Guide to passing the Vanaspati dungeon in the Endwalker update in Final Fantasy 14

To get the opportunity to equip your character with the best equipment and weapons, you need to go to raids. These are special zones in which you, as part of a fireteam, must enter the dungeon and defeat the local boss and his minions in order to get weapons of the appropriate level for the raid.

A raid is a complex activity that requires appropriate preparation. You need to be at the required level to enter, have the minimum level equipment with which you will be allowed to enter, and be in a group with the required number of players.

To enter the Vanaspati dungeon, you will need level 85 and here are ways to develop the desired value for your character:

  1. Complete story and secondary tasks – quests in Final Fantasy 14 will allow you to enjoy an interesting narrative that will take more than 100 hours of real time and bring interesting gameplay, fast experience and rewards in the form of gils and equipment with weapons.
  1. Farm on locations with monsters a little higher than you in level. Not as effective as progressing through quests, but can work for characters with a lot of AoE skills to kill monsters quickly. In addition to experience, you will receive gils, and you will have a chance to knock out materials and equipment.
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To gain access to the third dungeon from the Endwalker update, you need to have equipment of at least power level 510.

If your game level is higher than 86, then the level will be automatically synchronized to 86 values.

Basic Boss Mechanics in Vanaspati Dungeon

To complete the dungeon, you need to defeat three different bosses with increasing difficulty levels. Let’s move on to their main mechanics of action and combat.

Terminus snatcher

The first boss is relatively simple and easy to complete. Most Dangerous Skills:

Mouth Off – the boss will use a skill that will summon mouths to the battlefield. Only those that are open are worth fearing – they will deal strong AoE damage and should be avoided.

The area on which the battle takes place will be conditionally divided into two parts and highlighted. You need to run to an unlit area to avoid taking damage.

Terminus Wrecker

The second in series and difficulty boss in the dungeon. Calls on wards who will help him in battle – you should destroy all minions as quickly as possible so as not to be distracted by them during AoE attacks and the need to move around the game map.

Unholy Water – the boss summons many spheres that will immobilize any player who comes into contact with them.

Arrows will appear on the ground – they indicate the direction in which your character will be thrown. Move your hero so that at the moment of repulsion, you fly past the spheres.

The boss will use AoE damage that will diverge across the game map, causing heavy damage. To avoid them, you need to stand in the summoned sphere and thus dodge the boss’s damage.


The last of three bosses. The strongest and most skillful enemy in the dungeon, and it depends on whether you get a reward or be defeated by killing him. Destroy the guards in the first place so that they do not interfere with tracking game mechanics and responding to them in time.

Aetherial Disruption – Draws red and blue symbols on the ground, and players should keep an eye on the places that will be marked with these colors.

At some point, the boss will notify you that one of the colors will be blown up and it is important for you to get off the line of the corresponding color in order to avoid damage.

The boss will summon arrows that indicate the direction in which you will be thrown back after the action of the skills. The further the farming stage of the dungeon goes, the more often the enemy will combine his attacks.

Try to choose a direction so that at the moment of the knockback you fly to any of the lines, otherwise you will receive an explosion and heavy damage.

The boss will periodically disappear while retaining the mechanics of lines and arrows with knockback. Keep an eye on the behavior of the dungeon master and notifications so that you do not get a line explosion and get hit by a meteor.

Vanaspati dungeon in the Endwalker update in Final Fantasy 14
Vanaspati dungeon in the Endwalker update in Final Fantasy 14

Recommendations for passing the Vanaspati dungeon

The tank should keep all the bosses in the center of the map so that the group can spread out in different places and hit the monsters consistently, and be able to maneuver when the boss uses his special skills.

All party members should have healing potions and use all possible skills to increase their level of protection and survival, so as not to leave everything on the responsibility of the healer, but to be able to help themselves and him in the dungeon.

The healer should constantly use AoE healing skills to prevent the overall health of the entire group from sagging, and act proactively if several allies take heavy damage at the same time. The main aspect of course should be done on quick-applying skills.