Hiring car accident lawyers in Las Vegas: Watch for these red flags

You sustained injuries in a car accident in Las Vegas. If the accident happened because the other driver was speeding, negligent, or just irresponsible, you can sue for their action. You will typically file a third-party insurance claim, as Nevada is a tort state.

Getting a fair and acceptable settlement from the insurance company or the other party won’t be easy. That’s precisely why you need a Las Vegas car accident lawyer, although hiring one is not legally mandatory. If you are lawyering up for the first time, make sure to watch out for these red flags.

Promising an astronomical settlement

While attorneys can share an overview of your car accident case and what you can possibly expect in a settlement, they cannot promise an exact figure. If an attorney makes inflated promises, it is a red flag.

You can ask a lawyer about some of their landmark cases, but don’t trust someone who gives a guarantee for your case. Many aspects of such lawsuits are beyond a lawyer’s control.

Overstating your injuries

The job of a car accident lawyer is to get you a fair settlement for your injuries and losses. For that, they can rely on different legal strategies.

However, steer clear of law firms and attorneys who overstate your injuries or inflate the worth of your claim. The other party or their insurer can spot such intentions, which could eventually end up hurting your case.

Lack of communication

Did you have a hard time talking to the attorney? Did you experience frequent delays while asking for an appointment? These are clear indicators of an attorney’s lack of professionalism.

Not every lawyer has decades of experience, but their approach to the client and their case sets them apart. Do not hire someone who is not available to communicate in the first place.

Insisting on an upfront fee

All PI lawyers in Las Vegas work on a contingency fee. The fee is only payable when you make a recovery. If an attorney demands an upfront fee or insists on payment for evaluating your claim, you have reasons not to hire them.

Yes, you need to get an estimate of the expected costs of the car accident lawsuit and the attorney’s fee, but don’t choose someone who just talks of their interests.

You can shortlist car accident lawyers in your area in Nevada through an online search, or ask around for references.

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