Here’s How You Should Promote Your Small Business on Instagram

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In this era of social networking, businesses need to master the different intricacies of every new social network, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and Instagram. And this applies to small businesses as well. Instagram, the video and photo-sharing channel having more than 1 billion monthly active users, no longer remains merely a lifestyle-sharing application to show your favorite meal or your pet. Businesses, in fact, across the world are reaping the perks of the popularity of Instagram and its marketing capabilities. For small businesses, this social media channel can be a good vehicle to interact with customers, grow their business, and also market their offerings. 

Tips to Follow 

Below are some golden tips that will help you to promote your small business on Instagram

  • Network with Like-Minded People- The very idea about having an account on social media is networking. Instagram is a good place to come across people that are like-minded and share similar interests. In fact, if you are a small business owner, you can expand the social network as well as collaborate with an influencer or a brand to get in touch with more people. 
  • Power of Visual Content- Visuals can be interpreted easily as this helps to grab the eyeballs of many. As Instagram lays emphasis on visuals, you will have to work on the displays of videos or photos you require to upload. Prior to uploading, you may scroll through different filters to make the visual more attractive. The truth is, visuals do not represent photographs. It can define anything and entail words written on backgrounds with a vibrant color without any image or symbol. 
  • Buy Instagram Likes– Irrespective of all the negativity heard regarding buying likes, you must remember that this is a great idea when you do not have much time to concentrate on your account. Being a small business owner, you can enjoy good results when you buy IG likes in the long-run. There are a couple of reasons as to why buying likes for Instagram can help you such as,
  1. A higher number of followers can boost your organic following. 
  2. Save time 
  3. Increase engagement with followers 
  4. Get a higher number of endorsement deals. 
  • Dive into Comments- Often, small business owners spend no or minimal time monitoring comments on their Instagram account, as this is not something easy. It also gets tough as the majority of the brands search for publishing but not engagement on Instagram. For responding to comments easier on Instagram, you can take the help of Sprout Social for replying to comments on various accounts on Instagram. 
  • Use it like Competition Platform- Excellent photography has the capability to grab the imagination. Today you just need an eye for detail and a smartphone with a good camera to click pro-standard photos. If you deal with the photography business and plan to host a competition, then there cannot be a better platform than Instagram. You can base the competition surrounding a theme that is associated with your business and see the entries come in. In fact, the photos that you get can be utilized as content in the future for email marketing or blog posts. 
  • Collaborate with Influencers- If you wish to gain proper brand visibility, then influencer marketing will be a good and quick way. This form of marketing is when you start connecting with popular users, having established a following to get exposure to their audience. People come across celebrities promoting luxury brands on Instagram, but how can this form of marketing help small businesses? You should try to use niche marketing. To pay Kim Kardashian for your brand promotion on her feed on Instagram is not within the budget and may fail to reach your target audience. Yet, how about an industry professional in your niche? A makeup start-up of cruelty-free beauty products may join hands with a vegan beauty blogger, whose followers will perfectly align with the buyer’s personas. This will be quite cost-effective than joining hands with Kim Kardashian. This way, the makeup company will save money as well as get their names in the user’s minds that are highly inclined to buy their product. 
  • Go Behind-the-Scenes- Consumers generally have a curiosity regarding where their goods come from. You can make the utmost of Instagram to show the entire lifecycle to them. This will be highly relevant for brands that sell FairTrade or environmentally friendly products. You can also source images to show how goods are made right from the raw material, production to distribution. And if there is nothing in your mind, try to share something that all has- filled blackboards, whiteboards, notes, and sketches. Every business possesses brainstormed ideas, so it is your choice to pick a beautiful photo and upload the same on Instagram. In fact, you may discover that it is the finest method to experiment with various post types till you get something that will engage your audience. 
  • Develop Content which Appeals to the Audience- Well, you know who your target audience is, yet are you aware of what form of content will keep them engaged with your product on Instagram? It is then time that you begin to research. Check the accounts of your competitors and see the type of photos that receive the maximum engagement there. You will obviously not steal the pictures but use them as inspiration while developing your own posts. When you are unaware of the type of content that you should post on Instagram, then below are some ideas,
  1. Product arrangements. 
  2. Product sneak peeks.
  3. Blog post images. 
  4. Employee selfies.
  5. Inspirational quotes. 
  6. Behind-the-scene videos. 

So, try all these ideas mentioned above or some and check which receives the utmost engagement. You can then change the strategy of posting, resting on what the audience likes best. 

Instagram, ever since its inception, has proven to be an effective business marketing tool. It is an ideal tool for any business that wants visibility of products and expansion of their presence. Through sponsorship opportunities and advertisement exist, to begin with, Instagram will be free, and your business will establish a noteworthy following and likes sans spending a dime. All small business owners who have not opened an account on Instagram yet are doing a great disservice to your business.

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