Hedera vs Ripple
Hedera vs Ripple

If you are looking for investment options, consider Hedera or Ripple. In this article, we will discuss which of these cryptocurrencies has a better investment potential.

It’s not easy being a crypto trader — you have to analyze things carefully while making timely decisions. Dilemmas like whether it is time to use the LTCBTC trading pair or convert HBAR to XRP are always there.

The article below analyzes the current investment potentials that Hedera and Ripple have. You’ll learn more about both projects, and that knowledge should help you make the right trading decision.

Hedera Review

The crucial thing about Hedera is that it isn’t a blockchain, but it uses a similar hash graph technology. Hashgraph doesn’t involve mining, which makes this ecosystem eco-friendly.

You’ll benefit from lower costs and better performance while maintaining the same level of anonymity and security as on blockchains. The estimation is that the network can process 10,000 transfers each second.

Hedera uses a Proof of Stake system based on the asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (aBFT) consensus algorithm. It’s different from the PoS used by blockchain, but it guarantees a secure environment.

The network utilizes smart contracts to create decentralized applications (dApps) and comes with useful options like file storage, expiration, and proof of deletion.

If you check https://godex.io/versus/hbar-vs-xrp, you’ll see a quick comparison with price charts that offers useful info about these two projects.

HBAR Market Position

Hedera takes 33rd position in the crypto rankings, and its token value is $0.0646. While 50 billion coins is the total HBAR supply, around 28 billion tokens are in circulation. Hedera has a market cap of over $1.8 billion.

HBAR is far from its all-time-high that it reached in September 2021 since it was valued at $0.57 at that point. It’s also over five times more valuable than at an all-time low in January 2020 ($0.01), with a positive growth trend in the last few months.

HBAR Price Prediction

The realistic prediction is that HBAR won’t go beyond $0.06 in 2023, although more optimistic forecasts claim it could even reach $0.1. By 2025, Hedera could go up to $0.22. while its value might increase to anywhere from $0.34 to $0.55.

The next decade is exciting for HBAR, and its value could go over $2.3 by 2032. Those experts who are more cautious claim the value won’t go over $1.3.

Ripple Review

Ripple has a long history, as it was launched in 2012, although under a different name — OpenCoin. The company behind the project is Ripple Labs, which created Ripple Net and the XRP ledger. These facilitate payment services for banks, crypto exchanges, and other institutions.

Transactions on the Ripple network usually take up to five seconds. The XRP ledger can transfer any value, ranging from crypto to fiat currencies. 

The community made of independent users maintains the network, and they are needed to reach a consensus, which settles the transaction without the reversal option.

Although Ripple is decentralized, a single entity must approve all validators, which compromises the platform’s decentralization to some extent.

XRP Market Analysis

XRP is currently valued at $0.3687, which is great since it currently puts the token at the sixth position in the overall crypto rankings. The currency’s market cap is $18.78 billion, and there are 50 billion tokens in supply, which is about half of the total supply available.

Ripple had the worst ranking before rebranding since the ATL occurred in 2014 and was $0.002. XRP attracted the most attention in 2018 when it reached $3.84.

However, in 2020, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against Ripple, accusing it of illegally selling XPR cryptocurrency. This incident had a significant impact on the coin’s price.

XRP Price Forecast

As with most currencies, XRP will primarily stabilize during 2023. It probably won’t exceed $0.5, but it’ll continue rising in the coming years. By 2025, it will exceed $1, and some even believe it could reach $1.33. 

In the next five years, the value could reach $2, and some optimistic forecasts claim XRP will break its all-time high by 2028. If we look at the forecasts for 2032, Ripple will be valued anywhere from $7 to $17, according to experts.

What Is a Better Investment?

Ripple has a significant problem — its legal dispute with the Securities and Exchange Commission is still in progress.

The outcome will undoubtedly affect the currency, and it could be positive or negative. Hedera might seem like an exciting project with a more stable future, but experts believe Ripple can have a bigger growth rate in years to come.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine if XRP is worth the risk and decide whether to go with the HBAR to XRP trade.