Guide In Buying Omega Seamaster Collection

There aren’t many watches that can boast a rich history and heritage like an Omega Seamaster. In fact, these manual and automatic winding chronometers have been featured in pop culture many times in the past. Omega Seamasters have been the staple timepiece for the James Bond franchise since 1995, and it has contributed to the popularity and fame of the movies as a marketing piece.

The Seamaster collection is what many would consider as a design that pays tribute to a modern yet classic aesthetic, and it separates itself from the shackles that most watches have. The series may have taken many years to find its place in the market finally. Still, the collection makes up for it with the exquisite introduction of elegant, beautiful, and historical pieces of art.

History of the Brand

The Omega Seamaster is one of the oldest collections that the company still makes in the production line and with good reason, as it is one of the most iconic and rich in history. Introduced to the world in 1948, the Seamaster loosely takes inspiration from World War II embers, which were watches designed exclusively for the British Royal Navy.

Some of the Omega Seamaster prototype designs were designs that featured an O-ring gasket as means to provide waterproof protection. A similar design was seen in WWII submarines and, to everyone’s surprise, was quite useful in protecting wristwatches. The structural integrity of the Seamaster design proved effective in lessening the force of changes in pressure.

At present, the Seamaster is one of the highest-selling divers watches on the market today with an upward curve in terms of longevity, after-sales service, and overall quality and performance. Many people often choose the Seamaster not because of how famous and rich its heritage is but because of how reliable and exceptional it is as an everyday wristwatch.

  1. Seamaster Co-Axial Chronometer Automatic Black Dial Men’s

A simple yet elegant watch that you can bring to almost any occasion is the Co-Axial Chronometer in stainless steel. It features a great combination of modern features that you won’t have trouble adding to your collection as a daily driver. The durable rubber strap pairs nicely with the steel case, which is accentuated by the black dial. 

The dial also features a wave-like pattern which gives contrast to the large indexes and hands. At 42mm in diameter, the Co-Axial Chronometer is undoubtedly one of the more comfortable wristwatches to wear, and you will never go wrong with taking this to any event.

  1. Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer Black Dial Men’s

The next entry is the Diver 300M which, to some people, is a direct upgrade to the Co-Axial Chronometer with the 300-meter water resistance. However, that shouldn’t be why you would buy this watch as it offers more than just an excellent depth rating. The Diver 300M is a fantastic piece to consider, especially if you’re in the market for a feature-packed diver watch that doesn’t necessarily look like one.

The Diver 300M also features Omega’s Calibre 8800, which has a master chronometer certification. A power reserve of 55 hours is also a great addition to ensure the watch’s life span whenever you take it out for an outdoor trip. At 42mm in diameter, the Diver 300M fits perfectly on the wrist of any arm size.

  1. Seamaster Automatic Black Dial Men’s

The next Seamaster is a more simple and straightforward approach to the design of the collection. Despite not being a chronometer, the Seamaster Automatic in a black dial configuration still steals glances whenever you wear it outside. A watch doesn’t need to have all the complications for you to pull off an amazing outfit, and that much can be said for the Seamaster Automatic.

The beautiful watch features a genuine brown leather strap that complements the orange indexes and luminescent hands. As you glance at the actual dial, it can be seen that the background has a subtle yet tasteful design that gives contrast to the brown and orange features. The Automatic has a 41mm diameter which is more suited for smaller to medium hands.

  1. Seamaster Aqua Terra Automatic Silver Dial w/ Diamond Indexes Ladies

The Aqua Terra with a silver dial and diamond inlay for the indexes is certainly a mouthful to say, but that’s not an overstatement when you consider the beauty of this piece. A Seamaster is meant to look like a diver’s watch but doesn’t necessarily need one’s complications. However, the Aqua Terra deviates from that rule by featuring a more feminine and elegant design.

The rose-tinted silver dial is stunning when you consider that diamond indexes and the elongated bezel decoration also add a feeling of unity to the watch face. At 34mm, the Aqua Terra is perfect for any hand size, and the 55-hour power reserve is also an excellent addition. As a product under the Seamaster collection, the Aqua Terra also features a 150-meter water resistance rating.

  1. Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial Master Chronometer White Dial Men’s

There aren’t many diver watches that offer extreme performance for not that expensive of a price tag. However, despite not having a steeper value than the rest on this list, the Planet Ocean 600M is an incredible watch. You can’t deny the beauty of this piece when you see its elegance and complications, all packed into a diameter case.

The white and orange striped NATO strap is exquisite in its ruggedness and doesn’t stray too much from the diver watch aesthetic. Another feature that potential buyers need to look out for is the 600-meter water resistance that casual divers will fully utilize. The Planet Ocean is undoubtedly a professional diver’s companion, and the price to feature ratio is astounding when considered by today’s standards.


Taking the Seamaster as your primary choice when looking for a diver or a casual daily watch can reward you in more ways than one. Many avid fans of the brand have nothing but good things to say about their watches, and nothing is better than hearing actual reviewers from genuine people. Omega retained the Seamaster collection for a reason, which is made apparent even more with these beautiful pieces.

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