Guest Posting Benefits That Can Boost The Sales of Your Online Store

“Why oh why would I write blogs for other websites when I have my own to grow?” If you’ve been pondering this question, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Yes, you’re spending hours slaving over content, just to give it up to another website. But pause and think beyond that. Guest posting is more beneficial for the brand writing the article than the brand posting it. Here’s how.  

For the purpose of this article, the brand posting the blog will be referred to as ‘blog host’. The brand writing the blog will be called “guest blogger”. 

Exposure to a new audience 

If there’s a common goal for all webmasters, it is to increase the audience of their blog. The most straightforward way to increase traffic is through inorganic methods, ie. through ads. Unfortunately, this is not always effective. So a boost in organic traffic is where your sights should be set. 

Easy said but not so easily done. 

The most effective way to boost your organic traffic is through guest posting. 

Think about it. You submit guest posts for a website that is within the niche of your business. The audience for that website (say X) will be unique from your audience (say Y). So when X reads your blog, your brand awareness will surge. 

Here’s the evidence:

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The doughnut tells you that 50% of your guest posts could get you anything between 50 and 100 views apiece. Not bad. 

But how does this increase my traffic?

Rookie guest bloggers, we’re sure you have this question. And the answer is a magical thing called referral traffic. 

Referral traffic is the audience that ends up on your website by clicking on your link on another domain. Where might this link be? In a guest blog, of course. 

Though direct promotion of your brand on a guest blog is not allowed, nor recommended, you are allowed to include a link or two. But you need a knack to do this successfully. The link should not be so obscure that no one can find it. But it should not be so front and centre that it’s obviously a promotion. The happy in-between? Place it in the middle of a sentence where you’re giving valuable advice. 

An important thing to keep in mind is that guest posting isn’t a “one and done” sort of ordeal. If you treat it as such, you won’t observe even a marginal increase in your traffic. You must post consistently and on various authority domains. 

Build a community 

Seeing your sales graph grow is an exhilarating feeling. That upward slope is all every business owner dreams of. Networking and building good business relationships is pivotal to making this happen. 

Guest blogging gives you a win-win opportunity to build relationships amongst your peers. 

One of the best ways to reach out to other bloggers in your niche is through email outreach. Yes, the dreaded cold emails. 

Don’t laugh at us. Cold emails are known to work, the trick is to go about it like it’s a personal email. 

Even then, for every 100 emails, you will get only a paltry number of replies. But don’t let this discourage you. 

A 2021 survey by Influence & Co says that 93% of editors plan to increase the volume of guest blogs. So, present the mutual benefits of the guest posting, and you’ll do well. 

One way to ensure your blog pitch is foolproof is to use a guest blog posting service. 

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As is obvious from this image, most guest bloggers take responsibility for the complete guest posting pipeline. They will come up with authority websites to post to, make the pitch, and write the article.

Is a cold email all there is to it? 

No. That’s the simple answer. 

The relationship doesn’t end after a successful pitch or even after a killer blog post. Keep engaging with the blogger on their social media posts and other blogs. 

Good for page ranking

This is the number 1 reason brands and bloggers engage in guest posting. When quality content is shared between websites, it is an SEO boost for both the guest blogger and the blog host. Here’s how. 


Besides sharing content, sharing links is the main purpose of guest posting. In most cases, blog hosts allow 1-2 personal links in a 1000-word article. This is the equivalent of the blog host labelling your website as a trusted resource. Search engine crawlers use this information to decide the domain authority of your website. 

The more backlinks you have on quality domains, the more domain authority you will have. And with higher domain authority, you will appear higher on search results. 

But there are some key points you need to keep in mind. 

  1. The blog host should not be spammy

If Google realises that your links are coming from low authority, spam websites, it will penalise your website. It is counterproductive. 

  1. Paid blogs aren’t recommended 

If your blog starts with a “paid post” warning, then it is likely Google will recognize your links as spam. 

Social media traction 

Many businesses don’t like it. But the fact is that your social media image speaks volumes about your brand. A large portion of customer service happens over social media. Many small businesses even sell on social media. So building your followers and your brand image is vital. 

Guest posting is a good way to increase your follower count. Say you (brand X) and the blog host (brand Y) tag each other on a social media post. Y’s followers will be made aware of X, and vice versa. 

This will lead to an increase in engagement in both brands’ social media profiles. The more engagement a profile or post receives, the algorithm pushes the content on more people. When this happens, you will notice a surge in your follower count. 

Reach spending customers 

The reason the blog host is an authority figure is that it has a lot of returning and spending customers. So when you post to that website, your content is being consumed by people who have spent money in your niche. 

If they’ve spent money once, chances are they’ll spend it again. So the probability of these customers visiting your website with the intention of buying is higher. 

Like we said before, the benefits of guest posting cannot be reaped in a day. It takes patience to achieve the results you want. If you work consistently on writing and posting good guest blogs on authority domains, your online store will definitely experience a boost in sales. 

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