So many people want to know what surrogacy is. We can say that surrogacy – is a process where the surrogate mother carries the child of the intended parents. They donate sperm or/and eggs. These reproductive materials are used to create the embryo in the IVF process. Note that mostly a surrogate mother is not biologically connected to the child but the intended parents are.

Moreover, the couple is supposed to give proof of their inability to produce the baby. Furthermore, anyone of the intended parent has to be linked genetically with the baby. Interests of the biological mother are not ensured as per the law but there is an Contract between the intended parents and surrogate mother.

Who is a surrogate mother actually?

Generally a surrogate mother is of two types, traditional surrogate mother or gestational surrogate mother.

A traditional surrogate mother is the one who is artificially inseminated by the intended father’s sperm so that she can carry and deliver the baby to the intended parents. A traditional surrogate mother is the biological mother of the child as her egg was fertilized by the sperm of the father. Traditional surrogacy is permitted or limited in some countries.

In a gestational surrogacy the sperm of the father is fertilized in the eggs of the mother. A result of this fertilisation is the embryo which is placed in the uterus of the gestational surrogate mother. This process is called IVF. Interestingly, the gestational surrogate does not have any kind of genetic link with the baby as it was not her egg that was fertilized. Furthermore, the gestational surrogate mother only carries the baby and delivers it to the intended parents.

A surrogate mother in Ukraine

Out of many other countries, Ukraine is one of important scientific centers of ART and considered the hub of surrogacy. Surrogacy is considered commercial and legal in Ukraine. People from across the world and especially Europe opt for Ukraine to go for the surrogacy process because surrogacy in Ukraine is affordable and cheap. It is also assumed that hundreds of children are born through surrogacy and the number is still increasing. The staff of clinic of surrogacy of professor Feskov said that so many german people seek leihmutter ukraine and ask this clinic for help. Standart surrogacy can only be done for the married couple who are heterosexual but for abroad clients this clinic make exception for single people or non married too.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is at its peak as the number of children born through the process is continuously increasing. There has been an instant development of the agencies of surrogacy in Ukraine legally and illegally. In many other countries surrogacy is considered illegal and the practice is banned. But in some countries, the law differs from one way or another.

Private clinics and agencies in Ukraine offer these services to the people who can not produce a baby. Also, these clinics can be easily searched online through different websites. However, there are many clinics or agencies that work under a false name which is truly illegal. They do so in order to pay zero tax.

A surrogate mother in the USA

Commercial surrogacy is considered legal in some states of the country with varying law and order situations. People usually opt for the USA and other countries where surrogacy is legal in order to carry out the process. The USA is considered popular for the proper arrangement of the surrogacy process. For single people we recommended a surrogate mother in the United States. However, the cost of leihmutter usa \ surrmom in usa is higher as compared to other countries in the world. Also, the prices are higher because of the services they provide. They are equipped with the latest instruments along with the availability of professional and qualified staff.

In this article, we discussed a surrogate mother in Ukraine and in the USA. Besides that, we also talked about the two types of surrogate mother that is a traditional and gestational surrogate mother. The traditional surrogate mother is biologically connected to the baby while the gestational is not due to certain reasons discussed in the article.

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