Hair Loss and Thinning Hair? Check Out These 5 Quick Tips

It is tricky and confusing to go through hair loss and thinning. A lot of factors are at play when it comes to losing your valuable strands. It can be stress, hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficit diet, or other medical conditions. Hair thinning is a gradual process. Losing 50-100 strands of hair is considered normal. Anything above indicates hair loss. With Allurium Beauty hair growth products you can always make sure that your hair is healthy every day. As it contains a unique blend of organic herbs and natural vitamins that stimulate your hair follicles and encourages new hair growth for black women.

Whatever it is, we all know how hair loss takes a hit on our confidence. The first thing to do is to accept it and then take professional help. Apart from this, lifestyle changes and incorporating certain ingredients help in easing the process. For example, peptides can improve the scalp environment and promote hair growth. Let’s dive into some quick tips you can try for combating hair issues-

Apply Essential Oils

Essential oils are primarily used in alternative medicine. Quite popular for aromatherapy, it uses oils extracted from various medicinal plants such as rosemary and tea tree, etc. According to a study, lavender oil is effective in treating pattern baldness. Generally, essential oil is combined with carrier oil. Always do a patch test before applying essential oils to check for any irritation or allergic reactions.

 Use Hair Serum with Peptides

You have to focus on your scalp when it comes to hair loss. Maintaining good scalp hygiene is a must. Generally, clogged up hair follicles end up shutting down, making it barren. Peptides are made of amino acids that promote hair follicle growth. It also helps in maintaining the melanin in your hair and can delay greying as well. Look for copper peptides in your hair growth serum for maximum benefit.

Opt An Anti-thinning Shampoo

The market offers various shampoos that claim to reduce hair fall or mask it by giving you volume. It is always best to use a medicated anti-thinning shampoo. You can expect two things from such shampoos. One that it will provide you with volume post shampoo if you have fine hair. And second, it may make your scalp healthier over time because of the vitamins and amino acids present in it.

Avoid Over Styling

You might be a fan of different hairstyles. But it can be damaging your hair in the long run. Using excessive heat stylers is common to find amongst people with hair loss. Also, beware of tight ponytails that can pull your hair at the root resulting in Traction alopecia. Try to air-dry your hair and avoid excessive curling or straightening your hair. Be gentle and natural!

Include Multivitamins in your Diet

Hair requires nutrients such as zinc, iron, and folic acid for growth. If you are deficient in nutrients, healthy hair will remain a dream forever. Incorporating multivitamins is a quick and easy way to deal with hair loss. Before taking any vitamins, consult your dermatologist for a blood test to know your vitamin profile. This will eliminate the risk of excess intake of nutrients that can do more harm than good.

The Bottom Line

All in all, hair loss is one tough nut to crack. Going through it requires a lot of diligence. Know that you are not alone in this journey; many people are going through the same thing. Make sure this does not add to your already existing stress. Take a proper diet and get some exercise daily.Also, have a night routine that ensures good sound sleep. Follow these tips and follow up with your dermatologist regularly. You will surely come out of it successfully!

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