Gut – Home of Bacteria

Yes, you read it right, in your gut, there are trillions of bacteria in your digestive tract even.

Whenever the word bacteria appears, it may seem something harmful. But, many bacterias are present in our body are helpful and responsible for many vital functions.

  Bacterias  in the gut

These bacteria are helpful in many digestive functions, such as absorbing nutrients and food digestion. They are also beneficial in maintaining a healthy immune system. The digestive system seems simple, but it is a complex Organ. That’s why researchers now carry out many studies to understand its complexity.

Our gut comprises of 300 to 500 types of bacteria in our digestive system combining with other viruses and fungi. It refers to microbiota or the microbiome. The interesting fact is that each human being has a unique microbiota  mother inherited determined by our lifestyle and the environment.  

Bacteria in the gut are in line with our digestive tract and are primarily present in our colon and intensities.

 What are the functions of the flora?

The other vital Bactria of our digestive system is the flora. Flora can be good as well as bad for our health. Good flora refers to beneficial flora, and it helps us in the digestion of food. While bad flora refers to opportunistic flora, as the name suggests, they are present in our gut, but when they find any chance, they will cause the disease. The third type of flora is transitional flora which we consume by foods.

The role of flora in the digestive system is crucial and essential. It will help produce the enzymes that will help break down the carbohydrates and allow the nutrients to pass in the blood. Thus our body gets enough amounts of vitamins and minerals.

About 75% of our immune system comprises the gut, so flora also helps fight against these harmful viruses.  

What alters the bacteria in the gut?

The right balance of the bacteria is important because it can impact our health badly. As the high level of bacteria can lead to heart diseases,  Obesity, and type II diabetes. While the low level of bacteria can cause inflammatory diseases, colon cancer, and many mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and arthritis.

Hence there must be a balanced amount of bacteria for the proper functioning.

The other factors that can affect the gut are environmental causes such as tobacco consumption, which may lead to many health problems such as bowel problems and may also cause cancer. While consuming too much while consumption of alcohol may also be harmful to the gut’s health  

 Not taking the right amount of diet that contains a high amount of fiber and nutrients and having fewer probiotics can cause problems in the gut.

Sometimes, antibiotics can create harmful effects on the health, and other factors that contribute are too much stress and lack of physical activity.  

Now you have the idea that there is the immense importance of gut health which cannot be neglected for having a healthy lifestyle. 

If you want to adopt and live a healthy lifestyle hen from today, promise yourself that you take special care of your gut and adopt such a diet that could be beneficial for your gut health.  

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