Guest posts, what are they and what benefits do they bring to your blog?

Hosting content written by bloggers within your site helps to increase authority and promotes an increase in traffic. Here’s how to take advantage of all the benefits of guest posting.

For an effective Content Marketing strategy it is essential to understand what the objectives you want to pursue are and which formats or types of content may be the most suitable: both to meet the needs of your audience and to achieve your goals.

Some examples of formats that can be integrated into your communication? Articles, infographics, videos, motion graphics, downloadable content, guest posts. Let’s focus on the latter and find out what they are about.

What are guest posts?

A guest post is content written by a Content Creator with the aim of being published in a blog or magazine belonging to a third party. In this sense, a best SEO company can establish a collaboration with bloggers or influencers whose result is an article, or perhaps a video, which can be published with the collaborator’s signature.

In order for the activity to bring the desired results, it is essential that the content is written by an authoritative personality and who can make a fundamental contribution to communication. The editorial plan of your blog, therefore, would boast articles that bear the name of those who are recognized by the community as an expert in the sector.

What are the benefits of guest posting?

After having discovered what guest posts are, let’s now learn more about the advantages and, in particular, what support they can give to your Content Marketing strategy.

  • Authority: this both for the writer and for the blog that hosts the content. As we said, it is important to select a prominent personality in the reference sector, this helps to improve the perception of the brand and the article.
  • Visibility: alongside the guest post production also a sharing plan on the social channels of the personality involved allows you to reach a wider audience. The followers and fans of the blogger will discover the magazine and will be able to take an interest in its contents. Furthermore, the followers of bloggers are usually loyal readers; this will guarantee to reach a loyal fan base.

The increase in visibility could also influence the acquisition of new potential customers, who could come into contact with the brand thanks to this activity.

Backlink: before publishing the content, it might be interesting to ask the blogger to present the collaboration on their site, thus inserting a link to the magazine. In addition, social shares would allow you to place the link to the content on all the different channels.

Receiving a link from a blog recognized as authoritative and dealing with issues inherent to those of your business is interpreted positively by Google.

  • Increase the number of social followers: through social shares, bloggers will mention your company’s account, this will allow you to give visibility to the page, inviting users to visit it.
  • Diversification of the editorial plan: publishing content written by SEO Toronto authoritative bloggers allows you to host articles with different points of view and able to liven up communication. Furthermore, interviews and special contents can arise from guest posts and collaborations with bloggers.

Finally, how to maximize guest posting results

Giving life to Content Marketing strategies that also involve bloggers and influencers positively affects the perception of the brand and can also support the site from a positioning point of view.

To maximize results, always remember some basic steps.
  • Scouting: the selection of the profiles that will associate with your brand must be done accurately and looking at the values ​​you want to spread. Not only that, remember to analyze the target and fan base as well as Analytics data and social insights.
  • Brief: providing a detailed brief allows you to optimize work-time and have content available that respects the editorial line of the magazine. For the purposes of this activity, however, it remains important to allow the blogger to express their personality.
  • No to hustlers: guest posts must allow users to explore topics of interest. The followers of the chosen personality will not want to read content strictly related to the products offered by your brand, but to discover his point of view on broader topics. References to the product must be there, but they must be integrated into the text in a coherent way (or why not think of graphic banners?).

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