Good Care for Good Home: 7 Home Improvement Ideas to Do This Summer

This year, the world has seen a phenomenal shift in daily operations around the world. Offices shutting down, daily commutes ending, and everyone has tried to do everything in their homes. And you might be one of these people who have turned their homes into their own offices. No wonder you’re thinking of improving your home this summer.

Now that you have the time, you can finally make significant improvements in your home. Whether you want to add a home office, renovate your kitchen, or change some of the fixtures, there will always be a project waiting for you. Look at this list of home improvement ideas to revamp your space this summer and recreate the house of your dreams!

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Upgrade Your Bedroom

As you mostly spend your time in your bedroom, you should prioritize improving this room more than anything else. You may change your curtains or replace old furniture. And if you’ve been using your current bed for the past eight years already, it is high time for you to change it. You can visit Newsweek’s review on the best beds fit for your improvement project.

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa-Like Sanctuary

A refreshing bath is what everyone wants these days. So why not invest in a home improvement project that will turn your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary? You may swap your outdated showerhead for some newer fixture to give you a more satisfying shower. And if you want to go all in, you can replace the countertops and install heated floors.

Another thing you can do to update your bathrooms is to give them a fresh coat of paint. Having standalone tubs can also provide your bathroom a more classy and unique look. To cap it off, placing a stylish resting bench can give your bathroom a spa-like finish.

Build a Home Office

Even after the pandemic ends, it is reported that Americans would still prefer to continue working at home. Whether it be a guest bedroom or in the attic, building a dedicated home office space can help you concentrate on work more. With video conferencing becoming a necessity in most work from home arrangements, you should consider creating your own home office.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for school or work; this space can be your own personal space that has a creative background for video calls. Realtors and architects have predicted that a dedicated space for this purpose will persist as a trend well after the pandemic is over.

Spice up Your Staircases

Staircases are one of the most overlooked areas of home improvement. But there are many ways you can do to improve your staircase for the better. You can add colored accents or wallpaper to the exposed wood on your stairs. Adding patterns and textures on stair decals can instantly provide your staircase with plenty of personalities.

You can also change the newel post into an entirely different shape to give your staircase a fresh look. But if you have carpeted stairs, it might be better if you switch to an exposed wood paneling instead. Or even yet, look for a sturdy stair runner for a burst of color. It is best if you get your creative juices running when spicing up your staircases!

Incorporate Kitchen Organizing Solutions

If you plan on improving your kitchen but are still low on budget, you may consider incorporating kitchen organizing solutions. You can try some banquettes that work as seating and storage, pull-out drawers, and even wall built-ins. Having some small bins to store goods in your cupboards and pantry can already organize your kitchen.

Bring Life to Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms don’t have to look dull; it is now time for you to make this room a more delightful place to spend time. This is the summer that you’re incorporating bright patterns and colors to your laundry room, adding personality to the traditionally boring areas of your home.

Placing unique storage bins and having fun wallpapers are another thing to achieve this. Architects and realtors can agree to this. You don’t have to face a somber laundry room as you wash your family’s dirty clothes.

Consider Closed Floor Plans

At this age, more and more families are figuring out how open floor plans aren’t really for them. Due to remote learning and work-at-home responsibilities, you might also be one of the many homeowners who have second thoughts on open floor plans.

As you will need more privacy, separate spaces, and noise insulation, you should consider closed floor plans instead. For instance, having your kids running around as you attend an ongoing Zoom meeting can be irritating. So opting for closed floor plans might be a good investment for you.


With the home improvement ideas listed above, there will be no stopping you from recreating the house of your dreams. And it doesn’t have to take much of your time and money! As long as you let out every ounce of your creativity, your house will soon become a delightful haven in no time.

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