We all prefer a spacious and beautiful place to dwell in. Who wouldn’t want their home to look bigger than it actually is? The extra space can help better organize ourselves and make tiny aesthetic amendments. This idea seems hard to achieve for someone who lives in a city with smaller places to live. In a metropolitan city like Kolkata, it is quite difficult to find a large affordable place. The good news is that small places do not mean that you have to sacrifice the style and design of your personal space.

Interior designers in Kolkata can help provide your house with amazing spacing and beautiful décor by making the most use of your limited space. Their design ideas can provide you with the space you crave and make your place airier and well-lit.

In this article, let us go through some clever interior design hacks and ideas from the best interior designer in Kolkata to make your home look spacious and aesthetically pleasing. These tips would work either way, be it a small room or house.

Keep the Higher Up

When it comes to interior designing, it is mostly about the visual effects. The best interior designers in Kolkata suggest hanging your curtains a little higher so that they don’t touch the floor. This maximizes the light that enters through the windows and makes the walls seem taller, which in turn makes the room larger. To make the most of this hack, you can install fancy floors and sheer curtains to make your space appear larger.

Small Furniture is the Key

The lavish lifestyle of Kolkata, immense job opportunities, and ease of life have made this city a preferred location for the young generation. However, small apartments make it difficult to decorate the living space with heavy furniture. Worry not, as there is a lot of furniture available that can help you realize your small apartment design dreams. Interior designers in Kolkata say that beautiful furnishing articles can help bring out the face of your apartment. Small articles, such as side tables and foldable chairs, help manage space.

Light Up Your Space

You can make the most of your living space by lighting it up. Lighting is the key to making the spaces appear big. Dark corners and dull lights shrink the visible area up to a certain extent. A well-lit room with engraved lights not only serves decorative purposes but lights the room and makes it look larger. If you do not have space to place lamps on tabletops, the best interior designers in Kolkata suggest accumulating as much light as you can from the ceilings. All it takes is a little structural design to trick the eye.

Bring in a Large Rug

Take it from the best interior designers in Kolkata—Flooring is an essential part of interior design. It can make or break the overall outlook of your living space. You do not need to spend a fortune to change the look of your floors. Bringing a two-tone or neutral rug can make the impression of the room being larger than it is. A small one can make the room seem smaller, while a larger rug makes it look big and spacious. So, choose carefully.

The tips we just talked about would surely make your Kolkata home look more spacious and appealing. But if you are looking to go beyond and give your house a sense of your personal style, you can reach out to Livspace. With the best interior designers in Kolkata, Livspace can help bring your vision to life. Livspace will take care of everything, from manufacturing to designing and everything in between.


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