Hip replacement surgery cost in India

Hip replacement surgery is a process involving removal of the impaired hip joint. It is perform through to replace a worn-out portion of the pelvis and femur that are a part of the thigh or leg. Surgeon completes the surgery predominantly to reduce and soothe the hip pain along with stiffness caused by hip arthritis. India is a great country for this type of surgery. So, you may wonder what is the hip replacement surgery cost in India.

It is the outcome of a hip fracture or severe pain in the thigh area. The surgeon restores the area with the help of adding an artificial joint in the place affected, also known as prosthesis. Hip implants comprises of the stem, generally a form of metal that should be station into your natural thighbone.

The ball is usually build out of burnish metal or ceramic and fits on top of the stem, and lastly, the socket is usually a combination of a plastic liner and a cobalt-chrome backing.

Reasons to consider the surgery 

  • A person’s everyday activity is hindered by the excruciating pain in the lower body.
  • Severe pain that cannot be treated with mere medication.
  • Limitation in motion and hip stiffness.
  • Conditions like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis. All these lead to restrictions in bone movement.
  • Next, makes it difficult to stand again after sitting.

Preparation for the surgery

It is important to research the hospital. Check the orthopedic surgeon’s credentials and experience and past record. Hip replacement surgery cost in India is a plus point to look into as the success rate is quite high with economical rates and world-class facilities. A patient’s healing process varies from each other but full awareness about the treatment should be there.

It is really important to follow the instructions of the doctor and surgeon while in the process and know about the condition beforehand. Study your personal X-ray and blood test reports carefully. Considering a proper comparison of the hip replacement surgery cost and rates before the surgery is necessary.  Before the operation, general anesthesia or spinal block is shoot up to the patient.

While in the process, a prosthetic socket is put in place in the pelvic bone, and replacing of the round ball that connects the thighbone to the lower leg is carry out. The two frequent categories of artificial hip prosthesis worn commonly are cement prosthesis and uncement prosthesis.

A cement prosthesis connects and affixes to the bone with surgical cement. An uncement prosthesis binds to the bone with a porous surface. The bone heightens onto this surface to link to the prosthesis. In particular sometimes a combination of the two types is cast-off to replace a hip by the surgeons depending on the condition and severity.

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost

The average is approximately $40,000- $45,000 for the hip renewal cost across the globe which is a very enormous amount to pay. The cost differs from country to country. In comparison to some places, the cost reaches high till $120,000. On the contrary, the hip replacement surgery cost in India is much low and approximately $6000- $8000.

Hip replacement surgery cost in India is the most suitable choice for medical tourists traveling overseas to have their treatments done. Hence, India is by far becoming the top most country in the field of medical treatments and facilities with highly affordable and moderate rates.

Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India

By the way it is an advantageous deal for every common man with a total package of hip replacement surgery cost in India and other expenses provide by the hospitals and travel agents such as accommodation, traveling cost, and other management. It turns out to be much less than half of what it costs in other popular medical tourism destinations, including Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, and the US.

Generally, it is favorably hint at by the experts that a patient suffering from arthritis should definitely visit one of the best hospitals for hip replacement surgery in India to get oneself diagnose if witnessing some form of pain or the other which has been there for a long time.

It is in these quality hospitals, that you will become aware of the well skill/ pathologists, lab technicians, and doctors. So that they will be able to discover and identify exactly what type of disease you have and what treatment to be put in application to follow with guidance to get free of it and heal quickly to steer a normal life.

The success rate of the surgery is 95% in India, one of the best in the world.

Recovery phase

After the surgery, a patient is in the rest period for 3-5 days in the hospital with all the tests and movement being in check by the nurses. Dressing of the area has to be clean regularly to avoid infections. It is crucial to start moving the new joint after surgery. A physical therapist will meet with you soon and plan an exercise rehabilitation program for you after that.

Doctor monitors your actions and movements timely to engage in exercise. Your pain is monitor with right medications  on time. A patient will receive an exercise plan to follow both in the hospital and after discharge at home.

Healing process includes:
  • To gain muscle strength back, a therapy session may start after the surgery. Doctor always recommends  to gain a range of motion back.
  • Keep your surgical area clean and dry at home.
  • In a follow-up visit, stitches and staples are pull out. In the area of operation, blood clots are ignore with appropriate medications and a healthy diet.
  • However, in the earlier phase of recovery hard movements and high impact activities must be kept away from. A pain reliever available to avoid soreness.
  • In addition, Proper care of postures and position of the leg and keeping a cushion between. It is a necessity after the surgery. A patient might feel uncomfortable at the start and swollen hands and feet might be witnessed.
  • Lastly, Everything takes time to heal and proper care must be taken at home. Keep everything in need at your waist distance to avoid discomfort. Family members should do some of the help and take care of the patient for few days. Try to adapt movements at a slow pace and heal fast by taking proper rest and a balanced diet.

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