Handy Tips To Promote a DJ Event

You could be trying to get a DJ set without any luck at a nearby venue. There’s another way of eliminating networking and rejection is by starting your own DJ Event.

There are several dimensions of running an event, and one thing to pay attention to is marketing. Marketing your own event is crucial to have a full or empty main stage and a satisfied venue owner as well.

Online Networking

Networking online is now the main path to build a strong network. In the long run, building up the network on LinkedIn and Facebook can bring benefits. LinkedIn and Facebook are perfect because you can see similar individuals in the network of individuals with whom you have already linked. Striking up debates will contribute to your event’s amazing things and make more people aware of your activities.

Don’t Run For Money (in beginning)

In the beginning, it is quite challenging to run an event, and it can be a steep learning curve for you. Being prepared not to make a lot of money or even a profit initially makes you more decisive. If you otherwise run and support activities, it would be futile to try not to be out of pocket every time.

The event’s responsibility can still be divided between two or three of you so that you have more cash. And though, that doesn’t guarantee that you’re not going to be out of pocket.

Having a low expectation of how much money you’re going to make is important in the beginning. Just stick to what you’re doing, make your work creative every time, and always promote your brand.

Sponsorship From Surrounding Business

Sponsorship from local businesses like bars and party venues might be a perfect way to help the event and get money to work for it.

There is a local brewery where I live, so that’s an example of a possible sponsor, and most people attending events consume beer and other alcohol. This is another excellent means of gaining funding and leverage to get support in their marketing activity—for Example, YouTube, local press releases, websites, etc.

Start From Small

Another trick is to begin filling up small venues for your DJ activities. Perfect for starting out after a few more moves and then scaling up. This will give you the confidence over time to build up your DJ Brand.

It’s easy but efficient; not only will the expenses be lower to start with, but people’s ability is likely to be much lower. It thus makes it easier to fill the capacity of the venue.

Decide Your Theme & Make It Popular

While starting out, always make sure to decide your event’s name and give it a proper theme.

You would want people to recognize and agree that your event is recognized by a certain name and is represented on the website by a specific theme/design/style. Also, roll out a party flyer with your brand name to let people know about the event in the area.

Think of all the big names of the world’s events out there, both you and I know and identify them with their branding and the style they portray to their audience.


Traditional Marketing Tactics

It’s a great start to reach out to local magazines, newspapers, local entertainment-based press outlets and to place DJ Flyer & poster in stores. In the near future, networking with individuals in the print industry and local shops will assist you with promotion.

 Also, make use of social media to promote your event and put stories of your recent event. This is going to get your brand global recognition. A single viral video makes you an overnight star, and such is the power of social media.


Always try to innovate your events with fun and activities. Try to add variation in your music, don’t repeat music that you played in the last event. Always think of your audience and tune it on their demand.

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