Hani Zeini Explains Exciting Ways To Use Technology To Solve Global Problems

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Innovation in the field of technology is the needs of the hour. Entrepreneurs worldwide are trying their best to evolve innovative and creative ways of solving several problems using technology. Difficulties are not only a source of tension, but they also represent vast opportunities where human beings may use their skills to develop innovative ways of dealing with them. The effort to solve social problems and build a business with technology’s help is the recent trend. 

Technology has emerged as a scalable solution, which has impacted businesses all across the planet. Whether it is robotics, energy, synthetic biology, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, or telemedicine, according to Hani Zeini, technology is the hugest solution to various problems confronted by one and all. 

Various global issues pointed out by Hani Zeini

  • Go green: Fuel cell vehicles are new methods in which technology has transformed transportation and promotes ecological conservation. The emergence of zero-emission utilizes hydrocarbons and electricity for running their machines. Moreover, the fuel cell-powered vehicles use hydrogen and also provide the benefit of zero-emission. These vehicles offer a wide range and convenience, which is missing in gas and diesel-powered vehicles.
  • Smart thinking: Robots have become an integral part of daily activities. According to Hani Zeini, entrepreneurs use robotics to ensure factory assembly line production and controlled actions. However, the real application of technology and artificial intelligence is yet to show its face. The partnership between human and virtual machines has now become a reality. Robots have become a dynamic and computing revolution, which has led to innovation in various related fields. The use of GPS technology has benefited robotics in bringing precision to the area of agriculture. The robot gets designed to make them programmable and handle manufacturing activities that are difficult for human beings. The world is yet to benefit from next-generation robotics that will surpass human beings in every possible way.
  • Additive manufacturing: Additive nature manufacturing assists in evolving things like 3D organs to variables. These manufacturers usually start from powder or liquid form and then build into a 3D shape using the digital template. These products may get customized according to the end-users needs, thereby taking 3D printing to the next level. Machines may get employed for printing human cells and discover applications for the creation of living tissues in related fields like tissue regeneration and repair.

The use of technology for solving problems requires a human being to think outside the box. Only possession of knowledge will not help; it needs application according to its needs and requirements. Technology for the sake of transformation boosts in redefining human life and also evolves various opportunities.

These days, big problems may find a solution through small technologies by channeling your effort in the right direction. From poverty to famine, business management to water scarcity or education to health, technology explains all. As such, technology has touched every aspect of human life. You have to learn to explore new avenues to get desirable results out of technological tools. 

  • Epitomized AI A video of Atlas, showing the hopping up strides of a robot like a commando, planned by Boston Dynamics, cleared the web. This came just a brief time after AlphaGo tested the world’s best Go player. Chart book can’t play Go (it is encapsulated, however not shrewd), and AlphaGo can’t run (it’s savvy, in its own particular manner, yet does not have a body). So what occurs on the off chance that you put AlphaGo’s brain in Atlas’ body? As per such countless specialists, genuine man-made consciousness may rely upon an aptitude to share interior computational cycles to real things in the actual world. Also, an AI would acquire that capacity by figuring out how to cooperate with the actual world as individuals and creatures do. 

The most effective method to Harness Digital Media and Technology for Global Learning 

Consider these five systems for utilizing computerized media and innovation to help understudies both comprehend and add to the wealth and multifaceted nature of our wide world. 

  • Create media education on a worldwide scale: Help understudies distinguish, access, break down, and assess media from around the globe, including worldwide news sources that are accessible in both nearby dialects and English interpretation. Go further to encourage familiarity with how and why various occasions, people groups, networks, and societies are spoken to in the worldwide broad communications and how this both reflects various settings and influences multifaceted agreement. 

Simply a testing of world features after President Obama’s new excursion to Turkey shows that broad communications can frequently shape how an occasion is seen in numerous nations: “Middle Easterners hail Obama suggestion to Muslims” (Agence France-Presse), “Great yet insufficient” (Daily Star, Lebanon), “Turkish pioneer censures Obama” (AP), and “American public didn’t comprehend this visit” (Hürriyet, Turkey). 

  • 2. Find sincere beliefs behind worldwide issues: Expand understudies’ openness to feelings from different nations through advanced media made by people, for example, blog entries, digital broadcasts, and recordings just as exchange by means of remark sheets, video-meetings, and quite a few synergistic innovation instruments. 

Asia Society’s Creative Voices of Islam project helps encourage an expanded comprehension of the variety of Islamic voices inside the multicultural social orders of Asia. Begun for the current year in secondary schools in the U.S. furthermore, Indonesia, understudies make advanced sound slideshows about their networks’ set of experiences, societies, and customs, which they trade and examine on Asia Society’s site. Understudies utilize the new viewpoints they acquired through online trade to make collective creations and screen the media projects in their networks. 

  • 3. Tap into worldwide information organizations: Assist understudies with understanding the intensity of “aggregate insight” through worldwide organizations where data is gathered and examined. Investment in these organizations empowers understudies to create diverse arrangements while tending to worldwide issues, blending data from numerous societies and working together in worldwide groups to dependably expand on existing information just as produce new information. 

There are numerous online communitarian science projects driving the way. The GLOBE program (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment), worked by NASA and the National Science Foundation in 110 nations, connects with youth, instructors, network individuals, and researchers in gathering and sharing information universally about basic natural issues.

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