Hints and tips to prepare for the next winter

Every winter gives different memories, and every winter needs different preparations. It won’t be the same season prepared for. The beginning of colder weather can be a chilling experience if the preparations are carried out in the best way possible. The temperature is tolerable right now, and this is the best time to think about the wool blanket and other winter accessories. Prepare a winter checklist to have the best winter experience ever!

1) Be ready for an emergency plan

It is better to develop an emergency plan in any climate. Plan with the family about the place to evacuate and stay in case of emergency. This accessible place should have communication facilities too.

2) Prepare a bag

Prepare a go-bag that contains the essentials if an emergency knocks on the door. Do not forget to keep important documents, medications and a first aid kit in it. Also, pack an extra set of keys, nonperishable food and flashlight before leaving the house.

3) Winter boots are a must

It will be treacherous to walk outside in the winter weather conditions. Use a pair of boots with waterproof uppers and rubber soles. Better to use trustworthy brands with good traction.

4) Make sure of the wool blanket and warm coat

Layering is always the best choice in winter. Make sure of enough wool blankets. Use clean and comfortable blankets in the season. In the case of a coat, it is better to use one with a waterproof exterior. Microfiber insulation is another important thing to look at in a warm coat.

5) Buy waterproof gloves

Buy gloves made of synthetic. Cotton or wool gloves are not water-resistant and windproof. Gloves are crucial to resist the extremities of cold weather and to avoid frostbite.

6) Scarf, hat and other winter accessories

A cosy hat and a cowl are crucial things to stay warm in the season. Ensure blizzard-proof clothing items to prevent hypothermia and preserve body temperature.

7)Buy a solid snow shovel

Choose the shovel which could be easily handled. Make sure that the shovel could be easily lifted and take the snow.

8)An emergency supply kit

Ensure an emergency supply kit is available in the home. It includes battery operated radio, whistle, flashlights and iodine tablets.

9) Three day supply of food and water

Store enough food which lasts at least three days. To prevent malnutrition, include high calories and nutrients. Keep at least one gallon of clean and fresh water for each person in the family. Endure proper hydration.

10) Clean the gutters

A clogged gutter can be a huge problem during winter. Full gutter won’t give room for rainwater, so additional snow or rain will leak into the house. Snow can freeze inside the gutter, which makes the problem tougher.

11) Repair the pipes

Make sure the pipes are checked properly. Give proper insulation to every pipe. Ensure to repair pipes with dripping. It can cause freezing.

12) Stock heating fuels

Ensure there is a stock of heating fuels like firewood. Fireplace or burning a stove will become completely necessary if there is a power outage.

13) Check on elders and children

Elders, disabled family members and children might need help during the emergency or severe winter storm. Check on them regularly.

 14) Prepare the pets

Include the shelter, food and medications for the pets in the emergency pack. Have a snow-kissed winter!

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