Good Reasons for You Acquire an Amazon Web Services Certification


Cloud computing is unarguably the hottest trend in the IT landscape, with organizations, large and small transferring applications and information technology infrastructure to the cloud. As a result, there is a huge demand for competent and professionally qualified cloud computing professionals. With Amazon Web Services having a dominant share of the cloud computing market, an AWS certificate has become intensely desirable for both employers and employees. According to Forbes, the AWS Solutions Architect is among the most popular cloud certifications. Some of the main benefits of getting AWS certified:

Get Ready To Face the Future

According to research, it is predicted that the majority of the enterprise workloads will be transferred to the cloud within a few years. One of the biggest beneficiaries of this is AWS that has the lion’s share of the cloud computing market. The adoption of cloud technology at a fast clip has resulted in huge demand for certified cloud computing specialists. What it essentially means is that if you are AWS certified, you will be among the IT workers ready to take advantage of the latest trends in the job market.

With a mammoth 31% of the market share, AWS is sure to create a huge demand for AWS-certified IT professionals. With this kind of scenario, acquiring the AWS certificate is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate to potential employers that you have the requisite skills for a cloud computing position.

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Maintain a High Level of Professional Expertise

Acquiring an aws certification is not easy. You need to put in a lot of hard work and have a lot of commitment to be successful. Even after you acquire the certification, you need to put in a lot of study to keep yourself abreast of the latest developments to fulfill the recertification requirements. All certificate holders need to get themselves recertified every two years to keep their certification valid. The effort you need to invest in continuing education serves to broaden your perspective and skill set. It also encourages candidates to keep on acquiring other advanced AWS certificates to leverage their expertise.

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Get Professional Appreciation 

Because of the critical importance of cloud computing services, AWS-certified professionals are held in high esteem in the IT world. The recognition is also furthered with help of digital badges that AWS-certified professionals are eligible to receive. These badges demonstrate your professional qualification and can be used on social media as well as email signatures. The digital AWS badges also serve to allow instant and automatic access to AWS-sponsored certification events as well as exclusive AWS Summit events and AWS ReInvent lounges.

Certified professionals will also receive invitations to the Appreciation Receptions held at the regional level. These events open many networking opportunities where you can interact and build bridges not only with the AWS Certified Global Community but also with other professionals in the IT industry.

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Being AWS certified puts you right up there in front of a large number of potential employers who are transiting to the cloud. The certification not only allows you to pick the employer of your choice but also leverage it for better remuneration and career growth opportunities.

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