Hire A Reputed Attorney for Filing Zantac Cancer Lawsuit in California

It has been found that Zantac and similar products of the ranitidine group contain high levels of NDMA, a kind of chemical carcinogen which is found in tobacco, shampoos, cleaning agents, and some other food products. According to the standard rules of FDMA, the manufacturers of Zantac failed to warn consumers of the risk of NDMA putting the consumers at the risk of cancer. 

If you or your loved ones have used Zantac or similar products and were diagnosed with cancer, you may file a Zantac lawsuit. Contact TorHoerman Law in California, the personal injury law firm who are involved in this lawsuit. Get a free, no-obligation consultation of your case with any of their experienced lawyers. Their lawyers have good experience in handling bad drug lawsuits and get their clients good compensation. 

What is the Zantac cancer lawsuit?

Zantac cancer lawsuit is a legal claim against the makers of this medicine for compensation by consumers who took Zantac, a heartburn medication, and were later diagnosed with cancer. Plaintiffs allege that the medicine contains high levels of NDMA, a cancer-inducing substance, and failed to warn consumers of the serious side effects.

Hiring a Zantac lawyer in California

The unfortunate event of losing a dear one who has died due to injuries by consuming Zantac is very disturbing. You may need to consult a personal injury attorney from the reliable firm of TorHoerman Law, LLC. Their Zantac lawyers will help in:

  • Gathering evidence
  • Assessing the damages
  • Establishing liabilities
  • Moving ahead with the litigation process
  • Getting you full compensation of the losses

What evidences are needed?

You need to keep evidence to prove the total cost of your losses that you have to bear as a result of your cancer treatment or the death of your loved one. Your attorney will assist you in gathering the common evidence like:

  • Bills of purchasing Zantac
  • Medical bills and records
  • Photos and videos of injury treatment
  • Proof of your loss of earnings
  • Proof of other losses related to the injury

Get in touch with TorHoerman Law firm in California to discuss the Zantac cancer lawsuit with their team of personal injury lawyers. Their services are based on contingency fees so they never charge a penny until their client receives the compensation first. Therefore, know your rights, learn about the legal options and file a lawsuit for claiming your rightful compensation.

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