A Guide to Perfect Your Garden Clearance

When planning to complete garden clearance, it’s essential to plan ahead for the amount and types of waste this project will create.

Fast Skips, who offer UK Skip Hire have created a guide that will provide you with their top tips of things to expect and consider when you need to undergo a garden waste clearance.

Plan how much time your garden clearance will take

Before your garden clearance can properly begin, it’s best to estimate how long it will take you. Planning ahead properly will depend on how big of a task you’re facing; this is especially true if your garden is overgrown or is being renovated.

Avoid overwhelming yourself by being realistic with how much time the clearance will take you. Instead, try working in sections to make the task easier, this can be done by clearing one area and noting how long that took you. After this, you will be able to make a more accurate estimation of how long it will take to clear the rest of the garden.

garden clearance
Garden clearance

Make life easier – separate your waste types

After you know how long it will take you to complete your clearance, it is worth knowing what you will do with your different waste types. Most commonly, you will have a lot of grass cuttings and general green waste. So, what is the best way to dispose of this?

The best disposal method will entirely depend on how much waste there is going to be. Most green waste will be able to go into your garden waste collection bins provided to you by your bin men. However, only a small amount will be able to go into this as it cannot be overflowed upon collection.

For those who are unsure, green waste will be waste that has come directly and naturally from your garden—for example, grass, shrubs and weeds. Your general waste will consist of items that have not naturally come from your garden. For example, garden furniture, plant pots and garden decorations are all technically general waste. It’s important to note that only small amounts of soil will be allowed into your green bins. If you have a large amount of soil to dispose of, it is best to contact a waste removal company or hire a skip.

If you have a lot of general waste, keep note of the items as some may be valuable or can be reused or recycled.

Make your waste less bulky

If you are choosing to hire a waste removal company, you will be charged on how much waste you have and how heavy it is. This is why it is important to separate your waste types to ensure other materials are not adding extra weight. For example, with green waste such as branches or hedge cuttings, it will be best for you to cut these down into smaller pieces. Doing so will help reduce the bulk and allow more room for other waste.

garden clearance

How bulky your waste is will also determine the size of skip you will need to hire if this is something you will choose to do. The bigger the skip, the most expensive it will be. Therefore, by cutting down and making the waste less bulky, you will be able to save yourself money by buying a smaller skip.

Select the best disposal method

Now that you know how long it will take to complete your garden clearance and you’ve planned how you will separate your waste, it’s time to consider whether you will need extra help disposing of it.

Skip Hire

If your project produces an amount of waste that cannot be simply transported in your car or the project will be lasting a few days, a skip will be a great investment. Domestic projects’ most common skip sizes range from a 4-yard to a 12-yard and will hold both general and green waste. However, waste such as paint is hazardous, and if you need to throw this away, it cannot be put into your skip without informing the company first.

perfect guide of garden clearance

Being able to hire a skip will depend on whether you either have a drive or space outside your property. If it’s the latter, you will need to get a skip permit from your local council. Most skip hire companies will do this for you; however, there will be a charge for this from the council, and each council takes a different amount of time to process the request. These time constraints should be factored into your project completion estimations to avoid delays.

Man and Van Waste Clearance

Man with a van services will be able to clear your garden waste for you, eliminating any possible stress and hassle it may cause. Many companies will also include labour into their charges, so you will not have to worry about loading the waste yourself.

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