Guest Posting Process: Get an Overview of It

Want to start with guest posting but don’t know what are the steps involved in it? Don’t worry, we will let you know the steps in detail so you will come to know about the exact process and can start it asap to leverage the benefits it provides to take your business to the next level. You can work with professional guest posting services as it will be tough for you initially to take out time out of your busy schedule. They will help you out with the complete process of guest blogging taking the hurdles out of your way.

Read on to know the complete process of guest blogging. 

Find out Relevant Guest Posting Websites

The first step is to find out relevant guest posting websites relevant to your niche. For this, you can search on Google: “Your niche” + “Guest posting opportunities”. For example, if your niche is digital marketing, you need to search “Digital marketing guest posting opportunities”. You can replace the later part with guest blogging opportunities, guest blogging, fashion write for us, etc.

This will show you a list of websites where you can submit your guest posts. Make a list of all those domain names shown in your google search. The next step would be to find the domain rating of all those websites. There are free tools available that will show you the domain rating of the website.

You need to select websites with domain ratings of more than 25. Websites below that rating won’t be good for you and it may impact your overall SEO score so avoid them. 

Select the Best Out of Them

After you have selected a few good websites, you need to filter them out on certain parameters. You should check the guidelines for each website, see their terms and conditions, requirements, minimum word count limit for each guest post, etc. These things will narrow down your list.

Also see, what kind of articles are already written and submitted on the website, what is the taste of the audience (know their likes and dislikes, you can check that out from the comments,  etc.), check how you can add value to the website by adding your blog posts. This will help you to narrow down your list and select the right websites which will be a good fit for you and your writing skills.

Make a final list of 5-6 websites, maximum 10.

Send Them Pitch

The next step is the most crucial one where you will be sending a pitch to the website editors. It’s a kind of interview process where they will come to know about you, your profile and business and will select you if you become a good fit.

Your pitch will include information about you, your website, your business, why you like their website (its good if you show some specific area where you found that their website is making a good impact on their audience or something unique that you liked the most about their platform), what value you can add to their audience by posting guest articles, what kind of articles you have thought of that their audience will like to read.

The most important thing that you must include are a few samples showing your writing skills. Without this, the editors won’t find a good reason to select you.

Your pitch should be unique such that the editor should feel you have taken a good amount of time to know about them and you really like their work. They receive lots of pitches everyday so you need to write it in a unique way that makes you appear different from others. Don’t make it too lengthy, be clear and concise.

You can work with professional blogger outreach services to get unique pitches created and get confirmation from the editors.

Select New Topics to Write Guest Posts

Once you are selected for guest posting, you need to find new topics that will interest the audience. Find topics on which articles haven’t been written yet so the audience will find it informative. You need to research well before writing every guest post so you can create a good piece of article. If you find it difficult or think content writing is not your skill, you can work with professional guest posting services who will deliver quality guest posts as per your requirements.

Interact with Your Audience

In order to meet up with the expectations of your audience, you need to know what they are looking for. You need to interact with them via comments, social media, and other mediums so you can know what they like about your blogs and what is missing which will make your blogs even more interesting and informative to read. This is much needed to make a good reputation among your audience and to convert more and more leads to prospective customers with your expertise.

So, here is the process for guest posting. Start it asap to get the best benefits for your business. If you don’t have the time and resources to start it on your own, don’t make it your hindrance, rather work with professional blogger outreach services who can find out relevant guest posting websites of your niche and work with you closely to craft out the best guest posts as per your needs.

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