Do you also think that having top hair is important? The hair straightener is definitely the ally beauty accessory for women to get a perfect look in a short time and simple moves. Introduced in 1909, the hair straightener is a versatile beauty object that lends itself to any occasion, whether you want to get a perfect straight , a styling , a wavy or curly effect . Having seductive hair becomes easy and practical without having to resort to the expert hands of a hairdresser. The choice is broad, to say the least, to satisfy all needs of use, quality and price.

What is that

A hair straightener is a beauty accessory that helps in hair styling to achieve super Permanent straightening, curly, or wavy hair using heat. It consists of plates that can be coated with different types of material and usually have an electric cable , although there are also cordless versions on the market. A professional straightener is characterized by the care in the choice of materials used and the technology used in order to have a perfect look without damaging the hair.

How to use the hair straightener

It will seem trivial to ask yourself how to use a straightener but the answer does not depend solely and exclusively on the look, but there are some precautions that must necessarily be followed in order not to damage the hair and get the best possible results from the straightener itself. The modern plates and especially the recent models do not need to be heated for long times when they are turned on, indeed many work at maximum power after a few seconds . Although on the market there are straighteners to be used on damp hair, a very important rule to follow in order not to burn the hair is to use the plate on dry hair . In addition, you can always buy protective hair serums to be applied before passing the straightener. The choice of temperature should not be underestimated . In selecting the power it is important to consider the type and consistency of the hair , therefore it is deduced that it would be better to avoid using a maximum temperature for already fragile and thin hair. Furthermore, attention must be paid to the quantity of strands to be treated each time which must not be excessive in order to obtain a good result, as well as the roots should be avoided.

Which one to choose based on the characteristics

As we said earlier, there are different types on the market, but when choosing a plate we must necessarily look at some fundamental characteristics.


Not all hair is the same. A good professional plate allows you to select the temperature you want. For example, if your hair is already fragile, we recommend a maximum temperature of 130/140 C, if you have thick and wavy hair you can also use a temperature of 200 C.


When choosing the straightener, also consider the usual length of your hair. If you have long hair, you can choose a straightener with a width> 30 mm , if you have an average length you can opt for a straightener of 25 or 30 mm , consequently for short hair the choice falls on a short and thin plate, so<25 mm .


The lining material of the plates plays a fundamental role in styling and results. The most commonly used coatings are ceramic , titanium and tourmaline .

Ceramic plate

It is a very delicate and scratch-prone type of material , it heats up evenly and heats up quickly. Ceramic does not subject the hair to thermal shock and is therefore widely used, guaranteeing professional results . Protects and moisturizes the hair and preserves its health while using the straightener.

Tourmaline plate

A type of semi-precious material that can be used in the composition of the plates of the plate in the form of crystals, reduced to powder and fused into the ceramic. It looks like a fairly strong material and a good conductor of heat . The ceramic-tourmaline or nano -tourmaline plates are among the best as with the heat they release negative ions that eliminate frizz in the hair . The tourmaline plate is recommended for those with dull, treated, frizzy and dry hair as it leaves the hair shiny and soft, preserving the health of the hair.

Titanium plate

It is a hypoallergenic and antibacterial material , very resistant that ensures durability at high heat temperatures . Titanium plates fight frizz but are quite expensive. The use of a titanium plate is not suitable for all hair types as the high temperatures could damage the most fragile hair, so it is recommended to use it for those who have double and difficult to style hair. As in the case of tourmaline ceramics, also in the case of titanium, a combination of elements can be found on the market, nano titanium , which allows to speed up the times for shaping the hair, while still ensuring its shine.

Which one to choose based on the desired effect

The hair straighteners can create multiple looks depending on the type , i.e. one type of straightener is specially created to have super straight hair, another type creates another curls and soft waves.

Smooth effect

You must necessarily use the straightener , a widely used tool that ensures a perfect fold and silky and shiny hair thanks to its perfectly smooth plates, the new technologies used and the coating that in recent years has introduced materials that preserve the state of health. of the hair.

Wavy hair with a wavy effect

You have to use the wave plate , or also called triferro , which allows you to create a soft and light look with natural effect waves or a tighter curl Magic sleek . The wave straightener is made up of circular tubes that heat up and with a pressure on the hair they imprint the shape of waves in the hair.

Perfect curls

If you are quite practical you can opt for the curling iron which has a conical shape and depending on the diameter allows you to have more or less tight curls .

Alternating a smooth look with a wavy look you have to use a multifunction plate, which not only allows you to have a perfectly smooth but also to obtain curls and curls thanks to its rounded shape designed to follow a circular movement for the creation of waves.

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