Benefits of Growing Your Audience via Podcast Transcription

To transcribe or not to transcribe is the question most podcasters have. The simplest answer is to transcribe, it is way more beneficial and the right move if you want to increase your audience. Podcasts are popular now more than ever.

There are thousands of shows and millions of episodes to listen to. If you want to be competitive, you have to do more than the bare minimum. Transcribing your audios is the best place to start. It will attract more people to your content, especially readers.

Benefits of Growing Your Audience via Podcast Transcription

You can make the content readable in a script format or onscreen. Here are more ways in which transcribing will grow your audience.

Promotes Inclusivity

As much as podcasts are an audio-driven world doesn’t mean you can’t be more inclusive. You will cater to a wide audience when you provide audio and readable transcripts. Hearing impaired, deaf, and people with other forms of auditory processing disorders cannot partake in audio content.

Find a transcription services provider that offers accurate results at affordable rates and strike a partnership. No one will be excluded; everyone can participate in your episodes and contribute to the podcast’s growth.

The fact that you were sensitive about minority groups can be another plus on your resume. You will easily build audience loyalty while attracting more people. A loyal audience is very important, especially in terms of exposure and marketing.

Transcribed Content Is More Social Media Friendly

The perks of social media as a marketing platform can’t be denied. You have probably noticed that you are having trouble gaining visibility on Instagram or Facebook with audio content. Transcribing can make your episodes more sharable and social media-friendly.

You will appeal to a global audience by generating text examples of your episodes. Things like interview highlights and quotes will be easier to post. You will have a real chance of going viral and increasing your army or loyal listeners.

Give people the nice bits of each episode so that they are eager to listen or read more. Building a social media presence for your podcast is very crucial for growth. Neglecting it can make you stagnate in one place with a limited number of listeners.

Effective SEO And Discoverability

You will get more traffic when you optimize the podcast for search engines using generated transcripts. People will be able to search for your content using search engines. This opens up your podcast to a new avenue of traffic. All of your episodes are likely to contain a set of keywords that potential listeners can use to find you online.

There will be a lot of visitors to your website. You can share your transcribed content using blogs on the website or email newsletter. It’s also easy for other people to refer to your content while addressing similar issues.

Discoverability is what sets the successful podcasts from the rest. Search engines are yet to master accurate audio indexing, so the discoverability of audio is very low. But if your episodes are in text form, your searchability will be high. Your podcast will be available to be found because the content can be searched. This has to be the number one benefit of turning your audio into transcripts.

Expands Listener’s Experience

There is an added convenience you will be giving your listeners when you provide both audio and text versions of your episodes. The wholesome user experience is essential. Create a platform that many people would consider thoughtful and diverse.

The listeners can turn to readers whenever they want. Audio is great when you are driving to work and you need a good laugh or inspiration. But there are times you just want to sip something and read an interesting piece on the internet. Strive to be the podcast that provides users with more than one experience.

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to content consumption. Reading is quicker for some people; the transcripts will allow them to go through the episode when they don’t have time to listen. A first-time visitor will rarely take time to listen to a whole episode. But if they can roughly go through the text version, they may find interesting parts that push them to listen to all your episodes.


GoTranscript can accurately transcribe the awesome content from your podcast and help you grow. Every transcription will be human-generated and 99% accurate. The word-by-word document of your interviews will have a significant impact on the podcast. It can be used as a blog to increase discoverability or a way to be more inclusive. Start with a few episodes and go from there.

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