are stylish baskets that can be used in the living room for your magazine, in the bedroom for your extra clothes, or the kitchen as an extension of your pantry. There are creative woven baskets that look really appealing and can add to your interior’s allure.

You can also use decorative storage chests on all parts of your homes. If you choose a sturdy and durable chest, it can also serve as additional seating space. It’s a smart way to organize your home.

  1. Drawers with dividers

One misconception on home storage ideas is that drawers are enough to keep things organized. However, if you just stuff all your belongings inside a drawer, it will still look cluttered. This new year, make your drawers more organized by using dividers. 

There are newly released drawers with built-in dividers or you can purchase a divider for it. You may think that this only applies for clothing and kitchen items. However, it can also be a good idea for your living room and your bathroom. In that way, you can categorize all your items properly.

  1. Mason jars for everything

Since the use of mason jar has become a trend, it never stops being one of the most important storage containers to own. With mason jars, you can easily store anything and everything from kitchen ingredients to personal accessories. It’s a creative and stylish way to organize your item.

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  1. Multipurpose furniture (table + cabinet)

If you have a small space at home, use multipurpose furniture. For example, you can have a coffee table in the living room, which also has a cabinet at the bottom. You can also consider buying bed frames with built-in pull-out cabinets. In that way, your furniture will serve two purposes at the same time without taking extra space in your homes.

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