10 Goth Girl Outfits: Look Fabulous with Dark Clothing

Want to dress like a goth? Intrigued by cutting-edge gothic styles? Attire-wise, how would you get goth girl outfits? Hence, we are suggesting 10 goth girl outfits for those goth genres who desire to look fabulous with dark clothing.

Goth girls are supernatural and strong-sense ladies with dark, dramatic personas. Goth girl outfits are the most aesthetic appearance that onlookers can be hypnotized by their alluring looks and style. 

The goth girls put forth a lot of effort to cultivate captivating looks to achieve the complement of the mainstream. In this article, we are detailing stunning attires of goth girls with other complementary stuff to reach gothic fashion at a superior level.

Let’s get underway! 

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How to Dress Like “Goth”

Goth girl’s appearance is predominantly black attire with dark theatrical makeup and shiny black/colorful hair. Goth attires are the showcase of goth personality associated with individualism and life’s darker side. 

Their outfits depict enigmatic beauty, magical essence, mystery, dark aesthetics, drama, art, emotions, and supernaturalism.

We are suggesting the goth look in numerous vibes such as street styles, college girls with goth look, Alice in Wonderland look, Summer style goth, etc.

Here are some characteristics of the complete Gothic look:

Dark Dresses

Goth fashion is characterized by dark colors, often black. A typical outfit for a goth female is a dark dress of several styles. For example-

  • Street goth girl wears a casual black oversized T-shirt with dark denim jeans. Some roadside goth ladies love to dress in black crop tops with dark shorts. Again, some tomboy/rocking-like females want to dress in dark leggings with tight T-shirts.
  • College goth girls have to maintain both college rules and gothic fashion. So they choose black Harajuku high waist pleated vest mini gothic attire. They wear black ties and make simple hairstyles to look adorable.
  • In winter, they choose black sweatshirts with full denim jeans. It is choosier attire in cold weather for goth girls.
  • In summer, Goth girls like to dress in casual and cozy dresses like oversized T-shirts and shorts. Sometimes they wear printed tees with black jeans.
  • Some cutest goth girls like to dress in lovely black frocks or mini-skirts with crop tops to look more attractive.
  • Cyber goths embrace reflective materials, PVC, and enormous platform boots in addition to wearing black with neon touches. To complete the image, they use a wig, synthetic hair, or vivid hair extensions in a neon color.


Goth girls like to accessorize themselves with vintage or antique stuff to look hornier. For this purpose, they do nose piercing, nose septum piercing, lip piercing, ear piercing, and eyebrow piercing. They insert numerous real ornaments into their nose, lip, brow, and septum to look sexier.

Hair Style

Goth girls love to blond their hair. They used bright, attention-grabbing colors, such as pink, red, gold, etc., to dye their hair. Sometimes they like to wear colorful wigs, while other times, they prefer to have all-black hair. They frequently rebond their hair or curl it to try out new looks.

Tattoo / Art

Tattoos and body art are a staple in most goth girls’ beauty routines. They love to have tattoos on different parts of their bodies, like hands. Legs, neck, belly, or full body. They often use black or colorful dyes/inks to create intriguing motifs around one eye or the neck.

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Goth girls love to wear black boots most of the time. It grabs more attraction from the onlookers. Sometimes, goth girls wear black shoes, sandals, half boots, leather footwear, and so many different kinds of stuff.

Additional Makeup

Goth girls adore wearing dark jewelry, especially necklaces, and bracelets. They use red and black lipstick most of the time. They always use dark nail polishes to attract more. They put clips on their heads that look like skulls or vampires. To look more like the devil or a vampire, they wear dark eye makeup and sometimes draw on their heads or near their eyes.

Top 10 Goth Girl Outfits

Vintage Gothic Style

90s Vintage Goth Dress – Black Coffin Club
NWOT Vintage Goth Black Corset Size 26
VINTAGE GOTH Black Red CORSET TOP Y2K Mall Goth Aesthetic Punk Sz 24 HEAVY!!!

Vintage Goth is a fashion that depicts the classic trends of Victorian fashion with goth personalities. Dress yourself as a dark 1920s flapper in vintage garments. Vintage corset-wearing ladies tend to wear less obvious makeup, such as red lipstick, rather than black.

If you want to fashion like a vintage goth lady, wear the black vintage corset over any black tops or frocks. It shapes your body and elevates Victorian vibes!!! 

Take a look at this stunning vampire queen! Her collection of retro clothing and jewelry is enviable. You can wear a black locket or any black neckpiece and color your hair with reddish or pinkish dyes to catch attraction. You can also wear black hats and black shoes to touch up your attire.

Check out here to buy Gothic Chic Outfits.


Price range: $35-$90

  • Normal vintage corset with classic material costs- $35-$50. 
  • And the leather vintage corset with sophisticated design costs- $80-$90.

Alice in Wonderland Gothic Look

Alice in Wonderland is a very iconic character in Disney World and a very loveliest lady. The main attraction of this character is blond hair with blue eyes. Pick up this gothic take on Alice’s look if you’re a fan of the dark aesthetic.

Alice in Wonderland Costumes – HeavyRed

Cover yourself with short black frocks or a dark princess gown. Wear zigzag printed legging with black boots. To create this character, you must bleach your hair blonde and, if you don’t naturally have blue eyes, replace them with blue contact lenses.

59 Gothic Alice in Wonderland ideas | alice in wonderland, wonderland, alice

Observe this stunning lady! To make a great impression, you can paint or tattoo the area around one of your eyes and can wear skull-designed clips on your head. Paint your nails with black or red nail polish and use fully black lipstick to elevate the horny look.


Price range: $98-$125

Only black frocks or gown costs-  $95-$100

The outfits with corsets or leggings cost- $125-$130.

Goth Fashion for The Summer

Summer gothic attire is the most preferred gothic clothing in hot summer. Long dresses, frocks, tight trousers, and long skirts are not appropriate attire for sunny days. If you want to feel at ease, you can get away with wearing as little as possible.

How to Dress Goth ? 12 Cute Gothic Styles Outfits Ideas

Look at this lady! Black is the color of choice for somber women, regardless of the season. While black is a color that absorbs heat in the summer, you can still achieve a cool appearance with a black lace skirt, a white blouse, and of course, hot black shoes. Complement your appearance with exquisitely simple accessories.

Summer Goth | Lookbook

Observe her! She is wearing a black crop top with black shorts. She dresses as a gorgeous goth with minimal adornment. 

You can also wear a simple but dark neckpiece and black footwear like this lady. And, of course, Don’t forget to accessorize your gorgeous outfit with sunglasses and red lipstick.


Price range: $35-$55

The goth crop tops price range- $35-$45

The goth Shorts price range- $45-$55

The Goth Dresses for College Girls

Are you a college girl but a goth lover? Want to dress like a goth? Take into consideration this curated set.

The gothic fashion of college girls is the cutest outfits. If you are from gothic culture or want to dress like a goth in your collage, cover yourself with dark clothing.

Check out this adorable collage, girl! She’s dressed casually, a short white T-shirt inside. And then she topped it off with a Harajuku high waist pleated vest mini gothic attire.

Let’s go shopping and buy a perfect white T-shirt for you and also buy the Harajuku high waist pleated vest mini gothic dress.

Dress in a black tie and attach it to your T-shirt. Put some light makeup on and tie your hair back with a black or white rubber band. If you want to seem goth but still comply with school policy, you should wear red lipstick instead of black.

Women Dresses Sweet College Girl Tie Shirts Harajuku High Waist Pleated  Vest Mini Gothic Dress 2 Piece Sets Female – kúpiť za nízke ceny v  internetovom obchode Joom


Price range: $25- $60

White T-shirt- $25-$30

Harajuku high waist pleated vest mini gothic attire- $39-$59

Halloween Goth Look

Halloween and Gothic are correlated with each other. Many Halloween characters came from gothic literature, especially books like Frankenstein and Dracula. Another thing that both Gothic fiction and Halloween have in common is the celebration of the dead.

So at a Halloween party, dress like a goth girl to commemorate their tradition when you can dress like Halloween, prioritize Costumes like vampires, werewolves, devils, skeletons, zombies, ghosts, witches, goblins, trolls, etc., or in more recent years, such science fiction-inspired characters as aliens and superheroes.

Follow the character but in a dark manner to present the gothic fashion. You can dress up in black long or short frocks with artificial wings. Don’t forget to wear a big black size Halloween hat. Put on dark makeup with red or black lipstick and wear a black neckpiece. Don’t ignore wearing the nose septum ring with lip accessories. It elevates the demon or vampire look.


Price range: $25-$40

Dark frock- $28-$35

Halloween cap- $9-$15

Black wings – $25-$30

Aesthetic Gothic Fashion

This look is the most stunning appearance that captivates the community. You can show up  mysterious, drama queen, vampire, demon’s queen, or any other character with this authentic look.

How to still look goth wearing brightly colored clothing - Quora

Wear anything dark, but make sure it’s tasteful. Wear a blond wig and a black T-shirt covered in gothic imagery. Get your lips pierced and tattooed with dark ink around your eyes. Use a variety of lip accessories and permanent black lip color to achieve the desired effect.

10 Goth Girl Outfits: Look Fabulous with Dark Clothing

To get another aesthetic look like this lady, keep your hair dark and dress in a dark frock with netted design. Wear a simple black neckpiece and accessorize your nose with a metal or antique nose ring. Keep the tattoo in your hand following the gothic trend, and wear black boots to complete the aesthetic look.


Price range: $18-$55

Black T-shirt with tattoo- $18-$22

Dark frock with netted design- $35-$55

Street Goth Girl’s Outfit

A street goth girl’s outfit is one of the most rocking and tom boy-like attire that a naughty goth girl wishes to have.

Street goth girls want to look yoyo or DJ-like goth look with a sexy appearance. To have this look, you must put a dark but gorgeous tattoo on your body or any presenting part of your body. Must pierce your nasal septum and lip and accessorize yourself with antique and dark nose and lip accessories.

Wear a ripped pair of denim pants with a dark, oversized T-shirt. Full-length dark blue or black jean shorts are acceptable as well. Put on some dark footwear, such as long black boots. Make people notice you by curling your hair and dying it a bright color like red or pink.

You can art one of your eyes with black dyes in a gorgeous design. Besides, wear black finger rings in gothic design and a necklace to complete the captivating attire.

Goth Girl Harajuku Street Style w/ NOMA, Drug Honey & Romantic Standard –  Tokyo Fashion


Price range: $45-$60

Ripped pair of denim pants- $48-$50

Oversized dark T-shirt- $25-$30

Black jeans- $55-$60

Cyber Goth Clothing

Cybergoth clothing is one of the most trending and rocking goth looks in the recent era.

These days, cyber goths don’t just wear black with neon accents; they also favor reflective materials, PVC, and gargantuan platform boots. They typically have several piercings and wear brightly colored hair extensions or falls. Goggles are a common accessory.

You can spot a cyber-goth by their bright neon hair or clothing, so hit up a pub and look around. They probably fit into this gothic mold. Wear a wig, synthetic hair, or bright hair extensions in a neon color to round off the look. Keep in mind that the goal is not to use neon but rather to create a style that is simultaneously futuristic and gothic.

How to Dress Goth ? 12 Cute Gothic Styles Outfits Ideas


Price range: $35-$85

Cyber goth clothing(full) – $77-$85

Colorful hair extension/wig – $35-$40

Casual Gothic Attire

If you want to dress up like a goth but also want to look casual, then take a look at this casual gothic fashion. This outfit is one of the elegant goth girl outfits in 2023.

When it comes to goth female clothing, this is the most basic but on-trend appearance for a gothic aesthetic. Match a patterned T-shirt with a jacket made of dark leather. Conversely, if you want to increase the amount of attention you get from bystanders, you should dress in black denim shorts or jeans. 

Don’t forget to wear dark boots or long shoes. And also, keep your nose and lip pierced and accessorize your nose and lip stuff to look horny. Wear dark makeup with black lipstick and paint your nails with black and red dyes. Curl your hair or use any colored extension to look more intense!

Rock Your Goth Tomboy Style: Outfit Inspiration And Tips


Price range: $25-$80

Printed tees- $28-$35

Black leather price-$50-$100

Dark denim jeans- $60-$70

Black Sweatshirts with Denim Jeans

These outfits are the choosiest and cozy outfits in gothic fashion. The goth girls who desire to wear cozy but gorgeous looks can have this type of attire.

These outfits include a cozy black sweatshirt with denim jeans to look stylish. This outfit is ideal for the winter days. Put on a chic dark sweatshirt. Dress in dark denim jeans and black footwear. 

You can appear stunning by bleaching your hair blonde and wearing various finger, nose, and lip accessories. Wear a black choker and dramatic eye makeup. To achieve the appearance of the most fashionable goth woman, you can also decorate your body with art or tattoos.

To look more gorgeous and feel warm in winter, wear dark beanies with different designs.

Amazon.com: Womens Summer Shirt V Neck Casual Tshirts Sweatshirt Sweat  Women's Fashion Pullover Girl Pockets T Neck Tops for Women Black : Clothing,  Shoes & Jewelry


Price range: $25-$75

Dark sweatshirt- $25-$40

Black denim jeans $60-$70


Why are goth girls dark lovers?

Goth girls choose dark outfits and put on dark makeup to highlight their more sinister side. They show their attitude, devilish state of mind, vampire looks, or a character from science fiction by this look to grab the viewer’s attention.

Can a goth girl dress in colorful attires?

No, gothic fashion is the core of dark. The goth girls cannot wear fully colorful dresses, but they can wear different shades of light colors with dark clothes to get more attention. They can combine white, blue, pink, and sea-green colors with black dresses to elevate their captivating look.


The gothic fascination with darkness makes horror, fantasy, vampire, or sci-fi genres popular among goths. In addition, the gothic style introduces innovative trends in the fashion industry.

Nowadays, goth girls rock up the world’s clothing with their captivating trends. They often dress up in black because they want to project an image of gravitas, resolve, or strength. They also want to communicate similar thoughts or attitudes to others.

There is an overabundance of gothic attire options. Black dresses, dark accessories, attention-grabbing hair colors, and dark makeup allow any woman to dress in a gothic style at any moment.

We have compiled 10 goth girl outfits with relevant accessories to help you – with “how to dress like a goth.” Hope our article was of great assistance to you.

Stay tuned!